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User Jaysax_

The Shape

Known as Jay, Jaysax
Gender Male
Location United Kingdom
Nationality British
DOB 1999-11-14
Occupation Carpenter
In Freedonia
First joined 28th April 2021 22:32 GMT
First building The Sax Dungeon
Staff member Moderator
Donor level **** Gold
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About Him Jaysax_ is a moderator for who - when not babysitting regulars or playing whack-a-mole with griefers - spends the majority of his time working on various projects, going on adventures, or just watching the days go by reading chat.
Jay likes to keep updated on server events and will often be seen lurking the discord server.

After joining the server for the first time and being welcomed first by LordOfTheShadows on the 28th April 2021 22:32 GMT, he was invited to a position as Moderator around four months later and was promoted 22nd August 2021 04:37 GMT by Anna_28.

This extremely short period between being a new player and a staff member is shrouded in mystery. Is it his 11 years of experience in the game? Is it his striking appearance and good looks, his amazing and unironically brilliant sense of humour? Or was it his penchant for decapitating invading griefers with his old executioner's sword, Terminus Est (saving the staff a load of trouble in the process)? It is doubtful the answers will ever be uncovered.

What He Likes

  • Chatting with friends
  • Building
  • Fishing
  • Guinness
  • Stalking evildoers

What He Dislikes

  • Attention whores, loud people and edge-lords
  • Political and sexual humour
  • Taxiing lazy players
  • Having to ban people
  • Among Us


2021 New Eden PvP Battle Royale (MCO 11th Birthday) - 1ST PLACE!


  • Ecly's Fist (Enchanted Diamond Sword)
  • Eclypto18's Head
  • Selimbits's Head
  • Diamond Blocks

2021 SlowRiot route boat race - 3rd Place


  • The Bronze Oar
  • 42 "Arrows of Splashing" and 10 tokens
  • SlowRiot Route Boat

2021 Halloween Build Competition - 3rd Place


  • Special "Spooky Pumpkin" (Retextured Furnace)
  • Spooky Pie (Retextured Pumpkin Pie)