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nexus_cities.png Takadokia

TakadokiaFlag.png Motto: Yasha Takadokya, Yasha! (Live Takadokia, Live!)

Founder getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic, getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south ~800m
Size west to east ~1000m
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-4494
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Takadokia (Kokhura: Takadokya) is a medium-sized city located at the southern part of Lake Ganaz and is the capital of Intertakadokia. It was founded by players getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL and getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic. It was first established as Midlake Island the 9th of February, and it grew and grew, and growing to a point where it had control of almost all the islands in the southern part of Lake Ganaz. While Lole was gone, he alone, with the help of a few people, made the settlement bigger and bigger. The official language of Takadokia is Kokhura.

It has a Nexus link that connects to South (Lime) hub 3, which is located in Takadokia Velazzo Station in the district of Velazzo. Vizima is the nearest warp, and is about 1000 blocks away.

General Information

Takadokia is located about 14000 blocks away from spawn and is basically a city built on water and islands. It does not have a lot of notable infrastructure, excluding Takadokia Lole Station. It is self sufficient for the most part, with it having an animal grinder with pigs and cows. The most urbanized and building-populated district is Velazzo, home to most of the apartments and the Governor's Office, not to mention Takadokia Velazzo Station, which includes the Nexus link and the Nether portal. The oldest district is East Midlake Island, with it being the origin of Takadokia and the location of the East Midlake Museum, which features recreations of old builds on the island and the oldest building in the entire city, the East Midlake Rest-Base.


Districts are administrative divisions of Takadokia, some of which make up historical states. Each piece of land in Takadokia is in or around one of these districts.

In the past, there were two types of divisions; regions and states/cities. States (later known as cities) were small areas of land that existed as real divisions of Takadokia. Regions were bigger groupings of land, and states/cities were brought together in regions based on their geographic location and other factors.

The states/cities/towns system was abolished since they were too small, and the former regions were turned into districts, and then districts.


Velazzo is the capital district of Takadokia, being made of three islands; Velazzo, Freska and Vysoky. It was created when the districts of Asariguene, The Modiki Islands and Nortlagos were combined. It contains the Nexus link of Takadokia and the Bashkan's office. It is also the location of HY's Newer Base. The name Velazzo mainly derives from two words from different languages meaning "middle"; wasata (Arabic) and mezzo (Italian), with the wa- and -ezzo.

Velazzo Island is the biggest island in the district, and by extension, Takadokia. Vysoky Island and Freska Island are very close in size. Vysoky, originally named Etrieri, means "tall" in Czech, referencing the music tower of Vysoky being very tall. Freska Island comes from the old name of the town that used to be on it, Puerto Freska, and it is a feminine version of getplayerhead.sh?Freskooo&16.png Freskooo's name

The land that one day became part of Velazzo was first claimed as the Southern Territory back in early February 2020, and said territory became the state of New Azerbaijan later on. Not much later, the Modiki Islands were founded and then later Nortlagos. They were separate states/districts for months, until they were united in December 2020.

It also houses Takadokia Velazzo Station which, unlike its much bigger cousin, Takadokia Lole Station, isnt made to provide FRS services (even though the FRS road branching out from TLS connects to the station), rather it is made to house the Takadokia Nexus link and Nether Portal. The building was originally just referred to as "Takadokia Nexus Link" before this change.

The Midlake Islands

The Midlake Islands district consists of the East, West and South Midlake Islands. This district is the birthplace of Takadokia, and East Midlake Island holds historical significance. It was the capital of Takadokia before HY decided he wanted the capital to be at the centre of Takadokia. It houses the East Midlake Museum, where the old artefacts and buildings inside of East Midlake Island lie.

In addition to all of these, this district is the most northern main Takadokian districts and, while Loletown takes the cake for being the most northern district overall, The Midlake Islands is the most northern district in the main area.

