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Invasions The FitMC Invasion
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Officer Steves en masse

Epicenter Spawn
Event Date 23rd-30th of May, 2019

Starting at 12:01:36 Server time on May 23rd, 2019, the first of two griefers named Roman_TeoPlay signed into the server followed by Pavel_TeoPlay.

While this has not been verified the timing implies that these two picked their attack on MCO after the server was featured in a YouTube video by 2b2t YouTuber Fit. These two users began a grief attack on spawn specifically the statue at the lake. After being killed numerous times the moderator Zomon333 finally showed up and banned the two of them but not before a massive amount of Officer Steves had spawned in response to the multiple deaths of both griefers.

Shortly after that ban, a massive flood of FitMC fans began to pour into the server causing chaos and additional distributed grief. In the chaos, a small number of regular players took it upon themselves to PvP other established players without notice, hoping the attacks would get lost in the noise. Several players witnessed Slapsore release two Withers into the chaos, both of which began throwing fireballs at the public farms.

The Slapsore Drama

In the ensuing combat, Slapsore killed several of the players in this list before fleeing the server on that day. Among the players killed outside of the large scale battles was Sebastianawesome, who lost a supposedly very good set of armour and weapons to Slapsore in 1-on-1 combat.

When Slapsore returned the following day - May 24, 2018 - his joyous character and unrelenting vocabulary was greeted with many cheers and salutations(this is sarcasm). However, it was at 10:04 PM EST when what could be regarded as the finale of the Slapsore Drama occurred(Author's Note - This next bit of text is a slight dramatization - take with a grain of salt!)

Romping around Spawn as usual, Slapsore happened upon The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub while Unkle_Genny was rummaging through his storage inside. Upon seeing Genny's player name through the walls of the Klub, Slapsore decided to send him some messages in an attempt to antagonize him, noting that Genny was building in Spawn and incorrectly stating that his Klub would be deleted. Genny responded well until Slapsore threatened to grief it, upon which Genny, too blinded by his motherly protection of his dear Klub, failed to realize not only the meaninglessness of Slapsore's threats but also just how powerful he was as an opponent in PvP. Charging down to the hot tub room through which Slapsore had entered to confront him, Genny landed a few arrows and swings before realizing - within as few as two hits of Slapsore's sword - just who he was up against.

Running across the room to regenerate his health, putting the fish tank in the center of the room between them, Genny furiously typed to notify the other players in the server as he watched as Slapsore blocked off the exit door of the room with stone blocks, directly griefing his build. Adrenaline refuelled, and having used /home too soon ago to be able to escape death via /spawn, Genny then charged past Slapsore and out into the adjacent hallway. He had the advantage here; this was his home turf, and he knew it much better than Slapsore, and as such, was able to rush out the front doors and evade his assailant just long enough to do /spawn, narrowly escaping death with only 3 hearts to spare.

It was after Genny initially posted in chat about Slapsore's griefing that, seeing his pleas, and already vengeful towards Slapsore for yesterday's violence, SleeplessTheCat, Sebastianawesome, bcMineOut, and BlueishRose all rushed to assemble at Spawn and started heading to the Klub to assist, during which Sleepless began recording. Keiferr also tried to join up with the group, but his messages were lost in the roaring sea of the chat. However, just as they were about to depart, Genny had arrived safely at Spawn, and bloo_noodle began interrogating Slapsore. Deciding to see what else he might be doing at the Klub, the group departed anyways.

Meanwhile, Genny himself idled at Spawn while hopping on the Discord voice chat and digging through his files to find the screenshots he had taken of evidence of Slapsore's griefing. bloo's interrogation seemed to be going nowhere at all, despite numerous players' cries for Slapsore's banning, as well as Genny's stating that he had evidence of the grief, until bloo eventually settled on following and watching Slapsore closely. Upon arriving at the Klub to this news, there was no Slapsore to be found, and so the group asked bloo where he was, only to find out that he went to Spawn just after they had left to find him at the Klub.

It was at this very moment that Slapsore suddenly disconnected, much to the group - especially Sebastian's - dismay. However, soon after this, Spaceblock7a presented a video that he had recorded of Slapsore griefing from earlier in the day, Genny finally posted his evidence screenshots to the Discord, and Anna_28 joined the game. Upon overhearing all the madness in chat over Slapsore, she decided to check out Space's video and saw Slapsore breaking the very flowers that she had only planted at Spawn that same morning.

And so, she banned him on the spot. After his banning, Genny, Sleepless, Sebastian, bcMineOut, Blueish, and Spaceblock rejoiced, celebrating at the Klub for a solid 15 minutes, even attracting one or two clueless new players with the sheer strength of their revelry! SleeplessTheCat has footage of Slapsore getting banned and the incident.

Lesson to be learned: Don't mess with Anna's flower!

Player Trivia about FitMC

MinecraftOnline was not at all ready for the influx of players. The player count was too much for the server, severely slowing the TPS. Thoughts and questions arose in the midst of this chaos, specifically as to why Fit even mentioned Freedonia in his latest video, and why people joining immediately began griefing the server. While the first question has a simple and understandable answer, the second one is far more unclear. Either way, the FitMC Invasion also caused a record for Freedonia; in the middle of the day of May 24th, 2019, the player count reached a staggering 75, beating the last record for most players online in Freedonia, which was 60 players, occurring back in the 2017 Mines Invasion.

The MCO Crusaders

On Thursday, May 23 2019 the MCO Crusaders was founded by KingServal. Their First Crusade continued until the following Monday. After the large influx of FitMC fans joined, The Crusaders banded together to try and wipe out the flood of new and potentially toxic players. Their goal was to rid the server of the unwanted players and make life easier for the new players that wished to follow the rules and add to the server, instead of hinder it. To help innocent players get a start and have fun on Minecraft Online. During the time it was active many things were accomplished such as a base being built to house the Crusaders and the general organization being laid out. The group since the end of the Crusade has acted as a militia and remains dormant until the next invasion. To see a summary of what the Crusaders did go to The MCO Crusades

These Players Took up Arms to Repel The Invaders

It should be noted that not all of the players listed above were members of the MCO Crusaders. While many players joined in the defense, only some of them joined the Crusaders.

All Battles in The Invasion

  • Spawn Statue Battle - May 23rd
  • Spawn Farms Wither Battle - May 23rd
  • Slapsore Battle - May 24th
  • KingServals 2b2t Attack - May 25th - May 26th