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Organisations United States of Bedrocco
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The Imperial Flag

Leadership getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman
getplayerhead.sh?Beeraeka&16.png Beeraeka
getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal
getplayerhead.sh?Jriver_15&16.png Jriver_15
Headquarters Shatlantis
Founded 14 December 2019
Public? No
Status Active

United States of Bedrocco (aka United States of Freedonia) is an empire in Freedonia that governs over cities in Freedonia. It is born out of the remnants of BenEm, Freedonian Imperial Federation, and Bedrocco Empire. The empire has over 500 unique members from across Freedonia and growing.

The Empire does not claim any real power over the members, we just seek to unite everyone and give them a seat in the senate and protection. The senate meetings are headed by the senate head, getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman.


The United States of Freedonia can trace its origins back to December 2019, where a group of settlement owners wanted to come together and form an empire. Users getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman, getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal, and getplayerhead.sh?verydairyman&16.png verydairyman formed an alliance called the "Freedonian Imperial Federation." However, jealous of the success of New Eden, Snakyman and Verydairyman created Soviet Eden. This "town" was similar in nature to many other anti-town builds, such as Gayton and Gayetria. (Indeed, another name for Soviet Eden was "Gay" Eden.) This town would have been part of the fledgling Federation, in conjunction with other towns.

However, this set off a storm of controversy, mainly with the New Eden staff and residents. Many people warned against this course of action, and eventually snakyman ended up running the scheme alone. Eventually, getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman was banned and Soviet Eden given to the people it was meant to mock. This would effectively quash any imperial aspirations for a while. The Freedonian Imperial Federation was quietly abandoned.

In early 2020, getplayerhead.sh?Beeraeka&16.png Beeraeka, leader of Verico, and getplayerhead.sh?verydairyman&16.png verydairyman, leader of Las Vereno, came together and created a group called the "Bedrock Empire." getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal would also join, with the name changing to "Bedrocco." A ceremony to commemorate the founding of the empire was held in Las Vereno, and was attended by many people. For a time, the empire prospered, with many towns joining.

In late April, getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman appealed, and was unbanned on the condition he would not make any more anti-town builds. Shortly after this, chaos would begin to ferment. Snakyman re-founded the Imperial Federation, 'annexing' many states and settlements, particularly those from the long-dead Benjamese Empire. Later, in June, Takadokia, Sand Island and the State of Cascadia Wood would unite to become the "United Bedrocco States." Controversies around getplayerhead.sh?Beeraeka&16.png Beeraeka and the Republic of Verico would lead to the destabilization of the Bedrocco regime. Many towns went inactive at this point or would otherwise cease operating with the empire.

The city of Newport would also be founded around this time. With Snakyman at its head, it became the new capital of the Imperial Federation. Come July, and Bedrocco would be officially absorbed into the Federation. The organization would also receive a new, friendlier name, the "United States of Freedonia." Later being changed to "United States of Bedrocco."

On March 23, 2022, State of Cascadia Wood disbands and was annexed fully into United States of Bedrocco. getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 made this decision after the dispute of Catini Catra and secession of New Wood. She also made this decision because she no longer wanted to govern over her territories and because the state became mostly inactive. Flame wishes to remain a part of United States of Bedrocco with a seat at the legislation. The decision was announced in the Freedonia Road Co. Discord Server.

On July 29, 2022, getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97 was talking to getplayerhead.sh?ahri_29&16.png ahri_29 on Telegram and they both decided to annex Flame's territories into Union of kpan settlements and then back into Bedrocco. Therefore, Union of kpan settlements joined the United States of Bedrocco. getplayerhead.sh?ahri_29&16.png ahri_29 would govern over Flame's territories from here on.


A town can join the empire as its own state and have a seat in the senate. The towns in the empire get seats in the senate.

Goverment Headquarters

Member Organizations

Organizations affiliated with the empire




A leader of a city in the empire. Has a seat in the server senate.

  • Any town mayor or person chosen by the leader to represent them.


Military officer



A citizen of any town listed below

Member States

Member states hold more power than annexed states.

Annexed States

These refer to states annexed from a previous empire that have not fully joined. The empire does not have any control there, however, they are recognized as members and can claim a senate seat if they wish.