Grande Sardinia

Grande Sardinia was the third state created for the New Sardinian Federation around February 2020. It originally started as Project Vizima; a bridge building project that would connect then-New Sardinia to the warp city of Vizima. It was later renamed to Project Grande Sardinia and was transitioned from a bridge-building project to a state-building project, where the cultural and political centre of New Sardinia would be. It was to be split into to states; Fondare and Grande Sardinia, the former of which would've been the political centre and the latter would've been the cultural centre. If Project Vizima was considered part of Grande Sardinia's history, then it would be the second district, but the establishment of Project Grande Sardinia is thought of as when Grande Sardinia was created. Even though HY thought of it as a district for a long time, he didn't officially incorporate it as a district until January 2021.

Nea Makedonia

Nea Makedonia is a Greek-inspired district. It is about the third biggest district, after Loletown, Hafkletta and North Gazan, by size. It contains a humungous apartment built by getplayerhead.sh?Kotobuki_&16.png Kotobuki_. It also contains the Bunker Museum.


Debulane is the most eastern district of Takadokia. It doesn't house much and is uncompleted and abandoned, with it still having the town borders. It contains a mosque and apartment, both under construction.

Verican Lebanon

Note: This district is not part of the Republic of Verico, only its name references Verico.

Verican Lebanon is the second most southern district; second to Hafkletta. It used to contain Takadokia's Nether portal (until it was moved to TVS). It currently contains one apartment. It is based on the country of Lebanon.

It was named due to a sign on the island saying "claimed by Verico" (presumably placed by Beeraeka), but HY wanted to build on the island so he started digging the island anyway. he put the sign on a tower so it wouldn't be grief. HY now realises it was grief to build the tower around the sign, and he sorted it out with getplayerhead.sh?Eclypto18&16.png Eclypto18 and Beeraeka confirmed that Verican Lebanon was part of Takadokia in Discord DMs.

Verican Lebanon was supposed to be renamed to "Sardinian Lebanon" after New Northwest Verico became independent, but HY kept the old name anyway, and thus today it is the only district in Takadokia to have a relation to Verico in its name.


Hafkletta is one of two main districts that is located on the mainland, i.e its not an island. It was founded around April 2020, and is an Iceland-based district due to the area that would become Hafkletta being snowy. It is the most southern district in Takadokia. Currently, it is almost empty with few builds.

North Gazan

North Gazan is one of the biggest districts and, as its name suggests, is in the northern parts of Lake Gazan. It was founded on December 21st, 2020.

Old Loletown

Not to be confused with Loletown 2.0, a city founded by LolePlay_PL near Takadokia.

Old Loletown is a big district, located about 3,000 blocks away from the main islands. Before merging it consisted of two former districts; The Free State of Loletown and Sardinian Eden, and they were combined for convenience. It is the only district of Takadokia not located in or right next to Lake Gazan. Its merger took place on 21st of December, 2020. It is the location of HY's first house, Lole's old base, and a mini version of New Eden. It is a bit of a special place for HY since it is the location of his first ever house and, by extension, his first build ever on McO. The district is named after HY's old friend, LolePlay_PL.


Colonies are pieces of Takadokia that are found far way from the city itself. For a piece of land claimed by Takadokia to be considered a colony, it has to have a few basic requirements;

  • Has to be at least 2,000 blocks away from coords -4494, 9189.
  • Has to be outside of Lake Ganaz.

There is no time limit for when a colony has to become a district, they may be admitted when wanted.

Territories & Former Territories

Territories are pieces of land that were set up to be the next state in Takadokia, then New Sardinia. It was established in February and really wasnt used much, with one territory existing so far. There were a few requirements for the territory for it to become a state;

  • a crop farm
  • an attraction of any kind
  • 20 days of existence

This would've made sure the territory would already be settled with a fresh attraction and a food source already in place, and time for it to be developed before it was admitted as a state. Unfortunately the territory system wasn't used much, and the 20 days wait time is pretty long, but it was necessary. These days the territory phase is excluded all together and a district is immediately created.

As mentioned earlier, there was only one territory in Takadokia's history.

