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Organisations Maid Express
Maid Express Ice Speedway Station.png

A station built by Maid Express

Leadership Maidy_Yuki
Headquarters Tsukiyama
Founded 01/26/2022
Public? No
Status Active

Maid Express is an organisation founded by Maidy_Yuki the 26th January 2022, This organisation is specialized in Railway lines and train stations


The organisation was founded the 26th January 2022 with the opening of "Tsukiyama Subway Green Line" linking the Tsukiyama station to the Snaketown - Snowland Ice way


The organisation has built 1 railway line and 2 stations

Tsukiyama Green Line

This line content 1 reversible track with a length of around 700m and 2 underground station. the color of this line is Lime

Map of the Green Line
Green Line Stations List
Stations Name Cordinates informations Pictures
Tsukiyama Station X -12733

Z -12959

Connexion to FRS North West Network

(Zvarri Branch)

Tsukiyama Station- Green Line Platform.png
Snaketown - Snowland

Ice-Speedway Station

X -12359

Z -13325

Connexion to the Snaketown - Snowland Iceway

Public boat chest outside the station

Maid Express Ice Speedway Station.png

Fare and Minecart Rental System

Minecart Rental Shop in the Ice-Speedway Station

On Maid Express Networks, there are not tickets systems, no station names, or CartLaunch Blocks, Départure is made with a button who activate powered rails.

But the organisation collect an using tax when the network is used with an "Minecart Rental System". Players can buy in any station of the network a minecart for 2 golds, and sell it to his arrival station for get 1 gold back, so a trip on the network cost 1 gold to the passenger

Extensions and projects

Tsukiyama Green Line

The Green Line have 2 possibillity of extension planned, one to the North East to two base own by unknows players. And one to the South for connecting the isolated house of RickTheMadLad69, but these section will be not built without an authorisation of structures owners

The line will be also expended to Snowland with an long tunnel of several thounsand blocks build by Ownagecat and other members of the city

An isolated part of the Green line will be also added for linking the new NW Bordelands Nexus 3 to the Snaketown - Snowland Ice road near the cuecue2027 city, the connexion between the two part will be made temporary with the Ice Road

Maid Express Green Line Projects.png

Build Contract and commissons

Maid Express offers Subway building service to cities who want a network on her lands with theses fares:

  • 10 Diamonds if the customers have Already the ressources for the construction
  • 10 Diamonds + 1 diamond for every 100m of tracks if customer didn't have any ressources for the construction. So is you want to build an network with 500m of tracks, it will cost to you 15 diamonds