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The Freedonia Uniform Sign System (FUSS) is a large-scale infrastructure project proposed by BillionPenny483 on June 30, 2019.

This wiki article is, at present, a place for all information and questions about the FUSS. Please use the talk page to ask questions or suggest things, or contact BillionPenny483 directly through the information on the talk page.

The FUSS project is currently being implemented on all roads maintained by the Freedonia Road Co.. This page exists to share information about the project so players can implement it on their roads.

The page will be updated regularly in order to show new information about the project when it comes to hand.

Even though the modifications to builds through this project is minor, permission is still required from all players who have built roads in Freedonia. The reason for this is explained below.

Also note that the contents box below does not provide proper numbering for sections so it is best to follow along in the text rather than navigating via the contents box.

All standards and sign layouts are documented on the project's Google Doc. Route numbers and their information are documented on the project's Google Sheet.

Project Summary

The FUSS project aims to provide a comprehensive signage system that is uniform across Freedonia. This will encompass as many highways, roads and paths as possible. The number of roads covered by the FUSS will largely depend on how many players give permission for the project to go ahead.

At this time (6/30/2019) the goal is to get permission from the builders of the arterial roads radiating from spawn, as well as other large elevated highways.

Put simply, the goal of the project is to post signs at virtually every intersection of roads, showing destinations in their respective directions based on the MCO map. As part of the FUSS, all major arterials will get a route number, through a system explained later in this article.

The Forbidden Outpost Highway (from Underworld to Forbidden Outpost) has a good example of what the FUSS may look like, although the FUSS will likely not use archways, but rather road-side freestanding sign blocks.


June 30, 2019: BillionPenny483 proposes the project in the server chat. This wiki page is created.

July 2, 2019: Permission is granted from hjk321 for signs to be built at the staircase near the Central Nexus here.

July 2, 2019: Signage is proposed for the Great Northwestern Highway to bloo_noodle on the Freedonia Road Co. Discord.

September 27, 2019: It is learned that all Freedonia Railway System-built roads are public. Anna_28 grants permission for BillionPenny483 to place signs along all FRS-owned roads.

October 1st, 2019: A numbering system is devised and planned for. The first highways in the west of the map are numbered in-game on the ForbiddenOutpost Highway.

Route Numbers

All directions are the new directions -- the cardinals from after Minecraft swapped the directions around.





Great Road West


  • Underworld Highway (Spawn to Underworld)
    • Interchanges and intersections (starting from westernmost point):
      • Intersection with GRs NORTH and SOUTH and the stairs down to spawn.
      • Spawn farms
      • GR WEST alternative route
      • Castle Noob
      • Clubhouse / W1 Connector
      • W1 (AmpCity Highway)
      • Intersection with W1 NW, GRW Alt Rt., W1 SE (DrumCity Highway), W2 (Central Highway), and ForbiddenOutpost Highway (also GR WEST) at the Underworld Loop (L1)
  • ForbiddenOutpost Highway (Underworld to ForbiddenOutpost)
  • A stretch of the AmpCity Loop (from ForbiddenOutpost to the turn-off for Floatania)
  • Floatania Highway (from AmpCity Loop to Floatania)
Minor Routes