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nexus_cities.png Kanal Town
KanalTown2024Tumbnail copy.jpg

Kanal Town in 2024, picture by getplayerhead.sh?HyperDray&16.png HyperDray.

Founder getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?KomodoDragon108&16.png KomodoDragon108 getplayerhead.sh?slicedtomato&16.png slicedtomato getplayerhead.sh?CarCrasher13&16.png CarCrasher13 getplayerhead.sh?HyperDray&16.png HyperDray
Category Cities
Underground? partly
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-9255
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Kanal Town is a city in western Freedonia, in the Great Lakes Province. It was founded by getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter in April 2017. It currently is the one of the oldest active cities on the server.


Basic History

Kanal Town is a town started in 2017 by SiOtter. Its a longstanding city that has been consistently active since its founding. The city has a few things to do ranging from public farms, tourism, and administrative centres. The city has grown substantially since 2017 and now has over 100 members and over 30 residents with 10 of whom are active.

Visiting - Things to know


If you are shopping in Kanal expect to see stores using Gold Ore. Since 2018 this has been the standard currency for small trades in the city. There are multiple currency exchanges within the city limits that allow you to switch between diamonds and gold ore.


There's multiple ways to get into Kanal Town, they are all listed below.

  • Kanal Town is accessible via the Great Lakes - 1 Highway (GL-1) both east and westbound from Annaheim and the Blue-2 Nexus.
  • You can also boat to Kanal from spawn by following the Slowriot route, New Venice route, Snow Golem Route, and Mushiana Winter Route to the Oak Route into the city centre.
  • Kanal Town can be reached via the Nexus at the Nexus Blue 2 Hub, it's the second platform on the left.
  • The SCR Great Lakes Line is another way to access the town, you can get into the town via going to Maywell Village, then Oak Town and taking the train into the city.

Public Transport

There are multiple public transport methods within Kanal Town which can make it easier to navigate this old city. The most popular of which is the local railway system (town subway).

  • Boats - The town has multiple docks with chests full of boats, this is the fastest way to move around the town normally.
  • Kanal Town Subway - the local subway network.
  • Spawn Continental Railway - Another local railway that goes to the cities suburbs.
  • Walking - Just wandering about on foot.

Specific Buildings List




Various player made houses.



Town Administration

Kanal Town Rules

1) No Griefing

2) No Harassment

3) No pvp without consent

4) No leaving builds unfinished


The Kanal Town rules are enforced by Town Staff (above) and by FPKA Officers. When someone is breaking a rule, particularly a pvp rule contact an FPKA officer or Kanal Staff member. If any building or harassment rules are being broken contact a regular Town Staff. The Kanal Town Police Department also patrols the streets enforcing the rules.

Members & Residents

People who have joined Kanal are fit into two categories, members and residents. Members have joined the town but spend little to no time building there after one or two builds. Residents are people who build and live in Kanal nearly full time. Kanal Town residents are given a Passport under the ƒ (ƒederation passport service, also known as "Permanent residency cards") which allows them to build in affiliated & neighbouring towns like Chilliwack that also accept the passports. If a player owns a shop in Kanal they're automatically given resident status.

This is something the town has practiced since June 2018. Passports also serve administrational purposes in keeping track of the number of permanent residents in Kanal Town, which somehow has never dropped below 2. Valid passports have tags signed by either getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter or getplayerhead.sh?Hyperdray&16.png Hyperdray.

Current number of residents: 7(+/-3)

List of Kanal Town Staff

The town staff in Kanal Town can invite/kick people from town and enforce the rules within town. And the town mayor can promote town staff while also preforming the duties of the town staff and helpers. Town staff & the mayor operate underneath the towns owners. Below town staff are the helpers who will help town staff with any given tasks. Town staff and helpers can be voted by the community or appointed by one of the two owners of Kanal Town, currently the one criteria for town staff is having resident status.

SiOtter and HyperDray both own 50% of Kanal Town. SiOtter gets priority though due to being the original builder in town. Unless SiOtter has a really dumb idea that Hyper must say no to.

List of FPKA officers in Kanal

List Of Kanal Town Members & Residents

  • Note: The following list is not in order of town join date.

Last updated 7/5/2024

Rule breakers watchlist

  • These players are not outright banned from the town, but are not overly welcome and will have a more difficult time joining town in the future.


Kanal Town Timeline copy.jpg


welcome to depressingville xD -getplayerhead.sh?SnapJaw&16.png SnapJaw

Kanal Town found its start when getplayerhead.sh?SnapJaw&16.png SnapJaw first asked the admin getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246 to be teleported to the "edge of the map" on April 16th 2017, which put him on a hill in west Freedonia (near the edge of the spawn continent/disk). On this hill he built a small cabin with a canal, which would be the foundations of the town. Some time later, in May of 2018, SnapJaw invited getplayerhead.sh?Komododragon108&16.png Komododragon108 to visit the budding settlement, who then claimed a nearby mountain, naming it Mount Rifty. getplayerhead.sh?Psychicwinter&16.png Psychicwinter was known to also have contributed in Kanal Town's early days.


im dicedtomatos alt so i have the right!! -getplayerhead.sh?dicedgarlic&16.png dicedgarlic

Later in 2018, getplayerhead.sh?DicedTomato&16.png DicedTomato became the third member of the town, which in turn inspired Snapjaw to invite getplayerhead.sh?SleeplessTheCat&16.png SleeplessTheCat, his friend from a factions server. DicedTomato worked on the town on an alt account, causing a ruckus in chat when getplayerhead.sh?AlphaAlex115&16.png AlphaAlex115 and getplayerhead.sh?mk59apr&16.png mk59apr came to investigate.

