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nexus_towns.png Georgetown
2021-04-18 19.36.26.png

View of Georgetown

Founder George_Mann
Contributors BlakeM27, UnlikelyRyan, SanityBGon, Krenath
Category Towns
Underground? Partially
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-2381
Dimension Overworld
Map Link


The 22nd town officially established by George_Mann, and the first built on Freedonia.

Currently under construction and accepting new members for any who wish to join.

How to join or visit

Mail or message George_Mann with the coordinates (x,z) of where you would like to build. He will ask you to sign a book of property ownership and then place a sign giving you ownership to wherever you would like to build.

To get there, head to Nexus pink 1 (far left pad) and step on the Georgetown pad (second pad closest to the left).

Rules (Updated 10, March 2022)


  1. Do not modify blocks outside of your own without permission.
  2. No cobble monsters (Apply for a cobble monster permit with George_Mann).
  3. Only build below y=40 with permission from George_Mann


  1. Follow the server rules.
  2. No Griefing*
  3. No Looting*
  4. No PVP without consent*
  5. No advertisement of other establishments without permission of the High Council.
  6. Do not build within 9 block of other's property, or clearly defined property borders.
  7. Land claims/Towny settlements are to only be owned by the High Council or the Esteemed Envoys.**

* Where applicable, if not against local server rules these actions are highly discouraged.

** Where applicable.

Current Infrastructure Projects

The town is currently constructing a raised Piston Bolt Network at y=200.

The town is currently constructing an Arena directly east of the Nexus Tower.

To contribute to any of the above projects, contact any member of the High Council.

Western District

The district west of the original shoreline which includes the flats and the Metertick District was filled in with the gracious help of Krenath and his worldedit powers.

 <George_Mann> Krenath you can nuke bodies of water outta existence right?
 <Krenath> I can.
 <George_Mann> ok
 <Krenath> I even have a better way of doing it now.
 <George_Mann> really :D
 <George_Mann> im gonna fill this area with dirt
 <Krenath> DO you have some kind of corner markers or borders for where you want the dirt to go?
 <George_Mann> I was plannin on havin two large landmasses and a channel of water goin down the middle
 <Krenath> Stopping this far north?
 <George_Mann> yep
 <George_Mann> uh oh
 <Krenath> That might have been a bit too big a chunk to do all at once...
 One mass timeout later
 <George_Mann> ty krenath :D
 <Krenath> Server didn't crash.  It just temporarily decided to pay attention to other things for a few seconds...

And thus marks the story of how I asked a supergod for 100k dirt and created the western district...

Leadership and Permissions

High Council:

The High Council represent "the town and its interests" and have complete and absolute power within it.

Officers of the town:

Officers enforce town rules and have the ability to exercise absolute power*. Officers also enjoy any rights that lower ranks reserve. In the absence of the High Council, they may represent "the town and its interests"

Esteemed Envoys:

The Esteemed Envoys can build on open land** in the town without needing permissions. These members also reserve the right to outright own the land that they build on.

View History for users, this list will be moved to another wiki page


Builders of the town have unconditional build and break permissions to all public property. Builders enjoy any rights that lower ranks reserve.


The Proletariat have special permissions modify public roadways and the torch grid. (Other permissions may be specified next to username)

*Absolute power, in this context, is defined as any action within the town that is necessary, urgent (cannot wait for High Council action), within server rules, and done with a justifiable cause with as little negative impact to members as possible.

**Open land is defined as land that has no signage indicating property ownership or town requisition, is not directly impeding a road's construction, or has no clear player activity outside of the torch grid.

Other Info

As of December 22nd 2020, Georgetown had been the home of cxtchh until its eventual decommission.

As of May 6th, 2021, Georgetown has been a Nexus Branch.

Any builds or requested property larger than 28x28 (or equivalent area/perimeter) must be at the permission of George_Mann

A manhunt occured in Georgetown on June 13th, where numerous regulars of the server hunted down and repeatedly killed player CloneM until they were banned.

The town has an extensive torch grid, which covers most of the landmass that it is on.

Property of the Heruvian Federation (Designation G#22).

Est. October 16, 2020

Members: ~34

Media ScarClaw72 showcased the town in his 96th episode of Exploring Freedonia, as part of the fourth season.