Strasbourg Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Strasbourg Station (South Church)
Strasbourg Station Outside.png

Station Building

Owner Obernai Metro
Contributors LewisD95
Station Code Strasbourg
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-9640
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Strasbourg
Map Link

Ticket Service

Strasbourg Station (or South Church Station) is an railway station located both on Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line and on the Obernai Metro network (Yellow and Purple Line) in Strasbourg.

Station Structure

The station was built in a realistic station building style, using a footbridge permit the access to the platforms. The station have 3 lines, (1 for FRS arrivals, 1 for FRS Departures, and 1 for Metro departures and arrivals.

The station has a second floor in the station building but it is currently empty.

The station have an unusual Minecart shop where one can buy a minecart for 2 diamonds, or sell it for 1 diamond.


List of services available at Strasbourg Station:

  • Automatic Cart Launch and Cart Eject devices
  • Minecart Sell / Buy point
  • Tickets sell point
  • Instruction signs
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