Southern Territory/New Azerbaijan

The Southern Territory, also known as New Azerbaijan, was the first and only territory in Takadokia's existence. When it was admitted into the New Sardinian Federation fully, it was divided into three states; New Baku, New Shirvan and New Nakhchevan. The smallest of these three states was New Nakhchevan, which later housed the Nexus Link.

The land that was once this territory became the full district of New Azerbaijan, then Asariguene, and its town borders were demolished, and it became part of the district of Velazzo.

Former Districts/States

Former districts/states were former administrative divisions of Takadokia that either got merged into other districts or ceased to exist through other means. Below are most or all of the former districts/states of Takadokia.


Asariguene was the old capital of Takadokia. It was founded in late February 2020 as New Azerbaijan. It held the Nexus link of Takadokia and the governor's office. It used to contain three towns; New Baku, New Shirvan and New Nakhchivan. It was later renamed Asariguene. It was incorporated into the district of Nukhsekher (later Velazzo) in December 2020.

The Modiki Islands

The Modiki Islands was a small district located near Asariguene, and was founded around the same time as Asariguene. It consisted of two towns and islands; Voishah and Vysoky, with the former being incorporated into Velazzo Island. Vysoky held the Vysoky Palace, a massive floating palace. It was incorporated into the district of Nukhsekher (later Velazzo) in December 2020.


Nortlagos was another small district located near Asariguene. It consisted of three towns; Puerto Freska, Dios Lukas and Aitiville. It consisted of two artificial islands, a completely artificial island built by getplayerhead.sh?Freskooo&16.png Freskooo and an island built on ground one block below water, and were called Freska Island and Dios Lukas Island, the latter of which was absorbed into Velazzo Island. Puerto Freska contained the tallest skyscraper in Takadokia, built by Freskooo. It was incorporated into the district of Nukhsekher (later Velazzo) in December 2020.


Markez was another old capital of Takadokia and was created around April 2020. The town "New Baku" was the capital of New Azerbaijan, but HY wanted a separate state as the capital of the entire city of Takadokia. Thus, New Baku became the new City State of Markez, and the capital of New Azerbaijan became New Shirvan. HY much later re-combined it with New Azerbaijan (Asariguene).

Autonomous Exclave of Sand Island

The Autonomous Exclave of Sand Island (AEoSI, or just Sand Island for short) was the first autonomous state in Takadokia (then New Sardinia). It began as a small settlement near spawn, founded by getplayerhead.sh?pretzel33&16.png pretzel33. Pretz, after a tour of New Sardinia, asked if Sand Island could be incorporated into New Sardinia. HY agreed, and thus the AEoSI was created. It was made autonomous since it was very far away from the main areas of New Sardinia, so Pretz had control of it for the most part. It was abolished when Pretz wanted independence from New Sardinia (which had changed its name to NNWV), and so it was given. The Takadokian occupation of Sand Island started a long bond between Pretzel and HY.

United Duchies of North Sand Island

The United Duchies of North Sand Island (or United Duchies or North Sand Island for short) was a state located north of Sand Island and was comprised of three duchies; Trexeltan, Strasbourg-Hatay and Sudzyrich. It was originally founded as the Duchy of Trexeltan but was expanded. It was declared the official political successor to the old AE of Sand Island. It was one of the most unique states in Takadokian history, as it contained three duchies with their own cities, but were under one single state. HY gave it to Pretz since it was not really worthwhile holding it, and it became a part of Sand Island, and Trexeltan being renamed New Broksn Island.

Emirate of Rimal

The Emirate of Rimal was a short lived state, which was to be founded on a sand isle near Takadokia, and it was excavated by HY. But it never came to be. The land that would've become Rimal is not part of Takadokia.

Notable Attractions & Landmarks

East Midlake Museum, a museum containing Takadokia's earliest builds, located on East Midlake Island.

Takadokia Lole Station, a humungous FRS station.

Lettuce Skyscraper, tallest building in Takadokia, built by getplayerhead.sh?Freskooo&16.png Freskooo, located on Freska Island.

Pezzo Hotel, a hotel carved out of a chunk error, located in Grande Sardinia.