Mount Dernal

time too finish mount dernal -getplayerhead.sh?SnapJaw&16.png SnapJaw

Around this time, Snapjaw began work on Mount Dernal, although he encountered difficulties gathering enough resources and willpower to complete it. With the help of getplayerhead.sh?mk59apr&16.png mk59apr and getplayerhead.sh?Slime_Tiger&16.png Slime_Tiger, it was eventually completed.


i think i broke a torch sorry -getplayerhead.sh?Hatoshi&16.png Hatoshi

One day in September, a user named getplayerhead.sh?Hatoshi&16.png Hatoshi asked to come to Kanal Town, but began to repeatedly kill SnapJaw and steal from chests. Eventually, he stomped the towns crops and left. He would later grief Kanal Town more thoroughly, which would eventually lead to his ban.

New Kanal

so why is it called new kanal town what happened to the old one -getplayerhead.sh?doodlebird&16.png doodlebird

After the ban of Hatoshi, Snapjaw and DicedTomato would begin a rapid expansion of the town, building several docks and new buildings away from the main Kanal Town. An apparent desire for a fresh slate led SnapJaw to declare the newly built portions "New Kanal Town," walling up the oldest builds and turning them into a monument.

Serrano07 and Speedpocok

i hate snapjaw. snapjaw evacuated me -getplayerhead.sh?SpeedPocok5&16.png SpeedPocok5

A user by the name of getplayerhead.sh?Serrano07&16.png Serrano07 came to the town one day and killed everyone there. He would frequently visit, often killing SnapJaw.

Speedpocok was a new user, invited to join Kanal Town by DicedTomato. After a series of misunderstandings, Speedpocok was evicted from Kanal Town and killed by SnapJaw. Angered by this, Speedpocok would go on to grief Kanal Town before being caught by getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28.

Snapjaw and other town residents would be forever resentful of Serrano, and were often caught up in the drama surrounding him.

Partial Decay

Kanal Town is dead -getplayerhead.sh?SleeplessTheCat&16.png SleeplessTheCat

Around October, many members left the town, with SnapJaw declaring the town closed. None of the users with perms built anything new, and whatever new visitors the town had were wandering explorers and looters. Snapjaw would later be banned for the grief of getplayerhead.sh?NekoFlen&16.png NekoFlen's house. His ban appeal would be rejected on December 10th, 2018, leaving the town's future uncertain. SnapJaw gave ownership of Kanal Town to getplayerhead.sh?SleeplessTheCat&16.png SleeplessTheCat and mayoral duties to getplayerhead.sh?Scarclaw72&16.png Scarclaw72 until he would return. During the year 2019 Kanal Town had a storage facility made in the industrial district for town members to put their "junk" items in. In May 2020 following his return, SnappyJaw_ was given ownership of Kanal Town again.


the short revival that kanal town had was fun -getplayerhead.sh?ElFrooosk&16.png ElFrooosk

On the 18th of May, 2020, SnapJaw appealed again, with a vouch from getplayerhead.sh?NevadaDream&16.png NevadaDream and a community service sentence. Kanal Town would briefly enter the Bedrocco Empire to help revitalize it. Old and New Kanal were also rejoined during this time. As people began contributing again, SnapJaw requested a Nexus link, which was approved by getplayerhead.sh?Stromhurst&16.png Stromhurst and a link was added by getplayerhead.sh?jimmyd93&16.png jimmyd93. A little later, on May 23rd, 2020, the residents of Kanal Town voted on leaving Bedrocco, making it independent once more. However, SnapJaw would quickly sink into inactivity once more, making Kanal Towns revival very brief. It would have 2 permeant active residents living in the town until early 2022 when one of them would quit.

Ghost Town

Oh and I remember the void body pillow in Kanal Town, we do not talk about that. -getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter

In 2021 Kanal Town was managed by getplayerhead.sh?SleeplessTheCat&16.png SleeplessTheCat. A few residents lived in town at this time, it was definitely the lowest point in town history. When these residents finally all moved out in 2022 Sleepless and SiOtter got back into proper contact and Sleepless's 50% town ownership was given back to SiOtter.


