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User bawest

Custom skin from 9 year old fanart of a Republic Commando.

Known as bawest or baw
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality American
Occupation Data scientist
In Freedonia
First joined 2017-03-20
First building A small hidey hole
Staff member Moderator
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level *GOD*
Legacy donor level ***** Nether
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Bawest is a quiet player that collects ridiculous amounts of materials for no reason. He works on impossible projects, hoping he can find efficient strategies to improve productivity.

The social factor of direct trading makes bawest generally willing to do that rather than build shops.


First got Minecraft in 2012, but only considered joining a server in 2017, when he watched videos on anarchy servers, like 2b2t. He wanted to join in, but only as a helpful player, despite extreme brutality being allowed. In only a few weeks, this became uninteresting and he completely quit playing for awhile. After looking around, he found MCO and decided that it would be much more productive to participate in a welcoming community than have to assist players solo. It also has an incredibly long, well documented history and there is no fear that his work will be suddenly destroyed eventually.


  • Helping players
  • Being a taxi if you ask nicely and don't beg
  • Trading stuff
  • Looking at detailed interior design in Minecraft
  • Doing boring tasks in MCO while watching a show
  • Collecting materials to eventually give away
  • Looking at code despite hardly knowing its function
  • Data analyst of all sorts. Charts, graphs and the code that builds it.


  • Griefers
  • Players that pour their rage online
  • PvP


Flag Project (aka MCO flag gallery)

  • Green = grass plots
  • Red = paths

National Flag Gallary floor plan.png


  • Create all 195 national flags in large pixel art
  • Each flag is put in 40x27 block frames
  • 3 floors that start at y = 8
  • divide between floors is 5 blocks
  • total height set at y = 100, but added details will increase that
  • 2 large rooms connected on all sides by 4 smaller rooms
  • only 2 of the small rooms are connected to each other
  • Shape looks like an 8 or an infinity sign


  • Large room size is 91x91x27
    • 6 Large rooms
      • Large rooms hold 8 frames
  • Medium room size is 83x83x27
    • 6 Medium rooms
      • Medium rooms hold 8 frames but have a smaller entrance
      • Where player's requested/custom/nonexistent flags can be found
  • Small room size is 40x91x27
    • 24 Small rooms
      • small rooms hold 6 frames


  • Estimated amount of blocks that need to mined 2.5 million - 3 million
  • auto farms will be added in every room to make then useful
  • frames will take up 207,360 blocks (mostly wool)
  • about 60 double chest for all frames


  • 1 large room made
  • 1 small room almost done
  • 515,000 stone mined (15%- 20% done)
  • 10,000 wool collected
  • auto cane, pumpkin, melon farms constructed
  • first floor completely mined out
  • 1,000,000 stone mined
  • 80,000+ wool collected
  • auto pig, cow, bitch wood farms constructed
  • 12 flags created
  • 1 medium room for custom flags 3/4 dug out
  • 2nd medium room first 3 high blocks dug out
  • 1,150,000 stone mined
  • 1+ max beacon added
  • 64 flags completed (mostly in alphabetical order)
  • All flags up to Germany have been completed.
  • Floor refurbished for all 1st floor except for custom flag areas.
  • All 10 max beacons moved from 1st floor to between the 1st and future 2nd floor.
  • 1 large room from 2nd floor dug out and ceiling added
  • 2nd floor ceiling has new design to keep things fresh
  • 1st floor ceilings depth added
  • 1,600,000 stone mined
  • Walkways in flag rooms decorated in the 1st floor
  • 2 custom(medium) rooms in the 1st floor dug out and ceiling added
  • 8 flag slots reserved by players
  • 1 large room floor floor finished with a new design
  • Another large room partially dug out
  • 2 custom rooms dug out and ceiling added
  • 10 small rooms dug out and ceiling added
  • 2,600,000 stone mined
  • 2 custom flags completed by Jibletz and TheDemetri
  • collected large amount of quartz and glowstone
  • 2 flag slots removed due to players quitting
  • No new flag created
  • 2,750,000 stone mined
  • New base created to take advantage of the expansion
  • Witch farm built using craftbook doors to get glowstone
  • Started clearing out the water surrounding it the base to make way for squid farm


Help is always appreciated, but never expected. <3

Want to participate?