Vysoky Palace, a palace that also quadruples as an apartment, a hotel, a mega farm and a music tower, located on Vysoky Island.

Takadokia Ship, a massive ship made for Takadokia, built by getplayerhead.sh?Wolf_War&16.png Wolf_War.

Takadokia Crystal, a beacon crystal built by getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly.


In Takadokia, there are a few means of transportion to travel within or to the city.


Takadokia is full of cobble bridges that connect the districts together and it predates any other means of transport within/to the city. Sometimes there are a few 2-block wide gaps with trapdoors to let boats pass through.

Ice Road

The Ice Road is Takadokia's attempt at making a fast-speed transport system and it was inspired from the Ice Highway of New Eden, and once HY saw them he wanted to build a version at his own place. Although the Ice Road is slower than its New Eden counterpart, it is faster than just running. In the Ganaz districts branch of the Ice Road, it encircles the district of Velazzo, with the stops being around those edges. It was recently renovated for it to be smoother so less turns were to be put. It has branches in the Ganaz districts of Takadokia and the district of Old Loletown. There is also an old branch in the former United Duchies of North Sand Island that now belongs to Sand Island and the company that regulates Takadokian Ice Roads does not regulate the one there.

The Ice Road is regulated by the Takadokian Ice Road Company.

Transport Stations

In Takadokia, there are two stations which provide transport services to and from Takadokia.

First, there is Takadokia Lole Station, which was made to provide FRS rail and road services, even though neither are completed yet. It was started construction around mid-May and the building was completed around mid-June. It was built around the border of Takadokia because at that time it was all ocean.


Founding of The Midlake Islands

"BTW lole do you wanna help me find the leaf bridge" - getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic

 8:52 PM CET, September 18th, 2019  
<getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL> fuck this, im going to change my home <getplayerhead.sh?TheDemetri&16.png TheDemetri> he user superpick <getplayerhead.sh?TheDemetri&16.png TheDemetri> *used <getplayerhead.sh?LolePlay_PL&16.png LolePlay_PL> im goin to build my home on this island

On the 9th of September, 2020, HY and LolePlay_PL found a small island while trying to find a special spot, and they set up camp on the island. They said that they would not stay permanently, which was far from the truth. Both Lole and HY tended to the island (which became the Midlake Island). HY found a new island and named it West Midlake Island, and he built a small hotel, port and farm there. The original Midlake Island was renamed to "East Midlake Island". After some time, Lole stopped coming online as often, and disappeared all together. At the very end of the Midlake era, HY established Project Vizima (later Project Grande Sardinia).

"Project Vizima is the best project" - getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic

New Sardinian Federation

On February 4th, 2020, HY incorporated the Midlake Islands into a new federation; the New Sardinian Federation (now referred to just "the Federation") and, by the end of the Federation, had 6 official states; East Midlake Island, West Midlake Island, South Midlake Island, New Azerbaijan, Voishah and Vysoky.

Around this time, Sand Island became a part of New Sardinia, which started a long bond between the two, with fights along the way.

The Federation only lasted just over two weeks (sixteen days), but it did lay the groundwork of what would become modern Takadokia. The name New Sardinia would be used all the way until the adoption of the name Takadokia, and was the name of the city when it gained independence from Verico.

Verican Occupation

"ok i hereby appoint you governor of new south verico" - getplayerhead.sh?Beeraeka&16.png Beeraeka

In February 20th, 2020, Beeraeka bought New Sardinia for 15 iron blocks, starting a months-long rule of New Sardinia by Verico. New Sardinia was rechristened New South Verico (later New Northwest Verico, NNWV for short, to correct a naming error). It was under Verican rule that Takadokia was expanded into basically its modern borders. During this time, NNWV enjoyed high self-governance, being independent in all but name, and HY even got into an argument with Beeraeka upon seeing he had cut a tree in New Azerbaijan (HY now thinks this argument was unnecessary since Beer did buy the place after all).

