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Someone made a wiki page for me so I guess I'll start typing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Note: the contents of this wiki will be written primarily in the first-person.

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User George_Mann

Look at this dude

Gender Male
Location Honolulu, HI
DOB -09-27
Occupation Professional Idiot
In Freedonia
First joined August 26th, 2017
First building Fort Mann
Donor level * Donor
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I joined a long time ago, on the search for the oldest survival server. At the time, I would call my first impressions shitty; now, I would describe it as “unpleasant”. I honestly don't remember spawning in the rules hall, but I do remember that I got killed within my first few minutes of the server. Stacked on top of the knowledge that getting a single log would take a few minutes at best, I didn't think of logging back on for a long while.

After "a long while" had passed, I decided to attempt to get wood and gather some tools and food and try to walk as far as I could from spawn to find a place to establish myself. Everywhere i looked, dirt shacks and intermittent towns littered the landscape, so I kept walking in a vain attempt to find a large open area. This journey was done through the course of several weeks, and eventually I hit the ocean. This is where I made the mistake of assuming boats actually worked. At first I thought my wifi had shat itself and chunks weren't loading, but I learned REALLY fast that this wasn't the case. Thankfully I didn't die, but I also wasn't about to swim across an entire ocean that is God knows how large.

After an even longer time, I learned that this server had a dynamic map which really helped me try to find a relatively large, flat, unsettled piece of land that was relatively close to spawn that I could build a town on. I wasn't expecting to find such piece of land, considering the map was a) largely water, b) relatively mediocre in size, and c) at that point over 7 years old, but I did find one area that fit nearly all of my criteria around (-2515, -2706). Thankfully, nothing of incident happened from then on to kill my motive to play on this server, outside of the ever-present and god awful lag. If I had, at any point, been told to warp to Sauna, that definitely would have been the nail in the coffin for my motive on this server, but thankfully, I learned what Sauna was by witnessing others fall for it, so here I am.


This definitely wouldn't be a wiki about me if I didn't include something about my town wouldn't it...

Like a very many number of players, I aspired to build a town. The town originally has its designation as Georgetown #20, but was halted indefinitely as I joined another server, built two towns in two different resets, and became one of the most prominent non-donors. Eventually, I came back, determined to build what now is Georgetown #22. As a creature of habit, everything from the tree in the fort, to the road designs, to the "Would you like to join my town?" line was carbon copied from towns past.

Outside of those very vague plans, I set out, building with no rhyme or reason, and without any plan or care whatsoever (because that’s just how I do things). A few weeks into October (I think), I got my first member, BlakeM27, who to this day, has not finished his house yet. Nobody really cared about the town simply because it never got much attention to begin with, and although help would have been, well, ‘’helpful’’, I’ve learned I operate equally as efficiently when I’m working alone. So Georgetown is sorta my solo-project, with UnlikelyRyan as the world’s most under-appreciated helper.

About Me

About me? Uhhhh, there's nothing much you need to know about me besides the fact that I play too much video games.


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