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User Reseres
Known as Res
Gender Male
Location UK
Occupation School :(
In Freedonia
First joined 6 April 2011
First building Wood and plank house, Residaemian.
Kit level * Wood
Legacy donor level * Wood
View profile and statistics Reseres is a person. He made Residaemian, Mistington and Kurai Cho. That's about it. You want more than that? Well, let's just say he's the type of person to say "Goodbye" to a full server and not get a reply.


-Residaemian (we won't talk about that one...)


-Kurai Cho ( thesprazzzler is a filthy liar it was my town all along I'll berate anyone who says otherwise)


My story


Tuck yourself in kiddies, this one's a real heartbreaker. I imagine in the far future, when the history books tell tales of my world conquest there will be a small chapter dedicated to where it all began - MCO.

I started as a fresh-faced youngin', amazed by the terrific builds in spawn. So I decided to form a town so amazing that people would literally die upon seeing it. avenging_daemon and I signed a pact then and there, coining the name of our future utopia, "Residaemian".

As noble as our intentions were it didn't take long to turn it into the shithole we see today, and a little ToneDial "accident" cemented its fate as a predecessor to the great Emucraft. My town was shit before it was cool.


So, after a brief stint following ModernMyth7 and being brutally murdered by Blobehh (multiple times) I decided it was time for a little break. When I came back, I teamed with up2beat4life, perhaps the greatest friend I will ever have in this virtual life. We roomed together in Raggamoth, sharing house, food, showers, slowly working up the planks to construct an airship. After a few weeks, we completed the airship and began decorating the interior. This is when the heartbreak begins. On what I can only hope was a routine plank stealing expedition, up2beat4life was struck by the banhammer.

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I fled Raggamoth and the sad memories it held, leaving only our airship and commemerative statue as a reminder of our time spent together. Some pilgrims still flock there today to kiss the cobbled feet and remember the short life of up2beat4life. For life, my friend, for life.


Most people don't like to hear that Emucraft came before Kurai. In fact, without the creation of Emucraft, Kurai wouldn't even exist. Y'see, the original founders of that great city were friends of my brothers, and knowing full well how experienced I was they enlisted my help to find a site for their new city. Upon finding a delicious location for them to build, close to the Isle of Muu (perhaps a little too close...) I left them to their devices and set off once again to look for greener pastures.

I found them in the nearby mountains. This is where the clifftop town of Mistington was formed, still occasionally visited by idiots who try to walk from Kurai to Glenfiddich.

Not much to say about Mistington... I mean, it's nice... Kinda dull. I "finished" that town and moved on to a nearby bay. I loved it so much that I made a new house there, Res Pagoda, with the help of GodlyCheeze. Within days this new town was buzzing with people building Japanese style houses. The bay was terraformed, leaving more room for my friends to construct things. It took a week or so to colonise what I would call "My half" of the town. Things were looking good, so I decided to up sticks and find some place greener to build.


Greener pastures turned out to be significantly whiter. In anticipation of the coming world expansion, I set up a small cabin on the very northern edge of the world. thesprazzzler left Kurai to come help me, along with TomWithAGun. There were disagreements about the merits of a giant wooden platform, so thesprazzzler set about making Salthook more liveable. TomWithAGun stuck by me, braving freezing weather for a future we hadn't even seen yet.

The update came, and with it no world expansion. The build ground to a halt. thesprazzzler, already bored by the snow decided to return to Kurai. TomWithAGun got bored too, buggered off to build something else. Eventually I left, leaving Airhaven hovering like a wooden biscuit for a few months until it was snatched up and removed by the makers of Statue Park.

This marks the end of the first Reseresian Testament. After this event, I left the server and settled elsewhere, returning briefly to construct a nether city that was brutally destroyed when nether fortresses were introduced. Also, I decided some time into my 3 year long break that I would give Kurai to thesprazzzler, to co-own with me. He revitalised it, creating an expansive new district to the East. I will call it "his half" of Kurai.


I returned after a 3 year break to find a completely changed server to the one I had left. It was a rarity to find someone who was active during the same time as me, and those who were are now admins. New moderators accused me of griefing when I improved my ancient and decrepit houses. With thesprazzzler and theschlozmeister as the only players I knew, I set upon a new task, my mind steeled by 3 years worth of Minecraft experience.

There were greener pastures to be found.