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green_complexes.png Eyeland

A view from the sea of Eyeland

Owner getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzzler&16.png thesprazzzler
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Eilidh23&16.png Eilidh23, getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95, getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster, getplayerhead.sh?Reseres&16.png Reseres, getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal, getplayerhead.sh?smudja&16.png smudja, getplayerhead.sh?techkid6&16.png techkid6
Category Complexes
Underground? No
Public? No
Started June 21, 2019
Completed June 22, 2019
Size north to south 100m
Size west to east 100m
Coordinates X=-14723
Dimension Overworld
Map Link


In a seemingly drunk or high state, getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzzler&16.png thesprazzzler decided he wanted to start a new settlement with all staff, online at that moment. The first realisation was the manscaping of the island, after which getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzzler&16.png thesprazzzler, getplayerhead.sh?LewisD95&16.png LewisD95, getplayerhead.sh?smudja&16.png smudja and getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal built some houses there. getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster contributed with a shady statue, and getplayerhead.sh?Reseres&16.png Reseres finished it off with his proof of manhood. And getplayerhead.sh?Eilidh23&16.png Eilidh23 and getplayerhead.sh?techkid6&16.png techkid6 ran around a bit. Some say getplayerhead.sh?Eilidh23&16.png Eilidh23 might have delivered some resources, but this has yet to be confirmed.