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This page is a guide on building railways, if you want a list of railways head to the Railways wiki page.

Planning, Construction, and Operation: A guide in railway making


The first step in making your railway is planning. This stage when done properly will save you time in the future when it comes to construction. Firstly, you want to know where point A & B are on your railway, where's it going and where it'll stop. Who's bases and towns are in the way? When you have an idea of where you are going follow the rough route you want to take a note any builds you encounter, this is important in the next step. Do you want a sky railway or ground based line? Craftbook, redstone, or manual station operations? These are all things to think about while planning and discussing with other people working on or who will be connected to your railway line.

A good tool to use while planning is the world map, your second step should be to look around on it at where your lines stops are at. Followed by what is in the way of the your line, and how can you avoid it? Below is three examples of an imaginary railway that connects point A and point B; followed by three descriptions of each railway plan.


  • Left/Red: Terrible railway planning, that just cuts right through a large build with no care for where it goes. Could very well get you banned for addition grief.
  • Centre/Yellow: Decent railway planning, you go around the build. But have you asked the build owner if they want a station? This is a rather big line, maybe contact the owner of this place.
  • Right/Green: Good railway planning, you contacted the owner of the build in the way of point A and B, and he agreed to have a station made in his build. Its an efficient line and everybody is happy in the end.

When your rough route is planned out you can move to the next stage, on-ground surveying and build/land permissions.

Not griefing & getting land perms


So you go check out the routes location there's a building or two in the way. You don't know who made them so lets look at the some of the options you have regarding them.

  • 1) Reroute the track plans to go around the building. This is the easiest thing to do, make sure your railway is a far enough distance away that it won't really effect them so it's not considered grief. Try to contact the owner if possible (view other option for how to do that) and ask around if anyone knows them.
  • 2) If you cannot reroute the plans for whatever reason you must find the builds owner and get permissions. There's a few great commands and methods to doing that listed below:
Command Command function
/wholiveshere Shows the player homes within a 50m radius.
/nearestplace Shows the nearest place with a map link or wiki page.
/nearestplayer Shows the nearest player to use, sometimes they may know who built what.
/mail (player-name) (message) If a player dosent have discord but you need to talk to them you may be able to contact them via /mail.
/banwhy (player-name) Shows why a player has been banned.
/lastseen (player-name) Shows when a player was last online.
/timeplayed (player-name) Shows the players online time.

If none of these commands work you will need to contact an admin to find out who built something. If a player turns out to be banned depending on the reason there's a good chance you won't be able to contact them. Even with banned players, take caution, /mail them and leave a sign with your contact information on it. Make sure to also leave signs giving options like adding a station or rerouting the line. Make sure your railway is still out of the way and prepare for someone to ask you to move it.

If you don't ask for permissions you could end up like getplayerhead.sh?George_Mann&16.png George_Mann who got overzealous while building highways and cut through multiple peoples builds. George was banned in August 2023 for Grief.


Note: People don't normally like sky railways and really absurdly large sky highways, so talk to local build owners before you start building to minimize drama.

Railway Types

Theres three common types of railways you can build with their own pros and cons.

  • Skyroad/SkyTrain

The sky road style railways, these railways are the most visible and most efficient to build. They float upwards of 100m above ground level and are cheap to build and provide fast and direct service. Skytrains are also eyesores, people do complain about them so they're not very popular with a lot of players if you ask around. This is the main type of rail used by the Freedonia Railway System

  • Ground Rail

Ground rail is a type of railway thats on or close to the ground. These railways are difficult to build and require lots of materials. They weave around terrain a bit and provide a very scenic ride. These are closely related to the railways you see in real life. Groups like the Spawn Continental Railway and the defunct Oaktown - AnnaHeim railway use ground railways.

  • Subways

Subways are common in urban areas. A subway will be underground and hidden from the general public. This type of rail also takes a long time to build, being almost entirely underground a subway requires a lot of digging, so prepare to spend a lot of diamonds on tools.

Track Gauge(s)

Railway track gauges are different across many railways. The gauge is the measurement between powered and regular rails. For Example, the FRS uses 9:3 gauge track while the SCR uses 10:2 gauge. So for the FRS 3 powered rails for every 9 regular rails, while the SCR uses 2 powered rails for every 10 regular rails. Rail gauges differ between the many rail companies on the server. There's also the lesser known but somewhat common 1:1:1:20 gauge which uses 2 detector rails, 1 powered, and 20 regular rails. For beginner railways a more commonly seen gauge is 1:x which is a single track gauge that varies in length but uses a single powered rail for most areas. Below, is a chart of the gauges.

Gauge Detector Rails Powered Rails Normal Rails
3:9 0 3 9
2:10 0 2 10
1:1:1:20 2 1 20
1:6 0 1 6
1:x ~0 (number varies) ~1 # (number varies)
3:8 0 3 8

Craftbook, and Vanilla railways

There are two main types of railways, craftbook which sometimes utilizes commands to operate, and vanilla which requires no command input.

Vanilla Railways

Vanillia Railways utilize rail blocks and their redstone functions to move players around. Below is a list of blocks and functions.

  • Examples

Redstone Railway.png


Craftbook railways are the most common in Freedonia, railways such as the Marques Railway, Pheonix Isle Subway, and FRS use craftbook. The primarily use of Craftbook is to make stations, launchers, and cart launchers. These use a mix of different wool blocks and obsidian with signs below them. Craftbook has a learning curve, however there are multiple examples across the server. See: CartCraft, Craftbook Museum, Craftbook.

  • Editors Note: The craftbook museum is incredibly useful for learning rail craftbook, there's examples in the back of the museum and minecarts are provided. If you need any assistance or are unsure ask one of the many railway builders on MCO.

Wiki Additions

Making a page for your line

You can make a page for your railway line or organization using either the Organizations Template or Infrastructure Template.

MCO Livemap

Inorder to add your railway to the live map you must add the lines data. You can do this with the following template either manually while manually writing down coords when riding your route or via a macro command. You can find a tutorial and template linked down below.