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green_settlements.png The Autonomous State of Åssia

Center spire, south spire and main encampment viewed from mainland

Founder Netrom5
Category Settlements
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-12263
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Autonomous State of Åssia, or Åssia, as it will further be called, was founded in the southwest part of Freedonia by Netrom5. It's goal and purpose is to offer the citizens of Freedonia a safe haven away from griefers, pvp'ers and abusing admins. Åssia is to be the place one is free, in mind and form.


The Beginning

It was during the establishment of Fakestaff HQ and Alkoisland that Netrom5 created the first of many islands now belonging to Åssia. In an attempt to gain easy access to Fakestaff for malicious reasons, raiding and pvp'ing and the like, Net built a long tunnel connecting Alkoisland and Åssia. This way Net had easy access and a trick base of operations, never really revealing his true encampment. The name derives from the district Netrom5 grew up in "Åssiden", in which Åssia is a nickname or slang.

Alas, Netrom5 proved to not enjoy being an antagonist and ceased his would-be raids and intent of harm, instead deciding on expanding his decoy island. In total six artificial islands were built. There was also a large spire built between two of the larger islands and around this time, this wiki page was created. Plans of connecting each island with bridges and building houses and the like on them were made, but the plans never came to fruition. Netrom5 went inactive for a few years.

These events all took place in 2016

The Return

In 2018 Netrom5 returned, itching to complete his project. Adding more bridges to connect his islands and even adding more islands in which to host more of his spires. Åssia Now has eight islands and five connecting bridges.

The Prospect

The islands in themselves was considered boring by Netrom5, hence the construction of the first spire. In continuation of this idea, three more identical spires are planned, with a center spire. These spires will then both be connected with water bridges but aswell as bridges in the sky, from spire to spire. The spires will be located in their own cardinal direction. Each island is also supposed to serve its own purpose, either it should be housing, trade, entertainment or military. Everything is being built to sustained the principles on which Åssia was founded. Åssia also has an embassy being built in BenjaminStad

The Ambition

At the twilight of 2019 and advent of 2020, Netrom5 returned once more, this time allocating more time to his projects. The three remaining towers has been built, decorations and interior are planned. Bridges are to be sprung between them, and additional towers are planned on each side of the DankOcean Sea, making a skyward bridge between the two land areas. There is also hope for terraforming the shores along the sea. The state also retain several islands, which is now open to habitation. Contact Netrom5 ingame or discord for further information. In an effort of outreach, another embassy is being built in Dragon River Peak City. In order to gather resources for this venture, a large mine is being dug out beneath the main spire.


Native to the islands of Åssia, are the Mooshroom cows. Not long ago, these islands did not exist, yet there is still a species of vertebrates living here. There is no concrete evidence that proves how they came to live on the islands, yet popular belief says that they migrated. Among these Mooshroom cows, two has taken up residence in the towers.

Honorary citizens

Dictyostelium - A Mooshroom Cow living in the Central Tower. Named by Nicobar

Mushymoo - A Mooshroom Cow living in the North-West Tower. Named by Eclypto18


In addition to the purposes expressed in the introduction, Åssia is a place of true freedom and true liberty. It is a "state" of capitalistic utopia, without the governing state. Its sole purpose is to offer a society where the players of Freedonia are not governed by rules or mods, but by principles. In which taboo does not decide trade.

( all governed by Netrom5 ©)


Åssia is located on the DankOcean Sea directly north of Fakestaff HQ. On might travel here by warping to treetown and walking north-east until you see the spires.