This meant that not much changed upon NNWV's independence from Verico. Once HY declared independence from Verico, now being wealthier than he was when Beer bought New Sardinia, repaid Beer back the 15 iron blocks that he used to buy the place.

Independence from Verico

"I hereby declare NNWV the Second Republic of New Sardinia!" - getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic

First named the Second Republic of New Sardinia, The Commonwealth of New Sardinia was formed after an argument between Beeraeka and HY, resulting in the succession of NNWV from Verico, but not from Bedrocco. For the new name of the now independent NNWV, HY used the old name for the city, New Sardinia. Not much changed in New Sardinia after its independence, other than the name change of the Nexus link.

Sultanate of Takadokia

Not long after its independence from Verico, New Sardinia was once again renamed, this time to Takadokia. This name change was following the adoption of Islam as the official religion, and Turkish/Takadokian as the official language. HY wanted a name that would reference the big leap forward his settlement had taken. He took the Arabic word for "progress" (taqadum) and combined it with the name of the ancient city of Cappadocia, birthing the name Takadokia. Takadokia was transformed into a sultanate with Beer as the sultan.

United Bedrocco States

A month after Takadokia was born, it was made a part of the United Bedrocco States (UBS). The UBS was a state of the Bedrocco Empire, consisting of three cities; Takadokia, Sand Island and Cascadia Wood. It was created to quell conflict between Takadokia and Sand Island, who were at the time fighting for newcomer residents. Pretz used it as a way to say that the UBS had more citizens that New Eden, while HY sighed in relief as the months old conflict between Sand Island and Takadokia would finally be over. Later on, Cascadia Wood joined the UBS.

Full Independence from Bedrocco

"I, the Governor of Takadokia, hereby declare independence from the United Bedrocco States and the greater Bedrocco Empire. I will propose a new constitution a day or two after this." - getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic

After a few months of being under the UBS, HY had enough of Bedrocco as a whole. After 5 months of Verico (and extended, Bedroccan) rule, Takadokia officially left the UBS and the Bedrocco Empire, becoming fully independent. After this, not much changed. HY wanted to know which kind of government he should use, and getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman suggested that Takadokia should be turned into a "normal ass city", which HY complied to. Thus, Takadokia just became "Takadokia", marking the first time it was just a normal city since the Midlake Islands settlement in January 2020.

in December 2020, HY decided that the towns of Takadokia had to go, leaving only the districts. His reasoning was that the towns were too small. And so, he, with the help of Lole (who had just came back), got rid of the town borders, leaving only the districts. The districts were not to be removed, only the towns.


"Takadokia looking sexier every renovation I do to it" - getplayerhead.sh?HY_Turkic&16.png HY_Turkic

In late December 2020, HY started doing renovations of old places and buildings in Takadokia. These renovations initially started with the creation of the East Midlake Museum, a museum containing Takadokia's earliest builds, built around the East Midlake Lighthouse and Rest-Base (latter of which is the first building in Takadokia). He carefully moved all the builds (minus a few exceptions), even clearing his inventory in order to recreate the builds with authentic materials, inside of the museum. The museum being built opened up a big area where new builds could be built.

Eventually HY got around to Asariguene; the capital district of Takadokia. It, like East Midlake Island, was basically unchanged for months, with its most recent addition being the Takadokia Nexus Link, being built in April of that year. He first started renovating the Nexus Link, which he deemed unsightly. He built a model in Creative mode in Singleplayer before building it, and managed to come up with a pretty sightly build. He built the model in McO and he thought it came out beautifully; Takadokia's Nexus Link had finally turned from serving only function with serving both function AND aesthetic, and it taking account of horses. After renovating the Nexus Link, it was time for Takadokia's Bashkan office, with it originally being a governor's office. He once again built a model in Creative, and he also thought it was a beaut. Unlike the Nexus Link, this renovated building had kept the same dimensions of its old self so it could fit more snugly. He got to work, and by the time it was over, it looked as good as the new Nexus Link did when it was renovated.

