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User DarthSagit

Custom skin made by friend and modified

Known as Darth, Sagit, DS, Darthe
Gender Male
Nationality Hong Kong
DOB -12-
Occupation Excavator
In Freedonia
First joined 03 January 2020
First building Sagit Cottage
Donor level * Donor
Kit level **** Gold
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Obsidian is my ambition - DarthSagit

this guy saying he only play modded Minecraft and now he is almost 100 hours in smh - Darkerfly
800 hours now - DarthSagit April 2020

Listen u morons it's pronounced "sagit" not "sagit" - 1Catnip
It's "Ikea" not "Ikea" - DarthSagit

if you manage to find DarthSagit, chances are, you will find a Darkerfly! - TheGolum

Not a talented builder, DarthSagit spends and enjoy more time mining than building on Freedonia. He shares a base with his real-life friend Darkerfly and serves as their free slave labour. Rumors says that DarthSagit is actually Darkerfly's alt.
"Sagit" stands for Sagittarius and thus it is a soft g.


First Days

On 3rd January 2020, he joined the server with recommendation from Darkerfly who has already established a settlement, not knowing it is the oldest server in Minecraft. He skipped through the rules hall and instead only surviving through teachings of Darkerfly, then panicking over the long Tour. After finishing the tour, he was brought through the Nexus directly by Darkerfly, instead of yelling for food and how to get far like normal noobs.

(MCS) DarthSagit joined the game.
(MCS) DarthSagit is joining for the first time!
< Darkerfly> he is my friend
< Darkerfly> he can't see me bruh

On the second day, while exploring spawn, he wandered into an underground place which was not well lit. He placed a torch to see well then broke it again, which resulted in interrogation by mSup.

< mSup> Heya Darth
< mSup> whoops, invis again
< mSup> Why did you break a torch here? This place doesn't seem to be yours.
[IRC] <SlimeDiamond> mods can go invisibble?
< mSup> no, but it often happens that players are invis for me
< DarthSagit> I placed a torch that weren't in here so I broke it again
[DSC] <Demetri> everybody can go invisible
[IRC] <SlimeDiamond> ah
[DSC] <Demetri> with invis pots
[IRC] <SlimeDiamond> lol yeah deme
< mSup> So you placed a torch on accident?
< DarthSagit> yes
< mSup> okay. please tell staff when you break / place something on accident

Donor Status

On 22th Feb 2020, the generous Donor Santa bawest donated £4.00 under his (and Darkerfly's) name and gave him donor status.

(MCS) DarthSagit just donated £4.00 for donor status!
< Darkerfly> what
< DorpEngineer> WOW
< Darkerfly> yee
(MCS) Darkerfly just donated ₤4.00 for donor status!
< mSup> gg
< Darkerfly> ok
< DarthSagit> lol it must have been baw
< DorpEngineer> T_T_T_T
< Darkerfly> thank you
< mSup> LOL
< DorpEngineer> wait
< DorpEngineer> tf
< bawest> :p

Poor Dorp :(

D&D Booksmith

After running the book dealing business on the server on a bit, DarthSagit and Darkerfly decided to set up a joint venture in Diamond Mall to capitalize on enchanted books. The store was leased on 28th Feb 2020, then officially opened next day. The main goods is Silk Touch books and the store is located just next to ReverseDmitry's and tyhdefu's Silk Touch Shop (TM) for direct competition. The store is named D&D Booksmith to emphasize that besides enchanted books, we also smith enchanted tools (on request).

Obsidian Slave

On 12 Mar 2020, Void42_ had a lot of obsidian that needed removing, and DarthSagit expressed his willingness to help to remove it. However, DarthSagit was busy and did not actually get teleported to the site until few days later.

