The Vaults of Zin

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green_museums.png The Vaults of Zin
The vaults of zin.png

Dark secrets and forbidden knowledge ahead...

Owner Scampi_ & Aziroeth
Contributors Anna_28 & many others
Category Museums
Underground? Partially
Public? Yes
Started ~Feb 2019
Size north to south 24m
Size west to east 24m
Height 60m
Coordinates X=2289
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Vaults of Zin is a museum located in The Wizard's Manse, located in NECROPOLIS. It is a multi-floored gallery of written books, unique and glitched items, Rep Cookies, and player heads. While Scampi_ and Aziroeth spend a great deal of time scouring the land for new artefacts and attractions, any help in expanding the collection is appreciated. If you have any items you would like to donate or sell, please get in touch with them. Donating or trading anything that makes its way into the display or collection will reserve you a spot in The Crypt of Decay should you end up banned!

Arcane Tomes

The Library is located in the main level and basement of The Vaults of Zin, and is an ever-growing collection of all written books in Freedonia. Each book is labelled by title and author, and a brief description is included. The current inventory is listed below:


Above the Library is the main display of artefacts collected from across Freedonia, but more can now be found across the whole museum. This include items and blocks created by glitches, spawned in by God donors, promotional gifts, and more. The current inventory is listed below:

  • Glitches and Oddities
    • All-Sided Stone Slab
    • Alpha Slab (old wooden slab)
    • Always-Burning Furnace
    • Arrow enchanted with Projectile Protection X
    • Clear Potion
    • Creeper Head
    • Diffuse Potion
    • Double Netherbrick Slab
    • Double Stone Slab
    • Dragon Egg
    • Glitched Dark Oak Sapling
    • Glitched Oak Sapling
    • Glitched Spruce Sapling
    • Green Shrub (grass variant with shrub texture)
    • Horizontal Oak Logs (both directions)
    • Inverted Cobblestone Slab
    • Inverted Oak Slab
    • Inverted Stone Slab
    • Lava Block
    • Nameless Items (repeater, blaze powder, gun powder, and chest)
    • Possible Alpha Leaves 1
    • Possible Alpha Leaves 2
    • Pig Spawn Egg
    • Redstone Dust with incorrect damage ID
    • Shrub (old dead bush)
    • Silk Touch Shears (ucraftable in future updates)
    • Sponge Block
    • Unenchanted Enchantment Book
    • Unknown Map (empty map)
    • Unnamed Player Head
    • Unwritten Written Book
    • Water Block
  • Player-Made Valuables
    • Anna's Boots (Leather boots dyed red, enchanted)
    • Batugus Silk Speed (one of Pieapple42's personal pickaxes)
    • Craftnote
    • Daylight Award
    • Fools Diamond (block)
    • "Fredrik Fehrm's 500 Hour Gift (God sword donated by SleeplessIsACat)
    • Githis's Armour
    • Notch Apple (extremely rare in future updates)
    • Pieapple42's Axe
    • Pigchinko Bacon Bits (porkchop trophy item)
    • shypixel's Armour
  • Promotionals, Illegal Item Exchanges and Event Gifts
    • Christmas Tree 2018
    • Christmas Tree 2019
    • Easter Egg 2019
    • Eggnog
    • Fallen God Bow A terrible weapon from a bygone era (Featherfalling 1 replaces former illegal enchantments)
    • Fallen Superhoe A terrible weapon from a bygone era (Featherfalling 1 replaces former illegal enchantments)
    • Fool's Diamond 2019
    • Fool's item collection (not displayed, WIP)
    • MCO 7th Birthday Cake
    • MCO 8th Birthday Cake
    • MCO 9th Birthday Cake
    • MCO 10th Birthday Cake
    • Minecraft's 10th Birthday Cake
    • New Year Firework
    • Potion of Leaping
    • Spooky 2018 Pumpkin
    • Spooky 2018 Jack 'O Lantern
    • Spooky 2019 Pumpkin
    • Spooky 2019 Jack 'O Lantern
    • Spooky Pumpkin Pie
    • Spooky Stick (enchanted with Punch I)
    • Stone Sword with purple description text
    • Wintherthorn Christmas Tree
    • Zombie Head
  • Out-of-Place and Rare Mobs
    • Charged Creeper "Baby Boomer"
    • Chicken Jockey (Zombie) "Jerky Jockey"
    • Halloween 2019 Enderman with Spooky Pumpkin "Pumpkin Thief"
    • Halloween 2019 Enderman with Spooky Jack o' Lantern "Jack o' Lenderman"
    • Immortal Sheep "Shaun"
    • Plus-sized Slime "C O R P U L E N C E"
    • Skeleton Horse "Boner"
    • Who? "???"

Sinister Tokens

The second floor up from ground is dedicated to Rep Cookies, but they can now be found all over the museum. The current inventory is listed below:

Pickled Heads

The player head display is located in the second basement. The current inventory is listed below:

Images of Madness

Italicised map titles are thought up by the museum owner. This list is a WIP as map titles and authors are sought.

The Accursed Backlog

Due to lag and space allocation issues, some artefacts are being held in reservation, to await display. A museum renovation will occur post-update, and all of these artefacts will be displayed.

  • Griefed Torch, Wool, Gold Plate, Glowstone, Cactus, and Sugarcane
  • Blue jersey from the 10th anniversary CTF game
  • PissWasser (Githis troll item)
  • FRS Contestant items (3rd place and participation awards for skybirdthing
  • 10th Birthday Candle (participation award for the 10th anniversary build competition)
  • Craftnote by Zomon333
  • Bread teleported to all players online during the 10th anniversary award ceremony
  • MCO Word Seed (3rd place prize for Scampi_ in the 10th anniversary build competition)
  • Anomalous diamond chestplate with thorns III that causes visual HUD glitches when equipped and de-equipped
  • Pride Block collection
  • MCO 10th birthday firework rocket
  • Pride Flower
  • BLM Block
  • Named diamond armour and sword set distributed by Acsidol
  • Pink armour owned by winx51
  • Stone Brick Monster Egg
  • Inverted Quartz Slab
  • Cocoa bean block
  • Numerous rep cookie, player heads, and written books

Forbidden Knowledge

  • The Vaults of Zin is named after the Quake 1 level E3M2, which in turn is named after a location from Lovecraft lore.
  • Scampi_ decided to build a museum when he got hooked on collecting books and unique items. This started as soon as he joined the server when Bjerkeby gave him a copy of his book for free, and continued later when he noticed he happened to have a number of items that wouldn't stack properly.
  • The Vaults of Zin was the first completed attraction in NECROPOLIS. The method of displaying items is heavily inspired by the Freerdonia Museum.
  • The Vaults of Zin boasts a number of security features designed to increase the amount of grief necessary to steal display items.
  • If you accidentally lose an item of value to the chest collector theft-deterrent, contact Scampi_ for retrieval.
  • Those who sell large amounts or donate artefacts to the museum become Honorary Cultists. Cast yer eyes on that page to see the current members and benefits of membership.
  • The idea for this museum was conceived well before the building or town that houses it was. It was planned to be built in a fenced off section of spawn and function as a dungeon/deathtrap/amusement park in addition to displaying items. This idea was shelved due to concerns with griefing and terrain rollbacks.
  • If you have items worthy of inclusion and want to trade, visit the VOZ Trade List to see what is on offer. Artefacts are only sold in exchange for other artefacts, but not vice-versa and Scampi_ is willing to pay through other means if desired. Make sure to check the current inventory first to see that it isn't already being displayed!