Teleport Trails

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<location> / <player>'s Teleport
Teleport trail.png
Block ID 368
Obtainable Yes
Craftable No
First seen 3 April 2021
Limited? Yes

Teleport Trails are the remain of players teleporting to home, warps or aliases. Trails will not appear when teleported for interrogation, teleported via /summon, or using quick movement commands like /ascend or /jumpto (/goto excluded). With the MinecraftOnline Resource Pack, depending on the type of teleportation and destinations, custom icons will apply to each trails. The item can be used as a regular ender pearl used in vanilla Minecraft.

If the pack is applied, trails will show like this: Screenshot 2022-01-16 140117.png

Trails feature was added prior to the 1.12.2 server update on 3 April 2021. During the first two weeks or so, trails had white colour as a item name, but was later recoloured to purple or red. It floats around at where the player warped at, and stays until when either the player picks it up, or despawn after 1 minute. Players can also use /follow to use the trail directly to teleport to the destination, though will break apart if it is private or your own trails. If a player wishes not to leave trails behind, /trails disable will stop it from spawning. To restart trails, run /trails enable.

Some players keep trails as a sort of valuables, and trails are one of the Collectible Items of MCO. Each types of trails are listed in the chart below.

Types of Teleport Trails
Spawn trails Location warp trails Batugus Builds Player teleport trails
/spawn, /warp spawn, /goto spawn
Old version of trail name
/warp, /goto, /tpto <public alias>
/warp Farm
/goto Batugus, Batugus Labs, The Iron Reef, Winterthorn, Phoenix Isles
/home, /tpto
/home used by rhyzofan


  • Real description of any player teleport trail is: