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Organisations Honorary Cultists

Thanks for joining!

Leadership getplayerhead.sh?Scampi_&16.png Scampi_
Headquarters Church of the Dark Harvester
Founded Spring 2019
Public? Yes and No

What's going on?

The Honorary Cultists of the Church of the Dark Harvester do, uhh, altruistic things for the local community. You'd really need to be a member to know more. The real reason you'd want to join is for that special feeling in your heart, a sense of purpose and community, and guaranteed immortality!

Why is this happening?

To join this magnificent group, all you need to do is donate an artefact to The Vaults of Zin, getplayerhead.sh?Scampi_&16.png Scampi_'s museum right next door. Alternatively, if you sell him an artefact that makes it into the museum, and are a nice person about it, you will probably be voluntold to join anyway. Donating significantly to NECROPOLIS, the miserable city all this is located in, can also net you a spot. Fixing or saving any of getplayerhead.sh?Scampi_&16.png Scampi_'s creations in a way only an admin can is also a good way to join. What are the benefits? You'll get first dibs on a house in NECROPOLIS when the opportunity arises, your name gets put on a list, and you will be interred in The Crypt of Decay if you get banned.

Who are you people?

If your name is supposed to be here and it isn't, contact me!