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The Snowlandian National Banner
nexus_towns.png Snowland

A view of the main town square

Founder Ownagecat
Contributors Zacy0 Chaotic_Winter GunCat2 _Thresh_ SkyJackie
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-12290
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Snowland is a town founded, built by, and based around harboring new players on MCO. It is located on the Northwest quadrant of Freedonia, in the 2021 expansion zone. Snowland is currently much easier to access, as it now has a Nexus (Purple 3) as of April 2023! So far the Capital City has been filled with builds from noobs, regulars, and more. One of the most popular tourist attractions for Snowland, and incidentally one of its industries with the most potential are the ice spikes, containing vast quantities packed ice. One of the most notable quirks of the way the city functions is that there are no owners, with Ownagecat only being designated as the founder. Due to this, all citizens have equal opportunity to become important, measured by their merit rather than status.

Members Ownagecat Chaotic_Winter GunCat2 _Thresh_ Zacy0 SkyJackie SennTheMan Maidy_Yuki Daxten SorPuffGup FLOWRIDER0 Nauticality Kendon helpimdeadinside Radis snowenti vini55505 Acesrt RomoBen12 F40CARZ _SkyFalls Imdad FuzbolMC Kendon

Snowland Expansion Initiative

In June of 2022, Ownagecat and GunCat2 decided that Snowland needed a revamp, and rather than destroy the builds in Capital and remake it entirely, to start anew further into the continent, hence the 'expansion'.

So far, the initiative has Northern Snowland, managed by Ownagecat, Western Snowland, managed by GunCat2, and finally Eastern Snowland, managed by SkyJackie.Plans for these sectors are handled in themes, for example:

Northern Snowland is themed around cold weather Urbanism.

Western Snowland is built around medieval architecture.

Eastern Snowland is built around 1.7 architecture.

Southern Snowland is an as-of-yet unmanaged industrial farming district.

Militia: Objectives and Members


As a show of force to deter potential rivals or invaders, Ownagecat founded the Snowlandian Militia, an organization with the protection of new players and Snowland being their foremost objective.

Currently, there are 4 active members in the militia, and an active defense treaty with the Freedonian Treaty Organization.

Militia Members:

Regulars Ownagecat Chaotic_Winter GunCat2 SkyJackie

Auxiliaries Acesrt F40CARZ RomoBen12 _SkyFalls