The MCO Crusades

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The Genesis

The MCO Crusaders started when Fit, a popular 2b2t YouTuber, made a video that referenced the server. His fans flooded the server, wreaking havoc in the form of griefing, cheating, and spamming. A few hours afterwards, KingServal started the Crusader Discord, of which quite a few players joined immediately. The goal of the Crusaders is to control the influx of new players and keep the bad ones out. It acts as a militia during times of peace. The Crusades are based off of what 2b2ters call Incursions, which are events in which an organized group of players occupies the Spawn area with a goal in mind, which has historically included defending the server from overwhelming waves of new players.

The 1st Crusade

The 1st Crusade started when Fit mentioned MCO in one of his YouTube videos. To quote the FIT Invasion article;

Starting at 12:01:36 Server time on May 23rd, 2019, the first of two griefers named Roman_TeoPlay signed into the server followed by Pavel_TeoPlay.

While this has not been verified, the timing implies that these two picked their attack on MCO after the server was featured in a YouTube video by 2b2t YouTuber Fit. These two users began a grief attack on Spawn, specifically the statue at the lake. After being killed numerous times the moderator Zomon333 finally showed up and banned the two of them but not before a massive amount of Officer Steves had spawned in response to the multiple deaths of both griefers.

Shortly after that ban, a massive flood of FitMC fans began to pour into the server, causing havoc and further grief. In the chaos, a small number of regular players took it upon themselves to PvP other established players without notice, hoping the attacks would get lost in the noise. Several players witnessed Slapsore release two Withers into the fray, both of which began shooting fireballs at the public farms.

It was madness within those first hours. When KingServal came back to the server after a hiatus only to find it being bombarded by Fit fans, he had enough. He decided to make a Discord server for a new thing he called a "Crusade". After inviting ~20 people or so, the Crusade officially began. It started off with one principle: Keep the good people who joined and kill the rest. BlueishRose began work on a base for the Crusaders to call home, while the rest of the members supported him with supplies. After around 3 days of the Crusade, the Fit fans started to dwindle. On Monday, May 27 2019, the Crusade ended. While there was still a minor influx of Fit fans joining the server during the week after, they have mostly calmed down. While the Crusade has ended, still be aware for griefers and report them to a mod and /greport any grief.

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