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Misashima Station is a Maid Express Green Line station located on the iceway between Snaketown and Snowland. This station was created before the new Misashima settlement and was named before "Ice Speedway Station".


blue_railwaystations.png Misashima Station
Maid Express Ice Speedway Station.png

Main Entrance

Owner Maid Express
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started 01/26/2022
Completed 01/27/2022
Size north to south 10m
Size west to east 10m
Height 10m
Coordinates X=-12359
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

The station have two levels:

  • The ground level with the Exit, subway gates, Minecart Rental Shop and one public chest with boats for using the iceway
  • 2 platform and 2 track in underground for reaching the Tsukiyama Station by the Green Line

A wooden stair connect the two floors of the station

The station building is composed of white and green concrete wall, and birch and oak wood on the floor

Since June 2022, the station is equipped with a boat pier, for making a connection with the Tsukiyama Channels System and the Maid Boat Route

The station can also redirect unofficially on the FRS Obernai Line by using /st FRS from this station, but it's only used occasionally by the maintenance crew, so this station in not on the FRS network


List of services available at Ice Speedway Station:

  • Manual Launch with redstone booster tracks
  • Minecart Rental service
  • Public boat chest
  • Public crafting table
  • Public Ender Chest
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