Sand Island

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nexus_towns.png Sand Island
Founder pretzel33
Contributors HY_Turkic, glasswatt, missingcupid, and several others
Category Towns
Underground? Partially
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=1827
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Sand Island is a small city located near NewAtlanta and Nexus East (Orange) 2. It is ruled by 3 people; pretzel33, missingcupid and HY_Turkic. The State is connected by the Lavatown rail line of the Freedonia Railway System, as well as the Freedonian Boat Routes.

It has a Nexus link that connects to East (Orange) Hub 2.


The flag of Sand Island.

Sand Island once only consisted of its namesake, Sand Island. Pretzel built a small station and that's about it. It was later when HY bought his place, and renamed it Sand Island. HY built a New Northwest Verico-style bridge to one of his apartments. Nothing really happened, until unrest was growing until HY and Beeraeka gave independence to Sand Island as an independent oligarchy. This town was founded in September, three days after Pretzel first came to Freedonia. It was originally founded as a base for Pretzel, which then grew into a village.

Living Here

The first thing you should do, is contact the mayor, being Pretzel, or one of the town mods, xmaragd or glasswatt, to gain access to an apartment or land plot. You should select an apartment, which mods can hand out. Only Pretzel can hand out land plots, for houses or other reasons, like restaurants or hotels, or anything of the sort. After selecting an apartment or land plot, please have a resident add you to the town discord, which is below. Then you are a part of Sand Island. A few things to note as a resident, we currently need sandstone and glass for our apartment building, we have supplies, but not as much as we need. If you have any extra, please contribute to the town. Also, we have a public mine and farm, located the old apartments, use them as necessary. All tools and materials, can be found in the house of missingcupid which is located across from the new apartments. All materials may be used at your discretion. Lastly, if you need tools, or armor, or rarer blocks, please ask Pretzel. He might have them in his chests, along with lots of redstone. Thank you, and we hope to see you at the Island soon. The current idea of Sand Island, is to help our residents get 20 hours, and move to New Eden, which is suggested for others, as Pretzel is a citizen of New Eden as well. ON the idea of other towns, several towns are getting embassies in Sand Island, notably Crown's Landing and New Eden.


Sand Island was first found by Pretzel on either the 14th or 15th of September. He built a base on a little island, which then became an FRS station. For a few months, it stayed confined to the same island until HY_Turkic came and offered him a position as governor at Takadokia. Pretzel then asked HY if he could join his federation. HY gave Sand Island the status of an "autonomous exclave", since it was too far for HY to govern fully. The next few months were not really full of anything for SI, but HY and Pretz started to argue about SI's situation. So, not wanting to argue more, HY gave full independence from his nation. In the next few months, SI grew and grew in size and in population, eventually having 50 residents, but he and HY continued to fight for residents. When Pretzel went to war in another server, HY took the Pretzidency and did absolutely nothing, other then combining Takadokia and SI briefly into a commonwealth. When Pretzel came back, Sand Island was stagnant. They combined to make the United Bedrocco States but then it was dissolved. The United Bedrocco States later joined the United States of Freedonia.

Town Gallery


Below is a gallery of screenshots taken in Sand Island by Yufukuai.