< Void42_> You guys need obby?
< Darkerfly> no
< Void42_> Damn
< Void42_> I was gonna offer you guys some floating obby I need to remove >.>
< DarthSagit> oh Neo I don't mind more obsidian

Upon arriving at the site, DarthSagit did /map and suspected that it is Void42_'s project Eryth. After mining obsidian there for a month, DarthSagit finds that there is still 20 metric tons of obsidian reserve and his pain of mining obsidian under 3tps is neverending. He rotated obsidian to be sold in D&D Booksmith and it sells better than the actual business of enchanted books. Running out of lava in the cave finally after 50 days, DarthSagit moves out of Eryth and takes off obsidian from the counter. Minecraft statistics said that over 20k obsidian blocks were broken.

Wrong Alt

On 26 Mar 2020, DarthSagit decided to make an alt and wanted to call it Enforcer_Sagit, spoofing on 1Catnip's old name, Enforcer_Satet. However, it was quite late and he was quite tired and brainfarted, so he actually typed Satet instead of Sagit. He has to live as an impersonator for 30 days.

< 1Catnip> Is Sagit on? I need to yell at him xD
 (MCS) Enforcer_Sagit is joining with a new username (was Enforcer_Satet).


On 29 May 2020, DarthSagit became a smurf. Darkerfly is disappointed that they didn't see DarthSagit's player tag turn from white to blue in person.

< jimmyd93> Alright guys, welcome DarthSagit to the mod team
< DarthSagit> :D
[DSC] < HY_Turkic> :0
< Darkerfly> such wow
< LewisD95> welcome darth :)
[DSC] < HY_Turkic> gg Darthe!
< xx_Potato420_xx> wow cool
[DSC] < HY_Turkic> I cant wait for you to check on me! xD
< Darkerfly> now I am gonna grief our base
< Darkerfly> just to annoy u DS
< DarthSagit> :(
[DSC] < HY_Turkic> *cri manly ters*
< Darkerfly> fk u
[DSC] < Void42_> noice one ds <3
< CosmicLatte_> Darth is a big boi now
< Darkerfly> also let me kill u
[DSC] < HY_Turkic> now he's blue...
< Darkerfly> your head will be on the first row
[DSC] < HY_Turkic> *cri more manly tear*
[DSC] < Void42_> now i get to make you deal with the wizard speakers
< xx_Potato420_xx> next up, snakyman getting promoted to mod
[DSC] < WaffleNomster *no chance


Quitting with Darkerfly due to the ensuing arguments about DorpEngineer's ban, DarthSagit did not login for a week or two before resigning from the moderator position and the smurfdom ended on September 26, 2020. Legends say that he is never coming back and having fun being a dragon somewhere else. DarthSagit feel extremely disappointed and betrayed that Darkerfly returned to the server as a regular only some weeks later.

< DarthSagit> bitch went back
< 1Catnip> i miss sagit :(

Remarks on quitting

I felt that as my time in staff position increased, I was succumbing to a hive mind, losing my individuality and judgement. Staff are not always in the right and they should admit that, or at least have better communication with the average player base. People won't agree with each other 100% of the time, even among staff, but communication should be the way to resolve. As one of the few mods available in my time zone, I felt responsible to monitor the server when I can. But this put stress on me as most of my online time was just filled with dealing with noobs, asking "why did you break a [insert block]" constantly and not having much actual gameplay. This fatigue with duties is another part of the "personal reason" for my resignation. Even in July 2021, I still feel disgusted by just looking at grief interrogation. Moderators should be players who care for and work for the good of the community, but more are now leaving than joining. Even newly promoted admins have gone inactive. Seeing the state MCO is in, one should realize that things are wrong and it's better for me not to come back.

What he likes

  • Finding diamond ores
  • Enchanting books
  • Collecting resources
  • Star Wars memes
  • Adding chat logs
  • Having sales in the shop

What he dislikes

  • Excavating
  • Getting Smite/Bane of Arthropods, Fire/Blast/Projectile Protection books
  • Being killed
  • People asking why the server is on 1.7.10