Sand Island Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Sand Island Station
Sand Island Station Outside.png

Outside view of the station

Owner pretzel33
Station Code SandIsland
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=1817
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Sand Island
Map Link

Sand Island Station is an Railway Station located on the FRS Lava Town Line built by pretzel33 in Sand Island

Station Structure

The station was built on the ground level directly inside an appartement building, so the platform is directly placed next the German_Dwelller's appartement

The station use an unusually left hand traffic on his branch to the station, so the incoming track is placed on the left, and outcoming track is on the right, even if on the FRS system that is the opposite

the station didn't have any facilities on the arrivals track, but the departure track is equipped with CartEject (for users coming the Sand Island Railway (see category below) and CartLaunch for user who want use the Freedonia Railway System

Sand Island Railway

On the Eastbound of the station, the railway continue through the city in a tunnel, then on the ground level, this line link several islands before arrive near the Sono's home at the North

This railway line have several leapfrog structure for switching the traffic direction, so some section are on a left handed system, and other are on a right hand system because membres who have participated to this project are not area with each other



List of services available at Sand Island Station:

  • information signs near the station
  • Departure of a local railway working as a trolley system in the city
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