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User Txkeykeeper


Known as Texas, tx, txkey, keykeeper
Gender Male
Location 4unto's basement in Texas
Nationality Texan, Texas Czech
DOB 1997-02-4
Occupation Farmer, Businessman
In Freedonia
First joined September 22, 2021 1:35 PM
First building A Cabin East of Xandronia
Staff member Moderator
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Aether
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Who Is Txkeykeeper?

Freedonia may never know...Or maybe they will...from this wiki page....

Basic Info

Txkeykeeper spends most his time building in Dubina, Rio Brazos, Agua Fria or one of the many other United Texas Coalition towns he has a hand in.

Otherwise you might find him making supply runs for UTC annexed towns, helping friends with builds or hiding out on his farm in his town of Silverton.

In April of 2022 Tx was promoted to moderator. He was honored by this and enjoys helping out as staff to keep Freedonia awesome.


  • His first house to the north of Thurston
  • The WIP town of Silverton
  • Txkeykeeper Farms INC
  • Eureka Gold Mining INC
  • A random hunting cabin lost to time in the far north region
  • A house/outpost in El Reino Z
  • A small cabin in Corinth
  • A fishing outpost in Mons Albus
  • A WIP manor in Emberrest
  • A House in Maltapple
  • A House in Eastern Outpost
  • Terraforming, planning, roads and many buildings in Dubina and other United Texas Coalition towns.


Joined MCO after seeing the server mentioned in a FitMC video. After exploring a few other videos about the server, Txkeykeeper bought java for the first time (having previously played for years on console) and decided to check it out for himself. The server proved to be the perfect fit, with the sort of history people often associate with 2b but without the grief. This in mind he was determined to seek out ways to make his mark on MCO, a process which still continues to this day.

Random Facts

200 Hours on 12/12/21

400 Hours 2/15/22 "I REGRET NOTHING"

600 Hours on 4/14/22

1000 Hours on 11/6/22

Leader and one of the founders of Team Texas / United Texas Coalition

General supplier and Sponsor of the Crops & Farmable floor of Emerald mall

Member of the Hed Art Legacy Team

Was often accused of being an alt of 4untochrist in his earlier days on the server.

Can sometimes be found wandering the reaches of the maps aimlessly with Feb1980 ('S true. -Feb.)

Owner/operator of Texas Industries INC. A conglomerate that includes his various enterprises.

Tier IV Knight of the Kingdom of Mons Albus

It used to be joked that he Otherwise, you might find him trapped in 4unto's Basement

Tx has been nominated for the "favorite moderator" category in the MCO awards on a couple occasions. Despite never winning the award itself, he finds it a great honor to have been in the running.


"Txkeykeeper are you a 4unto alt" HZombieMan

"The ultimate procrastinator" Daltalf

"All Texans are 4untochrist" Nikta

"Hoi, capitan!" Feb1980

"Incredibly nice guy with some of the best town management i have ever seen." JimyHendricks

IRL Interests

  • Things with engines, especially old things. (Antique cars, trucks, etc)
  • Historical preservation
  • Music/Playing Guitar/Song Writing
  • Trains
  • Farming/Farming History
  • ATVs. 3 wheelers, etc
  • A small handful of other games: Sim City 4, American Truck Sim, Age of Empires, etc