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green_settlements.png Tsukiyama
Tsukiyama (Harbour w- Shaders).png

View of the town from the harbour

Founder getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki getplayerhead.sh?Shanaromate&16.png Shanaromate getplayerhead.sh?Alikayne&16.png Alikayne
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Samy_sama&16.png Samy_sama getplayerhead.sh?Louchty&16.png Louchty getplayerhead.sh?Xi0NGM4O&16.png Xi0NGM4O
Category Settlements
Underground? Partially
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 90m
Size west to east 70m
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes (Exit Only)
Coordinates X=-12734
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Tsukiyama is a town founded by getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki and 2 of her friends: getplayerhead.sh?Shanaromate&16.png Shanaromate and getplayerhead.sh?Alikayne&16.png Alikayne. getplayerhead.sh?Samy_sama&16.png Samy_sama will join the group the next day.

The city was founded the 22th January 2022.


22th January 2022: getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki colonized an vanilla Minecraft village and decide to found the city of "Tsukiyama", She invite getplayerhead.sh?Shanaromate&16.png Shanaromate and getplayerhead.sh?Alikayne&16.png Alikayne to join this project

23th January 2022: getplayerhead.sh?Samy_sama&16.png Samy_sama Will join the project and will build some new roads / stairs in the village and a Beetroot soup vending machine. In the same day, the town will be attacked by getplayerhead.sh?2b2tisFull&16.png 2b2tisFull, all members who begun the game with no stuff are killed by the player and a lot of stuff are also stolen

25th January 2022: The train station built by getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki is finished, but it cannot be opened because the FRS North West Line (Zvarri Branch) Was not finished

26th January 2022: getplayerhead.sh?Samy_sama&16.png Samy_sama was banned by getplayerhead.sh?SenatorApple&16.png SenatorApple while a mining session, he had used X-Ray for mining at least 100 diamonds, the player will be kicked from the city after that. getplayerhead.sh?Xi0NGM4O&16.png Xi0NGM4O will join the town. The same day, getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki has finished the first line of his new private railway network: "Maid Express", the "Green line" connect Tsukiyama Station to the Iceway between Snaketown and Snowland

After a long inactivity time due to study of members, the town will be revived in May 2022 by getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki, but she will be alone in their new projects


Tsukiyama is located at the North West of the map at around 16 000m from the Spawn, there are no road near the settlement. But a new branch of the Freedonia Railway System (Obernai Line) pass directly next to the village, A Station was built for connecting the settlement to Forrrest or Obernai

The city can be reached by using the Iceway between Snaketown and Snowland then change to the Maid Express railway Green Line

The city had a Nether Portal near an Nether Highway, but the proximity with an other portal in an other settlement at around 600m away from Tsukiyama make the portal an one-way route for exiting the town

Since the June 30th 2022, the settlement is connected by the Maid Boat Route passing trhough the Tsukiyama Channels System to Snaketown, built by getplayerhead.sh?Maidy_Yuki&16.png Maidy_Yuki


List of builds made in the town:




Old members

  • getplayerhead.sh?Samy_sama&16.png Samy_sama (Kicked from the city after his ban for using X-Ray the 01/26/2022)

All members are allowed to edit or enhance the public space of the settlement, they have also a private space for build their homes.

Visitors Rules

  1. No public builds allowed in the settlement
  2. We are friendly, please do not kill any members of the city
  3. Visitors can uses the settlement's public fields ONLY IF they replant seeds
  4. Tsukiyama's mines (and his spawner) are strictly reserved for the city members

Since the getplayerhead.sh?2b2tisFull&16.png 2b2tisFull's attack, a new sign on the rules board say that "Tsukiyama citizens are friendly, don't free kill them please"

Obviously, The server's Rules are applied in Tsukiyama.