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green_monuments.png Old Kanal Town
First Kanal Town screenshot.png

A screenshot of Kanal Town

Founder getplayerhead.sh?SnapJaw&16.png SnapJaw/Dernal
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?KomodoDragon108&16.png KomodoDragon108 getplayerhead.sh?slicedtomato&16.png slicedtomato
Category Monuments
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes, at (Blue 2) Cobble path
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes, dock at the nexus (Blue 2)
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-9416
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Kanal town is a town created in late 2017 by Dernal/getplayerhead.sh?SnapJaw&16.png SnapJaw that has many features, most notably the canal it is named after. Kanal town has a canal next to it with a boat track to the nexus, also a road to the nexus. The towns most beutifull attraction is the Mt Dernal NP Built by getplayerhead.sh?SnapJaw&16.png SnapJaw herself. The town was moved to New Kanal Town and the old town is being set as a monument, the town rejoined the main part of Kanal in 2020

History and facts

  • PsychicWinter was the first play to claim a random house and help.
  • Dernal founded it since no one liked her idea of an overhead waterway, so she rebelled and made this!
  • KomodoDragon108 claimed a mountain nearby and named it Mt.Rfty in the name of an old friend
  • KomodoDragon108 claimed a lake and called it Overlook Lake.
  • getplayerhead.sh?SnapJaw&16.png SnapJaw abandoned the town to start New Kanal Town on 25/9/18
  • Old Kanal Town reopened in 2020 and was absorbed back into Kanal Town once again becoming apart of the town

Visitors Center

When you reach Kanal Town, the first thing you will see is a Arch, This is the start of Main St, if you go straight, you will see the visitors Center.

The visitors Centre

Services & Shops


getplayerhead.sh?slicedtomato&16.png slicedtomato's Road Building Company Tomato-made Roads LCC INC

The Mountains


getplayerhead.sh?SnapJaw&16.png SnapJaw/Dernal's Die Cafe Dern - A Cafe

Road Names in Kanal Town

  • Main St The Main Street, leads to museum/visitor centre

  • Kanal Rd The Kanal Road, the road that goes up! To the 01-10 houses and community chest and mining, also you will see the enterance of the Kanal that will soon lead to the nexus.

  • Historic St Historic

  • Hi-storic Ave Historic

  • Historic Blvd Historic

  • Town Rd The town road, leads to and from the entrance

  • Lower Kanal Town This will be the mall like area with a cafe and more!

  • Dernal Rd This is wip!
    Mount Dernal

You will see posts with signs on them.



Resident Bio's


Located at the Museum/Visitor centre!

Nearest Nexus

The nearest nexus is the Blue 2 one! Once you exit the hub, look around to see a cobble stone path, follow that for 1.3k Meters and you will reach Main St, Kanal Town.

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