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green_towns.png NECROPOLIS

Primal fear in a strange dimension...

Founder Scampi_
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 192m
Size west to east 192m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=2293
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Following the dank, fetid sewers will yield, to some, a terrible secret. For that is the only entrance into the NECROPOLIS. Entombed within dark walls, the town stews in rot and pestilence as time slows to a crawl. Undead shamble the fields of skulls and fungi, while darker creatures lurk in the ancient woods and swamp. Things skitter about the crowded village, between the alleys of crumbling buildings and feet of weary residents. In the church, a tall man in a stained robe gives long rambling sermons that contort the minds of those who follow. And looming over it all is the decrepit manse of the Harvester Cult, where arcane secrets and dark artefacts are studied, worshipped, and preserved.

NECROPOLIS is a mostly-complete WIP town founded in mid December of 2018. Welcome to the most depressing place in all of Freedonia!

Barely Audible Whispers

There are currently two convenient means of getting to NECROPOLIS. Both of them use iceroads, so be sure to pack extra food.

  • Use the Nexus to get to Gran Syre (Yellow hub #3). Jump down into water off of the sandstone bridge just beyond the quartz pillar. Facing where you came is the Sewer Entrance. This connects to the iceroad, which re-connects with the sewers at NECROPOLIS. Keep ascending the stairs, do not head down the long, unfinished rail tunnel! Under optimal conditions, this will take you roughly three minutes.
  • Get to the NHS via the portal at Spawn. Take the southern road for 1.7km until you reach the labelled offshoot to NECROPOLIS. This will take you directly to the portal in the Sewers. Under optimal conditions, this will take you roughly three and a half minutes.
  • Locate the NAE Road Corps entrance behind spawn and follow it to the hub in the nether. Take the correct tunnel, and follow it until you reach the portal. Time estimate coming soon.
  • Freedonia Railway System connection coming eventually.

If you decide to visit NECROPOLIS by overland travel, take note there is only one entrance above ground. It is on an island swamp, shrouded in vines.

The Men in the Walls are Watching

There are a number of public access features to cast your eyes on in NECROPOLIS, many of which you would struggle to find anywhere else.

Something is Not as it Should be

The residential homes in NECROPOLIS are currently under construction. When completed, they will be raffled off in the NECROPOLIS Home Lottery.

  • Homeowners will be randomly selected from the list of participants.
  • Homes will be randomly assigned to homeowners.

While every house is unique and has usable interior space, some are clearly 'winner' homes, and some are clearly 'tough luck' homes. Each lucky homeowner will receive a written book detailing life in town, and the homeowner's agreement. This lottery is a one time event, though spots may open up if residents are evicted. Homeowners in NECROPOLIS are entitled to special benefits.

They Claw at the Veil

A few rules, hints, and useful information about NECROPOLIS

  • Monsters are everywhere. Slimes especially, which may prove useful to some. Pack for the occasion.
  • Nothing can be edited, anywhere, unless specified otherwise. If you accidentally break something, please leave a sign note behind or a Greport.
  • You will drain a lot of food getting here.
  • Scampi_ can be contacted via Discord, private message, or MCO Email.
  • The area seems to have anomalous properties. These include the feather falling enchantment sometimes not working, mysterious endermen holding random objects appearing, all of the trees formerly emitting daylight despite being completely covered, and the occurrence of a terrifying event where hundreds of indestructible, frozen monsters appeared everywhere at once.

A Temporary Stasis

At 2019/05/20, The Vaults of Zin and the personal vaults of Scampi_ were griefed into and ransacked. Total losses were incredibly high, not even including the removal of all irreplaceable artefacts. With a reimbursement off the table, the only option was a total chunk rollback, and construction was halted. On 2019/09/25, the entirety of the NECROPOLIS was restored to just before the attack. Stasis has ended, and the Harvester Cult marches on...