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User cupcake98

Just a blond guy

Gender Male
Location Denmark
Nationality Danish
DOB -00-02 - 10 - 1998
Occupation Historian
In Freedonia
First joined 29 - 01 - 2019
First building The Dandelion Farm
Donor level * Donated
View profile and statistics Cupcake98 Joined Minecraft Online in January of 2019.

Before playing on MCO he hadn't been playing Minecraft for years so returning to the version he quit in, 1.7, he found a server that was still operating in that version and joined it. The server was MCO.

Upon joining the serve he thought it would just be a little nostalgia trip. Seeing all the amazing builds and walking for hours he stumbled upon an island that was basically uninhabited. This would be the location of his home which he later named "The Dandelion Farm". Starting of he dug a hole in the ground, that would later become his mine, and then he built a house and started working on his farm. the most plentiful resource he had was cobblestone so he made it out of cobble. Inspired by a build he had made many years prior where a farm had been seperated into many levels in a lava cast he got to work.

The Social Life Of A Cupcake

After having played for almost 70 hrs Cupcake98 began to talk with the other people on the server, mostly the mods that dropped by constantly to check what he was destroying.

In this way he made friends with LewisD95 (who cupcake calls "Lewdis" because he always asked cupcake for dickpics, and promised to send one in return)

 What?? LewisD95

He made friends with WaffleNomster by complete accident and by carrying his scrawny ass through his first run of Terraria, (which Cupcake and TheDemetri did a second time at the launch of "Journeys End".) (and would love to do again)

After an epic journey to the different end portals he made friends with TheDemetri. This was before he would become a mod, if he had been a mod he could just have teleported and the journey would have been way less epic. Unkle_Genny also accompanied Cupcake through the Terraria playthrough with WaffleNomster and TheDemetri, and cupcake had a lot of fun with him, and enjoys Genny's presence whenever he's online.

Having a small knack for building cupcake offered to help Eclypto18 design the walls for New Eden, of which he is a resident, and design the great harbour gate. Completing the gate with the help of DorpEngineer is one of cupcakes proudest moments. However when it came to constructing the wall cupcake simply didn't have the time nor will to complete it. He worked on it but gave up leaving the project in Eclypto's hands.

Trying his best to be a nice person, tho failing at times, he's also been hired by 1Catnip's "Catnipcorp" as the official "Head of Good Behavior, Not Being A Dick and HR Rep" for the corporation. Showing the seriousness the company has for these ideals cupcake was given an office, a small office hidden away in a corner, on the third floor.

Through not being a dick Cupcake also became friends with a lot of people, even a sweedish one, (which defies all laws of nature). ( Snthetic du er et svensk svin <3)

Also mSup is considered by cupcake to be a cool dude who knows what's "sup" Void42_ has somehow also ended up being a friend of Cupcakes and after gifting him around 6 doubble chests of diamond hoes, as a joke, (which is still insane) he proceeded to put them to good use and help cupcake with his farm.

Cupcake belives the server is jam packed with assholes. But even though they are assholes they can be kind and funny, a thing he thoroughly enjoys, and which is why he keeps playing on the server.

What Can A Cupcake Build? cupcake98 has built a few things around the server, though none are as eye catching as his home base "The Dandelion Farm" Being a huge farm that has taken most of his hours played to make and is still incomplete as of writing this. On the farm you will find a house, a barn and a giant replica of the Notch face from "The Temple of Notch" map, and a fortress in the center of the island.

Outside of his base he has designed the New Eden walls and Harbour gate, which he has helped construct.

Furthermore he has built a house in Jibtopia that overlooks the river, and a house with a oceanview at Obernai

Cupcake has also helped construct a map art of the soviet union flag along with AggrievedCanine, which is proudly hanged in his bedroom.