Stone Burrow Station

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Stone Burrow Station is an Railway Station located on the Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line Serving Villages of Stone burrow and Ropava

blue_railwaystations.png Stone Burrow Station
New Stone Burrow FRS Station.png

The new station before founding of Ropava

Owner Freedonia Railway System
Contributors Pelpikx, hjk321 and LordFord
Station Code StoneBurrow
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-1187
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Stone burrow
Map Link

Old Station

Originally, the Station was built by LordFord in the city hall, a ladder permited to access elevated railway, but since the first rebuild of the FRS network, the station was now out of order and the Settlement will stay without an rail link for several years

New Station

In 2021, the player hjk321 decide to build a new train station for the settlement following the Krenath new station design. The new station was built on the hill over the village

This new station will restablishing the rail link for the settlement from the Spawn

After Ropava Foundation

When the Ropava Village was found, the station became more important, so it received a road link to Ropava and new building built by Pelpikx

Next stations from Stone Burrow
FRS Great Nothern Line
To: Forbidden Outpost Next (West): Central Nexus Station Stone Burrow Station Next (East): UnderWorld Station To: Spawn


These services are available in Stone Burrow station:

In the old building

  • Public Furnaces
  • Public Minecart Chest (removed nowadays)
  • City Informations

At the new station

  • Automatic Cart Dispenser (With Cart Launch / Eject devices)
  • Information on the needed ticket item for traveling (but no ticket services)
  • Dropped Minecart Vaccum (for returning purpoises)

In new building

  • Ticket offices
  • Public Furnace and Crafting Table
  • Waiting Room