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nexus_towns.png Batugus

"Welcome to Batugus, Don't fall off!" Anna_28

Founder Pieapple42 and Anna_28
Contributors thesprazzzler, stromhurst, Excalibur_NUMNUM and most of the residents
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? With permission from Anna_28 or Pieapple42
Size north to south 236m
Size west to east 186m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=325
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Batugus is a rural village on a group of artificial floating islands, located between Pokethedral, Schloss Katzenstein, and the Guitar. Its architecture is characterized by lovingly crafted timber frame constructions with wooden roofs.

"This looks like heaven." - ElectraKokoro

"You don't want to get to batugus. Only death awaits you there" - Krenath


  • The Farm/Windmil: This island is the second built in Batugus, and is also the biggest. Covered with farmland, with a windmil located nearby.
  • Blacksmith: The blacksmith building has two public anvils outside that can be used. If you break a anvil please replace it with a new anvil.
  • Lumberjack: Inside the lumberjack building there are two shops that can be used for buying or selling wood.
  • Welcome Island: This island is where the Nexus teleport to Batugus is located and where the Events are displayed.
  • Shy Pixel: A big orange shypixel head trying to hide under one of the welcome islands.
  • Railway Station: Where the Freedonia Railway System (Oriental Line) connects to Batugus.
  • Market: This is an area where players can buy from various different shops. Players are able to set up their own shop there too.
  • WaterStone Inc: WaterStone Inc is a stone generator system made by Waterboy0048 which will create cobblestone, then turn it into stone with 6 furnaces. Fuel can be added to the generator to create stone.
  • Stable: The stable is a place for players to put their horses while they go around the islands as some paths horses can not get past.
  • Magic Wishing Well: The well at Batugus is somehow magic. So throw your diamonds in it :)
  • Charcoal Generator: This is a small island with an automatic charcoal generator inside made by werdnaz. This generator is also used to fuel the stone generator.
  • Super Fun Party Spot: This is an island made by Palindrome7 which has a Super Fun Party Spot on it. No trent allowed!
  • Snappy's Cloud: A cloud made by SnappyMuppetman that floats above Batugus.
  • Anna's Snowglobe: A floating sphere made of glass and snow blocks with a snowman and spruce tree in.
  • Draglide's Tree: A large tree hand built by Draglide12 next to his house.
  • The Overlook: One of Riot's Towers made by SlowRiot overlooking Batugus. It is also the tallest structure in the town.
  • Dragon: A dragon built by mk59apr that flys next to the Overlook.
  • Farming Dome: Potato and carrot farms inside a glass dome made by nambortex, all the crops automatically replant themselves too.
  • Tour Box: A floating box of glass in the sky, for players to view when they go through the Tour.
  • Blimp: A flying blimp made by fthtjyjy and Anna_28.
  • Boat house: Building for the boat route connection.
  • Rainbow: The connection of Batugus and Batugus Labs, a giant rainbow tunnel from a floating island to underground.

Peaceful Zombies

On Batugus you will see some friendly zombies, they look after the islands and will not harm players. There are many zombies on the islands:

  • Farmer: The farmer can be seen all the time in the farms by the windmill, they will watch over the crops and take care of them. The farmer was also named Farmer Brown by Rufas.
  • Blacksmith: The blacksmith (named Blackie by Rufas) can be seen working at his anvil at daytime and will go inside to his bed at night. He wears his armour and sword (donated by theschlozmeister, later restored by dorn284) which he repairs at his anvil outside. Recently restored again with new gear.
  • Lumberjacks: There are two lumberjacks named Jack and Paul at Batugus. Paul can be seen outside at day chopping down a tree and moving wood, while Jack can be seen inside the lumberjack's shop watching over the wood he sells/buys.
  • stromhurst's zombie: A zombie in stromhurst's house, which can go outside on the second floor or walk around on the first floor.
  • Wernher von Braun: The zombie piloting the blimp, name suggested by fthtjyjy.
  • Silly: A silly zombie wearing a life jacket in a boat.



The Dirt Star

A little accident that caused a giant sphere of dirt to be created at Batugus. Encasing many islands in dirt.

Dirt Spleef

Cleaning up the last of the Dirt Star with a big game of spleef using enchanted shovels.


Showcase ScarClaw72 made a video exploring Batugus in his series. The video can be found here


See Also

  • Batugus Labs - located under Batugus, these labs help generate most of the materials used to create Batugus and other builds.
  • Winterthorn - A large city with similar styled buildings to Batugus, forever celebrating Christmas.
  • Guitar - Nearby giant Guitar statue.
  • Skylands - Large floating islands with many biomes and builds.