United Duchies of North Sand Island

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green_towns.png United Duchies of North Sand Island
Founder getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic (Past Owner), getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip (Past Owner), getplayerhead.sh?pretzel33&16.png pretzel33 and getplayerhead.sh?MrMcBricks&16.png MrMcBricks (Current Owners)
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Imperial_Crise&16.png Imperial_Crise, getplayerhead.sh?TheGolum&16.png TheGolum
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? With Permission
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=1924
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The United Duchies of North Sand Island (United Duchies for short) was an autonomous state in former New Northwest Verico, now Takadokia. It was founded in March of 2020. On April 9th, 2020, it was given to Pretz as HY saw no reason for it to exist. From then on, it was part of Sand Island. It was made of three duchies; Trexeltan, Strasbourg-Hatay and Sudzyrich.

It was originally the political successor to the Autonomous Exclave of Sand Island, an old state of New Sardinia/NNWV that had since had become independent and became Sand Island.

Since it was given to Sand Island, not much had changed there. The duchies still keep their Takadokian architecture and the only real changes being it was no longer part of NNWV and Trexeltan was renamed New Broksn Island by getplayerhead.sh?MrMcBricks&16.png MrMcBricks. The following parts of this wiki page has been unchanged since the last edit, as a way to keep it.

Brief History

On 20th of March, 2020, getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic declared an island he had just excavated the Duchy of Trexeltan, which he governed along with getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip. He began building a hotel there. On March 22nd of that same year, HY declared the state of Strasbourg-Hatay out of the Trexeltan city Barujer, and made a new city called Strasbourg-Hatay City. A few days later, he claimed a piece of land and declared it the state of Sudzyrich.

On March 27th, HY realized how many states there were, so he combined them into one state; the United Duchies of North Sand Island. This made it one of the biggest, if not THE biggest state in NNV.



The flag of Trexeltan.

Trexeltan is one of the three duchies that make up the UD. It is located north of the Sand Island. It has 2 dukes; HY himself and Catnip. It is officially the political successor to the Autonomous Exclave of Sand Island, which was a former state of NNV that gained independence. It is made of three cities; Sharuk, Ortosar and Jakinda. They are in the north, middle and bottom of Trexeltan respectively. The capital city of Trexeltan is Ortosar. Ortosar is also the capital city of the entire state of the UD.


The flag of Strasbourg-Hatay.

Strasbourg-Hatay is a duchy located north of Trexeltan. It was the second duchy to be established. It is made of two cities; Baruyer and Strasbourg-Hatay City. Baruyer comes from the Mongolian word for west, "baruun" and the Turkish word for place, "yer". Strasbourg-Hatay comes from the French city Strasbourg and the Turkish province Hatay.


The flag of Sudzyrich.

Sudzyrich is the newest state to be declared in the UD. It currently has nothing of intrest. Sudzyrich comes from the German word for south, "sud" and the Swiss city Zurich.