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User Jaysax_

The underdog

Known as Jay
Gender Male
Location United Kingdom
Nationality British
DOB 1999-11-14
Occupation Carpenter
In Freedonia
First joined 28th April 2021 22:32 GMT
First building Underground hideout far south of Freedonia
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Aether
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About Him Jaysax_ is a moderator for who spends the majority of his time defending the server from bad actors, but he does have large projects that will be completed eventually.
Jay likes to keep updated on server events and will often be seen lurking the discord server during work hours.

After joining the server for the first time and being welcomed first by LordOfTheShadows on the 28th April 2021 22:32 GMT, he was invited to a position as Moderator around four months later and was promoted 22nd August 2021 04:37 GMT by Anna_28.

What He Likes

  • Chatting
  • Taking tours
  • Building
  • Fishing
  • Guinness

What He Dislikes

  • Teleporting lazy players
  • Attention seekers
  • Ban celebrations
  • Among Us


Themis by Jaysax
Jay's Toad Hut at Maltapple

Accolades and Rewards

11th Anniversary New Eden Battle Royale - 1st Place

  • Ecly's Fist (Enchanted Diamond Sword)
  • Eclypto18's Head
  • Selimbits's Head
  • Diamond Blocks

2021 SlowRiot route boat race - 3rd Place

  • Bronze Oar
  • 42 "Arrows of Splashing" and 10 tokens
  • SlowRiot Route Boat

2021 Halloween Build Competition - 3rd Place

  • Special "Spooky Pumpkin" (Retextured Furnace)
  • Spooky Pie (Retextured Pumpkin Pie)

Shulker Ranch Opening Day

  • First to find the dragon cave
  • Dragon Head

Petrifaction - Slayed 2 Dragons

  • 4 Terrain Dragon eyes
  • 2 Dragon heads

MCO Awards 2022

  • Most Frightening Moderator

Guest book

< SenatorApple> Cool dude =3
< RainBd> He DOSENT own a saxophone! :D