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nexus_cities.png Crown's Landing

Map view of the city

Founder Vryam, Imperial_Crise
Contributors KingGAMER505, Le_Lorrain, Raflamar
Category Cities
Underground? Under Construction
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 4000m
Size west to east 4000m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=6163
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Crown's Landing is an independent city, with its own political system and international relations. The city is ruled by its two founders, Vryam and Imperial_Crise, with the assistance of the Crown's Council. The city is aiming to spread and welcomes new inhabitants, whom may be attributed plots by Members of the Crown's Council or the founders after an initial screening. The building quality is enforced to a reasonable level within the city, and there are minimum requirements for building.

Despite being a relatively new city, Crown's Landing has frequently been among the most active locations in Freedonia, and enjoys regular surges in popularity as it remained an active and growing city for more than a year. We try to offer as much as possible to our residents through public infrastructure and frequent events. Our aim is to create a true community and to thrive together.

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Flag of Crown's Landing, designed by Wolf_War

Location and Districts

Crown's Landing is located in the Southeastern part of the map, relatively far from spawn. It is one of the biggest cities in the area and acts as a nexus hub for many nearby settlements. The nearest warp to Crown's Landing is NovumCulta.

The city itself is split into multiple districts: Old Crown's Landing, West Bank, The Guillotine District, Castle District and Nova Cartago. Some districts are still completely managed by the Crown's Council while others have their own municipalities. Here is a map of the districts: CLMAP.png

Old Crown's Landing

Old Crown's Landing is the oldest district in Crown's Landing and constitutes the first area ever built in the city. Most of the district was built in early 2019 and the area has been relatively stagnant ever since. It does have a certain historic value and plots are very hard to obtain in this area. The founders of the city have their primary residences in this district, and you will also find the homes of many older residents who are now part of the Crown's Council.

West Bank

The West Bank is located at the other side of the main river that crosses Crown's Landing. While you will find some older builds in the district, its recent expansion led to many seaside villas to be built in the district, as well as more luxurious homes and hotels. The district is very well located with great views over nearly every other district and the ocean. It is a very residential district with little public builds and landmarks to be found in it.

Castle District

The Castle District is the area between King's Castle and the West Bank. The district does not really follow a specific style as it had to rapidly expand to accommodate wave of new players that came with the the two wave of popularity that city has seen. Castle District is the home of many newer players, with plots being relatively small and dense. It is a great starting area for new residents due to its flexibility when it comes to building style.

Guillotine District

The Guillotine District is the urban centre of Crown's Landing, home to city buildings and skyscrapers. It aims to become the host of multiple business, such as casinos, restaurants and banks and offers affordable rental options for business owners. The district is among the newer areas of the city and is strict in its building style. All the builds have to be pre-approved to fit the landscape. The name of the district was chosen to honour the guillotine that previously existed in the district and that was destroyed. The district was mostly built by Vryam and WolfDogCJC.

Nova Cartago

Nova Cartago is the newest district in Crown's Landing and has mostly been developed independently by its mayor Freskooo. The building style is strictly enforced, with new players not being able to obtain plots but rather being prompted to buy existing property. The district is home to the Crown's Landing station, an award-winning landmark, as well as a Cathedral and the future museum. It is located in the desert area of Crown's Landing.

District staff and residents are encouraged to edit these descriptions to best capture what their districts are like!


There are multiple ways to get to Crown's Landing, the most common are by far the nexus and the nether. Our nexus is located in the Nexus Yellow 2 hub, and our nether ice highway is connected to the NovumCulta nether portal, serving as a secondary way to get to the city is the nexus is ever unavailable.

The Diamond Rules

  1. Do not Grief
  2. PVP without consent is prohibited
  3. Do not build out of your assigned plots
  4. No stealing unless for public chests
  5. Don't kill animas/golems and replant crops

These rules are not exhaustive and you'll have to use your common sense. Please don't do anything that may affect someone else in a negative way. If you have any project or ideas, feel free to contact Vryam and Imperial_Crise via /msg or /mail!

The Diamond Rule Sign (which every resident has read and agreed to follow) also states that the founders have the right to modify any infrastructure in the city and invite/kick residents at their own discretion.

