Riot's House

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green_houses.png Riot's House
2014-11-23 22.06.57.png
Owner SlowRiot
Category Houses
Underground? No
Public? No
Started 23 June 2011
Completed 23 June 2011
Size north to south 20m
Size west to east 20m
Height 10m
Coordinates X=-123
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Spawn
Map link

It's a house built by Riot. What else could it be?


Often cited as one of if not the oldest build on the server, Riot's house is a timeless addition by the second player to ever crawl out of the Spawn lake. The home of the server owner already comes with a guaranteed legacy. It is added to by its quality for a build from its time, and constant lack of grief.


Riot's house is sat atop the cliff over the Visitor Centre. It features a large window that looks out over spawn, despite being partly obscured by the Spawn cactus and the Grief Reed. Entry is connected to a road on the clifftop, as well as the nearby raised walkway. It is common for many players to accidentally stumble upon it, and is easily seen from a distance.

Invitees Only

Aforementioned, Riot's home is rarely if ever griefed, and this is because of its unique protection system. Non-donor player's can not physically enter the building. A barrier pushes them out, only allowing the "upper class" players in. Most visitors never get to see the inside, adding to the build's eluding nature. However, as of March 2020, it is possible to enter through the wooden door on the other side of the build, regardless if you are a donor or not.