Nexus North West 1 Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Nexus North West 1 Station
Nexus NW1 Building.png

Station Building

Owner LewisD95
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-7134
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Nexus North West 1 (NW1) is an railway station located both on Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line and an unammed Link line between this station and Obernai via EastCliff. The station is located at around 150m from the North-West Nexus 1 terminal

Station Structure

The station was build with an realistic train station building style. The station have 2 uni-directional platform shared with 2 lines (You can pass from the FRS network to this unammed line without leaving your minecart). An Lift permit to access to the 2nd floor of the station but this place is empty

In the station, you can found an uncommon Minecart shop, you can buy an Minecart for 2 diamond, and sell it for 1 diamond if you arriving in this station


List of services available in Nexus NW1 Station:

Ticket Service
Next Stations From Nexus NW1
FRS Great Northern Line < Station > Nexus NW1 - Eastcliff - Obernai Link
To: Spawn Next (South): Quarryton Station Nexus NW1 Station Next (North East): Nexus NW2 Station To: Obernai

(Via Eastcliff)

To: Obernai (Via FRS) Next (West): Floatania Station
To: West Border Next (West): CoffeeTowne Station