[Important] Every resident in the city (meaning every owner of a plot, apartment, or any land within the/affiliated with the city) has to follow these rules. If the rules are not followed, a trial can be held and may result in punitive measures. Since the rules are not exhaustive, any misbehaviour can be determined as unlawful by an impartial jury. Please note that under extreme circumstances, Crown's Landing has the right to kick a resident definitively and re-attribute his plot/land. This will result in the resident being removed the permission to build in his plot(s) (which are the property of the city, as part of its land). They will typically be given time to collect anything they may need and to clear their plot. Precedent has been set for these powers to be applied with admins agreeing to evictions in the past and recognizing the founders' right to manage builds.


Public Area

Residents (60)

Founders Vryam - The entire city and islands Imperial_Crise - The entire city

Crown's Council Raflamar - Plots: 5 & 666. Head of Plots. Public Builds: SanctaphraxFountain Le_Lorrain - Plot: 11. Head of Public Builds. Public Builds: Lorrain's Park Beeraeka - Plot V03. Diplomatic Team (also moderator) TheDemetri - Plot S01. Diplomatic Team (also admin)

Admins Eclypto18 - Resident in Imperial Apartments

Mods mk59apr - Plot: 8 (the maze) tyhdefu - Public Builds: Port & Unnamed Build (Market?) doublehelix457 - Plot: One of the First Towers WideEyedBass - Plot S05

Contributors KingGAMER505 - (Official title: Lord Hansen of Crown's Landing) Plot: 6. Public Builds: Farm & Twin Towers & King's Castle Altmer934 - Plot: 27. Public Build: The Public Monument

Inhabitants WakePvp - Plot: V02. HQ of FPA vauxhallmadman - Plot: 17 RoyalRoach - Plot: 15. Apartment: Floor 1 Twin Tower (Western) Mystila - Plot: 28. Founder of Acacia Glade TatteredMonk - Plot: 127 Nije6 - Plot: 126 Oxifox3336 - Apartment: Imperials Apartments Floor 3 _BionicBrian_ - Apartment: Imperials Apartments Floor 7 TheGolum - Plot: V05 ryang3344 - Plot: 147 Civilizate - Plot: V04 Gorifel - Plot: V06 Fiiuden - Plot: 156 VonReissfeld - Plot: 24 LtCalBo - Plot: 7 Yeroma - Plot: 2 Kubus_Google - Plot: I01 JackORace - Jack's CL Home (V1) _Puppet_Master - Plot V01 & S04 Bronsa - Plot V01x & Plot #S03 Ruleralex15 - Plot V10 elitestarfox1 - Plot S02 & V13 Carbaradys - Plot V07 YourSelft487 - Plot 3 Flamehaze97 - Plot 4/Cascadia Wood Embassy 1Catnip - Plot 9 Stecklyashka - Plot V08 MisterBean426 - Plot V09 grimpoo - Plot V10 MegaAccount - Plot V11 joplin - Plot V12 Freskooo - El Corte Ingles WolfDogCJC - Guillotine District - Wolf Tower, Wolf Plazza FailGirl - Plot #S03 (shared) Wolf_War -Apartment: Imperials Apartments Floor 4 Maggs_19 -Apartment: Imperials Apartments Floor 4 le_clasheur_123 - Plot #V13 and #V14 dantopps - Plot #NR2 Nije6 - Plot #126 Frederic_Brehain - Crown's Landing fortifications xanderstrike - Xanderstrike's mini-grinder pavillon EastDakota - Guillotine Yellow Tower (tenant) Plexit111 - Guillotine Pink Tower, penthouse (tenant) Egypt95 - Egypt95's residence (granted special asylum) Fire13_ - Plot #NR1 maqui69 - Plot #NR4 and #NR5 MeML - Plot #NR6 iLuvDiamond - Plot #NR7

And maybe you ? :D


Crown's Landing does not function as a democracy. The founders have complete, unconditional and undivided power over the city, but they choose to appoint counsellors to help them, constituting the Crown's Council. The different titles that exist can be summarized as follows:

City Officials

Founder: Complete power over the city, its staff and residents and even its constitution, rules etc., both founders have equal unilateral power, meaning that they do not require consensus to take decisions (but will often chose to consult each other)

Counsellor: The Crown's Council is like the staff of the city. Each counsellor is usually assigned specific tasks and responsibilities with associated rights depending on their area of expertise (eg. head of builds, diplomat). They are often called to vote or discuss important matters. They can be appointed (or fired) by any of the two founders.

