Central Nexus Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Central Nexus Station
Central Nexus Station (2022).png

Central Nexus Station with the new FRS stations design

Owner Freedonia Railway System
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?hjk321&16.png hjk321, getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath, getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28
Station Code CentralNexus
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-1841
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Central Nexus Station is Branch Railway Station on the Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line near the Central Nexus Hub

Station Structure

The station was the first station build with the new getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath's FRS stations and railways design. So the station was built in a outdoor place place with concrete and andesite blocks

The station is connected to the main line with a Cart Lift system


Services available in the Central Nexus station:

  • Direct access to the Central Nexus Hub and to the Pigchinko Arenas warp hub
  • Nether Portal near the station
  • Automatic Cart Dispenser (With Cart Launch and CartEject devices)
  • Information on the needed ticket item for traveling (but no ticket services)
  • Dropped Minecart Vaccum (for returning purpoises)
  • Lift to the Anubis Highway on the railway platform
Next Stations from Central Nexus
FRS Great Northern Line
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Terminal Station Terminal Station Next (East): ICBM Silo Branch To: ICBM Silo

(Under Construction)

The ICBM Silo Branch is an unofficial branch connected to the FRS Network, it can be reach with the command /st ICBMSilo from the Central Nexus Station but his maintenance are not assured, use at your own risks!