Aurum City

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nexus_cities.png Aurum City
GOLDCORP Megafactory 2.png

The GOLDCORP Megafactory and location of the city's Nexus Pad

Founder Azeur
Contributors City Planning Consultant txkeykeeper
Building Drift_Burger cinnamonci AdoreKitten Shei_Bi miaoler frisout CallMe0n ClonLP
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 500m
Size west to east 700m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Not really
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-1655
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Welcome to Aurum City. Aurum City is located roughly 2000 blocks away from the North 2 Borderlands Hub. The city is still very new, only buildings that have been fully designed and approved may be built to ensure the city fits the futuristic/cyberpunk theme.


A picture of the GOLDCORP Megafactory

GOLDCORP Megafactory

The GOLDCORP Megafactory was constructed to give the city's gold farm an exterior. The designing took 2 months and 9 days to make a schematic, and the building took nearly one month. Including the obsidian for the gold farm the build uses well over 175 000 blocks. The shape of the obsidian cylinder is based on a design by ilmango, but the mechanism to collect EXP and gold fully automatically and the design of the building is an original design by Azeur. This building is where the nexus is located and it is currently the main attraction of the city, since it is the only place on the server you can collect EXP or fix your tools fully automatically. Since it is automatic a player can AFK anywhere near the farm and it will work without causing pigmen to stack up unlike all other gold farms on the server. This design means the farm causes minimal lag and has no noticeable effect on the TPS. People that helped construct the build are: Azeur, Shei_Bi, CallMe0n, frisout, and , miaoler who mined nearly all 25 000 obsidian required for the gold farm.

A gif of the GOLDCORP Megafactory being constructed (click to open)
The second apartment building built in Aurum City (left), and the first (right)

Second Apartment Building

The second apartment building took 2 months and 22 days to design and build ingame. The materials to construct it were bought with 2 Shulker Boxes of gold blocks, or 31104 gold bars from abamacus. The build was finished on 12/12/2022. People that helped construct the build are: Azeur, miaoler, CallMe0n, ClonLP, cinnamonci, and, SadieSadie.


Aurum City can be accessed via the Pink 2 Nexus Hub. This will take you directly to the gold/EXP grinder.

The boat canals from the Pink 2 Borderlands Nexus were finished on the 11/04/2022 by cinnamonci and Azeur.

The transport tunnel from the FRS was finished on the 4/07/2022 by Shei_Bi and Azeur.

The road from the Pink 2 Borderlands Nexus to Aurum City was finished on the 18/07/2022, shortly before the FRS Station was completed by doublehelix457.

On the 18/07/2022 Aurum City received a Nexus Pad from the Pink 2 Nexus Hub. Other forms of transport are currently planned.


On the 3rd of March, 2022: Azeur decided to start a city after finding a very flat plains biome at X: 16200 Z: 11500. After placing a few hundred torches he decided he didn't like the location and decided to move it. Breaking the torches was boring so a perms sign was left for anyone to claim ownership of them - this area was claimed by txkeykeeper and the United Texas Coalition.

After searching the online map for the largest plains biome he could find the new location was chosen. The first block (an enderchest) was placed on the 5th of March, 2022.

  • 3 March 2022 - Azeur decided to start a futuristic style city.
  • 5 March 2022 - The first block is placed by Azeur.
  • 4 March 2022 - NedHuman joined the city.
  • 5 March 2022 - The name Asinus City was chosen.
  • 13-20 March 2022 - AdoreKitten and cinnamonci joined and made a collection system for mob grinder.
  • 19 March 2022 - Drift_Burger joined and removed almost the entirety of the forest within the claimed area.
  • 4 April 2022 - Drift_Burger was banned from Minecraft Online for griefing the windows of the City Center.
  • 10 April 2022 - EastDakota visited and after a discussion was made co-owner.
  • 11 April 2022 - Shei_Bi joined the city after helping with constructing the city center.
  • 30 April 2022 - miaoler joined the city and mined ~25 000 obsidian for the city's gold farm.
  • 4 May 2022 - Azeur and miaoler started work on a design to house the gold farm.
  • 10 May 2022 - Construction of the gold farm was started. The obsidian was placed within a day. Complications with the gold farm and worries about lag caused it to be disabled for a week until a new mechanism was designed by Azeur. The design was built in-game and became the server's first fully automatic EXP farm, requiring no player interaction whatsoever. The gold farm still keeps the shape of ilmango's design but relies on snowmen and a little redstone to operate, rather than an AFK player.
  • 28 May 2022 - NedHuman was kicked by Azeur after all city members unanimously voted in favour of removing him for repeatedly stealing and breaking the city's rules. He later made multiple attempts to stop the expansion of the city.
  • 29 June 2022 - The design for the city's transport tunnel was completed, the materials were collected, and the construction began. The tunnel uses approximately 270 stacks of gray concrete and 328 stacks of iron worth of cauldrons, not including the other blocks.
  • 29 June 2022 - The city was officially renamed to Aurum City, the previous name was Asinus City.
  • 4 July 2022 - The rail tunnel connecting the city to the FRS was completed.
  • 13 July 2022 - The exterior design for the city's gold farm was completed by Azeur after more than two months.
  • 15 July 2022 - Construction of the gold farm exterior began (later named the GOLDCORP Megafactory)
  • 18 July 2022 - The FRS Station was finished by doublehelix457.
  • 18 July 2022 - Aurum City received a Nexus pad.
  • 12 December 2022 - The second apartment building was completed.
Aurum City Transport Tunnel
Four people using the EXP Grinder at Aurum City
A progress pic of the GOLDCORP Megafactory during construction