Anal Town -getplayerhead.sh?Luigifan100&16.png Luigifan100

During 2022 SnapJaw made a couple of appearances to clean up addition grief in Kanal Town. Later in 2023, SnapJaw started to play MCO again, under the new username getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter. Kanal Town opened its own museum, and it joined the Newport Empire. On May 29, 2023, it also joined the New United States as its third state. On August 4th 2023 it was voted that Kanal Town would leave both the New United States and Newport Empire. This resulted in a mysterious man who watched the vote take place kill getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter the next day.

A time of policy changes and... pvp?

SiOtter placed end crystal traps all around kanal town to win -getplayerhead.sh?NedHuman&16.png NedHuman

Kanal Town would be the first town in to open a currency exchange in 2023 under the management of Freedonia Bankers Institution. This exchange expanded trading options within the town allowing for more diverse prices to be set within town. As a result of getplayerhead.sh?NedHuman&16.png NedHuman (unsuccessfully) headhunting town residents, the users getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter, getplayerhead.sh?Acesrt&16.png Acesrt, and getplayerhead.sh?Outboardbag&16.png Outboardbag set the town up for Crystal PVP which scared ned off. The town saw exceptional growth June 2023 - present with an average of 4 new players a month. On September 19th 2023 the Great Lakes & Kanal Town Museum turned 5 years old. The town also saw the addition of the "No unfinished builds" rule to combat and begin removing incomplete builds after 3 months of inactivity.

Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, and true cityhood

why these [Censored] don't even know how to grife -getplayerhead.sh?LordFollower&16.png LordFollower

Kanal Town would be griefed for a 3rd time at the end of September 2023, it was without a nexus connection for one day. Kanals expansion would see some changes need to be made ontop of the bandaid fixed being done on occasion. This was done with the construction of Kanal Tower, a new administrational building and archive for the town. Kanal Tower is the towns first high-rise (skyscraper). The town also incorporated the neighbouring communities of Maple Ridge and Chilliwack into the city management structure. During October the city would reach 10 residents when getplayerhead.sh?IsuxzYT&16.png IsuxzYT and getplayerhead.sh?mirko93s&16.png mirko93s joined the town. Mirko built a the city a sheep farm. The SCR would also open its Kanal Town connection on the Great Lakes Railway Line around the same time. Kanal Town was now connected to both its suburbs (Maple Ridge & Chilliwack) directly. getplayerhead.sh?CarCrasher13&16.png CarCrasher13 also built a giant arena in the north of town which getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter helped modify for CrystalPVP and spleef use.

Promotions, Christmas, going into 2024

Found him in a cell under Kanal Town :) -getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath

Winter 2023 opened with the start of the Kanal Town Christmas Celebration, followed by getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter making a bookstore to sell books at and getplayerhead.sh?CarCrasher13&16.png CarCrasher13 building a cafe below it. On December 11th 2023 Kanal Town got its very own hospital and a shinto shrine; both on the towns southern side. getplayerhead.sh?HyperDray&16.png HyperDray the co-owner of Kanal Town made a rare visit to Freedonia to help check in on town and to approve getplayerhead.sh?CarCrasher13&16.png CarCrasher13s promotion to deputy mayor. getplayerhead.sh?cozmicdudes22&16.png cozmicdudes22 attacked getplayerhead.sh?CarCrasher13&16.png CarCrasher13 after being killed by getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter in a duel resulting in CarCrashers death, followed by OutBoardBag killing SiOtter due to a miscommunication. The town had its second mall open with Little Ore Plaza being expanded into two towers.

Triple Digits & Drama

Time to do a boat purge on kanal town : -getplayerhead.sh?CarCrasher13&16.png CarCrasher13

getplayerhead.sh?_Daata&16.png _Daata and getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter begin to make the Kanal Town Golf Course and plan to host a tournament at it. The Empresses Tomb dungeon would open for occasional playtesting in February 2024. The town would have a members census done to find that there were 95 people who are Kanal Town members. The town subway would officially finish its first phase in February with a direct rail connection into Dernal National Park. SiOtter would reach out to getplayerhead.sh?CaptainIceman&16.png CaptainIceman about the city joining the United Mistralian Federation (now known as the Freedonian Commonwealth) to help repopulate the Spawn Continent. getplayerhead.sh?Faraday1056&16.png Faraday1056 becomes the 100th player to join Kanal Town! For the first time since 2018 a Kanal Town member was evicted and lost permissions to the build. getplayerhead.sh?RileyManMassey&16.png RileyManMassey would make an embassy for The Citadel in Kanal Town in mid march 2024.

More Changes as Kanal Turns 7 (spring 2024)

Kanal Days 2024 would start in the spring as an event to celebrate Kanal Towns 7th birthday. The Kanal Town Subway' Crasher Line would also be completed by getplayerhead.sh?BomBardyGamer&16.png BomBardyGamer. getplayerhead.sh?HyperDray&16.png HyperDray would also host a 1 and a half hour long game of tag for town residents in April 2024. getplayerhead.sh?SiOtter&16.png SiOtter stepped back from his super active role in the city in the spring to pursue other builds. getplayerhead.sh?CarCrasher13&16.png CarCrasher13 became the cities first new mayor in 4 years.