Trial Counsellor: Trial Counsellors do not have real powers and are mostly given simple tasks related to the role they are seeking. This is done to evaluate whether they can become competent counsellors. Trial Counsellors can be placed under the direct apprenticeship of an existing counsellor or simply be under the tutelage of the entire Council.

District Mayor: The district mayors are in charge of their district, and have considerable leeway in how they decide to operate the district. They are only chosen if they have significant ties with the district and are highly trusted by the founders as this is a powerful position to be in. Their decisions bypass the Crown's Council when it comes to their district. They are often assisted by district staff within their municipality and can nominate a Deputy Mayor to assist them as well as enlist other residents of the district to help them. (All of the district staff should have ties with the district).

Honorary Titles

Crown's Landing also has some Honorary Titles that can be given to residents who have contibuted significantly to the city. These roles have no official duties but might come with some preferential treatment.

Lord: A Lord of Crown's Landing is directly appointed by one of the founders. This is a very rare distinction that is only given to players who have built numerous monuments in the city, own vast land and have consistently been involved with the city over a long period of time. Lords can modify their titles to become Lords of their specific land or district (eg. Lord Vryam of Castle District). Lords will often be fast-tracked when requesting new plots and getting projects approved.

Lady: Female variation of Lord.

Foreign Officials

Viceroy: A Viceroy is an official who runs a city or settlement in the name of Crown's Landing. The territories they rule are part of Crown's Landing and constitute the Crown's Dominion. They have considerable freedom in how they choose to rule their territory but their allegiance rests with Crown's Landing.

Ambassador: An Ambassador represents Crown's Landing in another city or territory where Crown's Landing has an embassy and diplomatic relations. Ambassadors are chosen based on their ties with the host city and are supervised by the diplomatic team of the Crown's Council.


Crown's Landing has signed The Peace Contract 2017

Crown's Landing is in alliance with:
- NHCity : A big power of Freedonia
- New Eden : Economic alliance with big projects for the future! ;)
- The Republic of Verico : State officials shared between the two cities, Bedrocco embassy in CL

Crown's Landing has diplomatic ties with:
- Phoenix Isles : Crown's Landing embassy under construction in PI

The diplomatic team of the Crown's Council has launched an embassy programme under which cities can apply to obtain a Crown's Landing embassy that follows streamlined guidelines that can be found in this brief: EMBASSY BRIEF



Videos ScarClaw72 featured the city in his 21st episode of Exploring Freedonia, as part of its second season.



Map of CL as of 9 July 2020


The Twin Tower War

On May 4th 2019, A conflict Broke up though The Town, It all Started like This, Vryam was peacefully on the twin towers building finishing the roof of the build, by unknown reasons Vryam started shooting his fellow citizens from down below. RoyalRoach was furious at Vryam for doing this, in result, he started shooting back at Vryam, more and more people started shooting back, over time players like WakePvP, Veroma, and TheGolum. The Player stormed up the ladder to discover it was covered by Lava!, the war began slowly going away and all the players did a sigh of relief... the players put the Event behind them and moved on.

Map Link:

2019-05-19 20.30.05.png

The Bush Competition

On May 17th 2019, Minecraft's 10 year anniversary. Crown's Landing saw the largest amount of players at one time in it's history of being active (6, 7 or 8}. And for a random reason Vryam started a bush competition. Builds: Vryam built a turtle. Raflamar built a skeleton (bad proportions). LudicrousLogan made a long bench thing and a dick. TheGolum made a "Tower Thingy". And others took part as well.

The Bushes were removed by Raflamar on May 22nd.

Map Link to the stretch of road that the constest took place:

2019-05-20 Bush Competition.png

The Battleship Conspiracy

The Great Battleship is one of Imperial_Crise's only and greatest builds.
He built the city with the help of others, but the ship is his own personal project.

The Conspiracy is that it is rumoured that the founder, upon completing his masterpiece, will quit the server. As he let Raflamar of his plans. And after bring up the subject of who will lead the city, Imperial_Crise decided that, upon the ships completion. He would declare an heir out of the members of the Crown's Council: Vryam, Le_Lorrain and Raflamar where the current members at the time. Where he would choose one of them to take his place as Leader of Crown's Landing, alongside Vryam. Nothing else has been confirmed at the moment.

Map Link: