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" BadSyntax, goddammit, I'm not reading your shit. Get a microphone." -- shypixel

Example of the status box on the main website.
Example of the status box on the Facebook app.
The Teamspeak interface (Windows95 best windows!)

MinecraftOnline used to feature a TeamSpeak server for easy realtime voice communication in-game, as well as socialising out of game.

TeamSpeak was chosen as it's free, easy to install and use, has efficient voice detection and hotkey use, and is cross-platform. TeamSpeak 3 runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. You could occasionally be serenaded by a terrible musician, if you were lucky enough to be on at that time.

TeamSpeak is now legacy, and has been long replaced by Discord. As of 2023, the server isn't reacheable.

Who's on?

You can see who's online on the TeamSpeak server at any time in one of four ways:

  • At a glance at the side box on the main website,
  • By typing the /tswho command in-game,
  • By typing !tslist in IRC,
  • By clicking the Server status tab on the Facebook page. [1]


MinecraftOnline uses TeamSpeak 3. A client is available to download at

To connect, simply instruct a TeamSpeak 3 client to connect to on the default port (9987).

No password is necessary.

Common errors

The server will refuse connections from Teamspeak 2 clients - please make sure you're using Teamspeak 3 when you try to connect.


  • You can see who's talking by the blue light next to their name.
  • A text chat channel also exists in TeamSpeak, which allows you to share links or communicate even without a microphone.
  • Echoing may occur if using voice detection mode with speakers. It is recommended to switch to push-to-talk mode for use with speakers, or in a noisy environment.


  • In-Game - The channel for all those who wish to talk in-game.
  • General chat - The channel for those not in-game, but wishing to chat on teamspeak.
  • Low Bandwidth - Ultra-low-bandwidth alternative channel for those with poor internet connections

Additionally, players are able to create their own private or public channels for their own use.


"no teampek" xanderstrike
"Yeah Xanfert, cone teakpek" Palindrome7

Same rules apply as in IRC - that is, there are no rules. While you have free speech in-game, you may be kicked for excess offensiveness or spamming from TeamSpeak at a moderator's discretion. However, this very rarely happens.

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