Lost Pyramid of Machu Picchu

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green_infrastructure.png Lost pyramid of Machu Picchu
2011-07-08 21.44.56.png

Pyramid by night

Owner Freedonia Railway System
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?shypixel&16.png shypixel, getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath, getplayerhead.sh?Lothendal&16.png Lothendal
Category Infrastructure
Underground? partly
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=1872
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

This ancient building serves as a railway station on the track connecting Sigma Castle and nearby settlements to the southern part of the Freedonia Railway System.


While laying the foundations for a railway station next to the Nazca hummingbird, getplayerhead.sh?shypixel&16.png shypixel stumbled over the ruins of an ancient pyramid. Instead of building the new station on it’s top, shypixel, getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath and getplayerhead.sh?Lothendal&16.png Lothendal excavated and restored the mystical structure. They then carefully changed it's interior so it since serves as the Nazca Railway Station.

The exact measurements are unknown due to parts of the pyramid are still covered with layers of sand and soil.

FRS Informations

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