Fellowship of Cake United (FoCU)

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Organisations Fellowship of Cake United
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The giant cake

Leadership getplayerhead.sh?shypixel&16.png shypixel
Headquarters Giant Cake
Public? No
Status Inactive

The cake seen from the water

The Fellowship of Cake United (FoCU) is a white-hat organization of moderators, admins, and donors dedicated to mining, harvesting, building projects and otherwise contributing to the server. The group was first suggested by getplayerhead.sh?shypixel&16.png shypixel who organized its formation and the name was suggested by getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath. There is speculation that an affiliate group, dubbed the Lil' FoCU'rs will be formed to accommodate those without access to the Donor's Lounge; the current location of the group's sign-up board.

Rules and Requirements of Entry

  • FoCU is limited to moderators, admins, and donors to ensure only those with high investment in the server are allowed in the group.
  • The organization is specifically white-hat and thievery, looting, and griefing are not permitted.
  • Members of the group are tasked with helping fellow members.

Current and Completed Projects

  • Giant Cake
  • Zelda Map - See Giant Cake for location info or /st ZeldaMap on Lava Town Line for access.

Current FoCU'rs