  • BenjaminStad the old capital of BenEm. highly urbanised.
  • KSCity - Once, it was a competitor of BenjaminStad, but, after getplayerhead.sh?KS_Life&16.png KS_Life became inactive and sold the town to getplayerhead.sh?BenjaminBsuper&16.png BenjaminBsuper, the activity of town halted. Now, the town is being repurposed, since it has a lot of useful space.
  • Tussenstad - One of the most important parts of BenEm which has been independent of the Empire for a great part of the late summer of 2018. Since 30 september it's back.
  • TwanStad - A rare case - a claimed territory without any residential buildings is a town.
  • Merchilles - Despite it's size, this town lives with a status of Batavia's architecture centre. Located in the desert outback of Batavia.
  • Oldville - A town that declared itself independent of Tussenstad.
  • Isfiskholt - A small town that has rejoined after having been independent for a short while.
  • Winterstad - A small village that has been claimed to be part of Tussenstad
  • BearTown - A town with large houses and a rustic style, very close to Batavia
  • Grifftopia - This major architecture centre is having a unique system of "poor" and "rich" districts.
  • Greenhaven Village - Despite being a separate town, this town with sad history is a part of Grifftopia's area.
  • Berghpas - A town, which stayed on paper.
  • Nieuw Inverness - This town is having a strange case of getplayerhead.sh?BenjaminBsuper&16.png BenjaminBsuper getting town ownership from [[getplayerhead.sh?KingKipgal&16.png KingKipgal|banned player]] through [[getplayerhead.sh?NHC_THK&16.png NHC_THK|another person]].
  • Gelderburg - A plan, which is being done by getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_
  • Numington Town - Earlier centre of Forrrest activity, which is inactive for now.
  • Silver Lake - This town is very unique, because it successfully attracted people during player invasions.
  • Santa Luca - A town founded by getplayerhead.sh?LucaTheHispanic&16.png LucaTheHispanic.
  • Finni's Village - A town founded by getplayerhead.sh?Finnimations&16.png Finnimations, currently lacking a name.
  • LittoilLand - The area owned by getplayerhead.sh?Codetoil&16.png Codetoil.
  • The UnderLands - A settlement founded by getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu that's almost entirely underground.
  • Boat - A town on a boat.

Left Map of member states and annexed territories of the United States of Freedonia as of 2022

Bedrocco Titles

• H.E. The Most Hon. getplayerhead.sh?callawayr&16.png callawayr
• H.E. The Rt. Hon. My Dude getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip MP
• H.G. The Most Hon. getplayerhead.sh?verydairyman&16.png verydairyman
• H.I.M. and H.E. The Most Hon. getplayerhead.sh?Beeraeka&16.png Beeraeka MP
• H.I.M. getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal
• The Hon. getplayerhead.sh?bazookaboy13&16.png bazookaboy13
• The Hon. getplayerhead.sh?EastDakota&16.png EastDakota
• The Hon. getplayerhead.sh?Flamehaze97&16.png Flamehaze97
• The Hon. getplayerhead.sh?ahri_29&16.png ahri_29
• The Hon. getplayerhead.sh?jriver_15&16.png jriver_15
• The Hon. getplayerhead.sh?Ken_the_Husky&16.png Ken_the_Husky
• The Hon. getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL
• The Hon. getplayerhead.sh?WindowsXPuser&16.png WindowsXPuser
• The Rt. Hon. Sir getplayerhead.sh?iron_gour&16.png iron_gour
• The Rt. Hon. Sir getplayerhead.sh?KingBlue42&16.png KingBlue42
• The Rt. Hon. the Lord getplayerhead.sh?pretzel33&16.png pretzel33 CB
• The Rt. Hon. getplayerhead.sh?_Synthy&16.png _Synthy or getplayerhead.sh?snthetic&16.png snthetic MP
• The Rt. Hon. getplayerhead.sh?Antilocapra&16.png Antilocapra MP
• The Rt. Hon. getplayerhead.sh?HappyGriefer&16.png HappyGriefer MP
• The Rt. Hon. getplayerhead.sh?TheDemetri&16.png TheDemetri MP
• The Rt. Hon. getplayerhead.sh?Wilsea&16.png Wilsea MP
• G.L. The Exulted Gaylord, getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman