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nexus_cities.png Socorro
2019-04-17 19.45.22.png

View of Socorro from town light house

Founder KingServal
Contributors 76x RPS_DA_BEAR ScarClaw72 EastDakota Ted1246 snakyman Jriver_15 Inspector_Foix
Category Cities
Underground? Partially
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes (Route 69)
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-6037
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Socorro is a settlement in the North Western Ocean, founded on April 7th, 2019 by KingServal, EastDakota, and Snakyman. It is a plot based town focused on Western and modern architecture. One of the largest in the region, it is steadily growing.

Town History

Socorro was founded when KingServal and snakyman were building Route 69. Originally planned to be a rest stop, KingServal realized the area could be a town. With EastDakota, King constructed the town's first structure, the town hall. Soon, East constructed his building in the town square. The next day, King invited RPS_DA_BEAR and ScarClaw72. RPS built the Grapevine publishing HQ, while Scar constructed a house. Days later, King expanded the town and invited players. Meanwhile, EastDakota, unhappy with Socorro's management, left. Later, KingServal appointed 76x as vice mayor, until he got banned. The seat was left incumbent until KingServal appointed jriver_15 to the office in 2020. After that, the town went into a slow phase, but recently has been more active thanks to KingServal's efforts!

Town Plans

Socorro is based on the American West, both modern and 19th century, as reflected in the buildings. Town Square, the location of city hall and other buildings, like a saloon, publishing company, and houses, is the main center of town. Upcoming builds are a museum, and The Lucky 38.

Buildings Under Construction:

Grand Museum of Freedonia

Lucky 38

Socorro Sugarcane farm

Socorro Underground Apartments

Socorro Canal System

What does Socorro offer?

Besides being an excellent Nexus hub, Socorro is a great spot to live and do fun activities. It has many farms, and also a lot of businesses. It is a great town for both beginners and experienced players alike.

Directions to Socorro

Socorro is very easy to enter. There are 4 main transportation methods and they are: Nexus, walking,railway, and boats. Below are all of the ways to enter Socorro, whichever seems nicest to you is what you should do. It should be noted that the Nexus is the fastest way in and out, though.

Nexus way:

1. Take Nexus Northwest (Purple) 3

2. On the third right stall it will say Socorro!


1. Go to Forrrest using /warp Forrrest

2. Turn around,and head to the Numington Town / Route 69 tunnel.

3. When you emerge go right, to the Icekansen (Remember to bring food)

4. Keep following until you reach Route 69, then continue until you reach Socorro!

Railroad to Socorro:

Socorro has one main railway connecting it to the mainland of Freedonia, which goes through the Phoenix Isles. Socorro is one of the farthest-reaching areas in the entire railroad network.

1. At Phoenix Isles, go onto all Westbound trains until you reach the end of the city metro line. There should be a sign saying Socorro, stay on that line.

2. Enjoy the ride! It is mostly underground so unfortunately there aren't many good views, but that is set to change.

By Boat:

1. Go on a boat and steer it until you reach the shores of Socorro. (Not recommended before the server update.)

Town Population(86)

Includes people who've built a house, building, own/owned an apartment, have sethomed, or have had a plot at one point. KingServal 76x (Banned) Muskrat2 RPS_DA_BEAR ScarClaw72 Ted1246 skybirdthing TUEPIC1 OiTrowls TC_Laffs RoseHeart11_TWS Reco201 CaptainIceman EastDakota VonDoom918 FlamingSapphire1 MooneyX545 snakyman doggo_swimmer19 Courier_VI Inspector_Foix NHC_THK ReverseDmitry RobTyl mk59apr xXOakTheTreeXx Kangalioo TheGolum Thebirdman567 spamscam Uluse_ deb5 _WizardDev_ trevordog21 _deckard nopocky4u Alex_Boat ZENTHONX Crewop 1Catnip WarDoctor42 pretzel33 WolfDogCJC Elytria98 DaleEarnhardt Stecklyashka jriver_15 Hirudo6 Freskooo caisworld _Synthy AJawad IconPippi GavMan2020 MlkBktBoi iLiiiiz_ Andreeaa025 helpimdeadinside harveygee KemeathIV literally_a_bird Macho_Nacho SoupPoop bucketsofwasps Superduperblue BlueBlaziken Sardine123 Wertia l1npengtul_EMT ApexVII dantopps Paladin_Heihachi Batteryacids basedukm DanThePilot02 DavidGallow JadeZG Filip0706 NightEwok Broncoskip lol1o1 podd cinnamonci AndrestheMiner Acesrt 4dre ElbowFungus SadieSadie