Tsukiyama Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Tsukiyama Station
Tsukiyama Station Map.png
Owner Maid Express
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki
Station Code Tsukiyama
Underground? Partially
Public? Yes
Started 01/24/2022
Completed 01/25/2022
Coordinates X=-12733
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Tsukiyama
Map Link

Tsukiyama Station is a train station located both on FRS Obernai Line (Zvarri Branch) and Maid Express Green Subway Line. This station desserve Tsukiyama city centre

FRS Station

The FRS station is an ground level station composed of an white and blue concrete wall. The station have two hall, one for arrivals and one for departures. The station is opened completly to the FRS traffic the June 10th 2022

Arrival Hall
Departure Hall


List of services available in the Tsukiyama station

Departure Hall:

Arrival Hall:

  • Auto cart eject
  • Auto cart returns
  • Manual cart and ticket return chest
Next stations from Tsukiyama (FRS Station)
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Under constr.

Next (West): Zvarri

Under construction

Tsukiyama Station Next (North-East): Snowland Station To: Rainbow Valley National Park
To: Obernai Central Station

Maid Express Station

Subway elevator cabin seen from the ground level
Maid Express Subway Platforms

The Maid Express station is an underground station located under the FRS Station. The station is composed of white and lime concrete wall. The station have 2 platforms hand 2 tracks accessible with 2 elevator from the ground level


The southbound platform have a Minecart Rental Shop point and a subway gate, no service are available on the Northbound platform

Maid Express Head Quarters

The Maid Express Head Quarters are located on the Southbound platform entrance, the HQ can give some information on the organisation and a small room with an restricted access serves for the maintenance of the network

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