If you want to help build your country's flag or contribute the resources for it or suggest a fictional/no longer existent flag, just /mail me. However, I will probably deny very new players, because they need to earn some credibility first.

Data Projects


Using a discord chat scraper, bawest collected chat data from discords #ingame channel. This data was manipulated using R and graphed with ggplot2 to show information that would be hard to find using searches in discord. All of the graphs look at different stats over time over the whole history of the discord relay. These are the following graphs that were made.

  • Total donations made overtime
  • Average votes overall and rolling 2 week average
  • Time played milestone histogram
  • Chat activity by hour over whole history
  • Chat activity by day using rolling 2 week average (including times of youtubers making videos on MCO)

Interactive Dashboards

With the help of a free software called Tableau Public, bawest built an interactive data set to look through. Using the same data that was collected from the graphs the dashboards were built because it would be impossible to show every player in a single visualization without it looking like a mess. The dashboard focuses on information on both a player level and a word/bigram level where all the information has a summary and frequency over time view. These are the following dashboard that were built.

Discord #ingame Dashboard

  • Player info - Gives player based view on amount of votes, deaths, mentions(spelling specific), and messages sent over time
  • Death info - Gives both player and death based view on amount of natural deaths, PVP deaths, and deaths from particular weapons over time
  • Words - Frequency of words overtime (data set manipulated in python)
  • Bigrams - Frequency of 2 words together overtime (data set manipulated in python)

Renders Dashboard

  • Overworld Map - Use a screenshot of the overworld at daytime taken from the live map to find and select renders to view them in chronological order. Filter based on player name, year, or place which can either be a warp, city, or nexus location to provide a more detailed view. By clicking the X on the top left by the MCO logo hide the main filters and instead see the renders based on their Y coordinate which can be filter the data by selecting 1 or several of them.
  • Nether Map - Use a screenshot of the nether as taken from the live map to view and filter renders. The same filters can be used for the nether but there are not many locations for the nether so there is only 2 options. The 3 bars next to the logo can be clicked to pull up a menu show the filter and removed when clicking the X at that same spot.
  • End Map - Use a screenshot of the end as taken from the live map to view and filter renders. This one doesn't allow you to filter based on location because there are none in the end currently. There is still a player name filter that can be used and you can adjust the dot size as seen from the map so that once you zoom in dots are still viewable.
  • Rankings - See the players rankings based on the amount that they have taken. There is a chart that shows the cumulative number of renders by date which can be filtered by selecting a 1 or many players from the rankings table. It can be filtered based on dimension and date to provide more specialized statistics for those interested. The highlight player option allows for the player to be shown in the render rankings table which could be unhelpful for players that don't have many renders.

Registered Players Dashboard

  • Map View - This shows all registered players based on the location that they show from the control panel. Some players have turned that information off so they don't show up in the map. Filter based on region or country by clicking on them from the region table or the map to see top ranked players in that area.
  • Date View - This tries to show players based on their first or last seen or ban date(if they have any). It also has a logarithmic distribution of the count of players based on a few metrics that you select. Filter based on a date on the line chart or bar chart by clicking on one or many of them to see a list of players in that group.
  • Scatter plot View - This allows you to make a 2D plot of players based on several metrics and shows the logarithmic distribution of the count of players next to them to summarize the charts better and filter the data if you select one or several groups from it. Only this view allows a you to highlight a particular player to see where they are in the plot.

Disclaimer: All of the data for these dashboards is not live but it was instead scrapped and downloaded. They are going to be redone in python to speed up the development process and allow for them to be updated much quicker. If anyone has criticism or ideas on what to add feel free to /mail me in game or pm me in discord.

Map Screenshots and Analysis

Wanting to be able to see how the map looked like at specific points in time, bawest built a python script using libraries such as requests, imageio, and multiprocessing to scrape the live map to make 1 large HD quality screenshot. To see how far he could push his old laptop with only 6 GB of RAM he build ever more detailed screenshots till he got a 2 GB screenshot. This was way too big to be useful to anyone as most websites have a 20 MB upload limit. Instead of trying to go further, bawest turned his sights on making maps that analyzed multiple maps together to create useful information. These are the types of maps that were built.

  • Changes between 2 maps filtered map - shows only the parts of the map that have changed from 2 maps
  • Historical age of map - shows age of each part of the map
  • Frequency of changes map - shows frequency that each part of the map has changed (excluding the point at which it was added)