Another renovation not limited to Asariguene or East Midlake Island were wooden roads and wood log street lights on the islands, so people could be guided more easily around the city. Another renovation for the whole of Takadokia were fancier and horse friendly entrances to the districts, which looked much better than the old ones. They were now three blocks wide and open instead of being only one block with a fence gate, and had the name of the district on each side. The districts with islands had an arch on their entrance, and on the arch had the name of the island, while the sides had the name of the district on each side like the non-island districts.

During the renovations, the Free State of Loletown and Sardinian Eden were combined into a new district named Loletown, with it becoming non-autonomous. This combined district was pretty big. Another district-combining renovation was the creation of Nukhsekher (later Velazzo), with three districts (Asariguene, The Modiki Islands and Nortlagos) being combined into a new massive capital district. The islands of Dios Lukas, Voishah and Asariguene were combined into the island of Velazzo. In the combined area, HY drew up plots where apartments and other buildings could be built. He wants this district to be filled with builds and look modern, it is the capital after all.

The next few renovations were intertwined; first, HY finally fixed Takadokia's Nether portal. The Nether portal was originally placed in the district of Verican Lebanon, but he decided to move it to the Takadokia Nexus link, since this is where the most travel traffic would happen in Takadokia. After he completed the new Nether portal link, his eyes turned to the name of the Nexus Link, since it was no longer a just Nexus Link, it was a portal link too. So, HY decided to rename the Takadokia Nexus Link to the Takadokia Nukhsekher Station (later Takadokia Velazzo Station), with it being the secondary transport station in Takadokia. While Takadokia Lole Station was the head honcho of the stations, Takadokia Velazzo Station was to hold the other modes of transport, such as Nexus, portal and boat (TBB).

New Sardinian Declaration of Independence Document

The D.O Independence (as the book is called) is a document that would've entitled the laws of an independent Social Republic of New Sardinia. It is NOT valid document and the laws and articles do not apply, and HY hesitated sharing the document with Beeraeka since he wanted to cut him some slack. So far only two copies of the book exists so far; one owned by HY and one owned by getplayerhead.sh?KingServal&16.png KingServal. Other than those two, getplayerhead.sh?pretzel33&16.png pretzel33 is the only one who has read the document. The following is the articles included in the document, copied down almost word-for-word.

Article I

New Northwest Verico will be renamed to the Socialist Republic of New Sardinia, and all signs referencing as such will be changed accordingly.

Article II

Every state belonging to NNV will remain part of New Sardinia.

Article III

New Sardinia will become part of the Bedrocco Empire.

Article IV

Every farm owned by an individual will be owned by the state (NS).

Article V

Further referendums to rejoin the Republic of Verico or exiting the Bedrocco Empire will be deemed illegal.

Article VI

A high-ranking official from the Verican government, most presumably one of its Presidents, will be the President of New Sardinia.

Article VII

A resident of New Sardinia that lives in one of the states will have a chance to become Prime Minister of the whole country, and they will control the whole nation.

Article VIII

PvP will be forbidden across the nation, and anyone who does not comply will be evicted from their homes. If they do not [go away], their entrance from the country will be cut off.

Article IX

The New Sardinian currency will remain the same.

Article X

Referendums will not be held after this declaration is signed. New Sardinia is independent once it is read by Beeraeka, President of Verico and when it is signed by Premier of New Northwest Verico, HY_Turkic.


  • Takadokia has had 6 names so far in its history, and their origins are interesting.
    • "Midlake" in Midlake Island(s) came from the combination of "middle" and "lake", which indicates that it is at the centre of the lake. However, this is not true.
    • New Sardinia came from the name of the real life island of Sardinia, owned by Italy. HY chose this name because he was watching a video about Italian Unification while thinking of names.
    • New Northwest Verico, Takadokia's name during Verican occupation, presumably (because Beeraeka named it) came from the fact that the city is the in the northwest of Verico. Surprising!
    • Takadokia's name comes from the Arabic word for "progress" (taqadum) and the name for the ancient city of Cappadocia, which itself comes from the Old Persian word Katpatuka which means "place below" in Hittite.
  • Takadokia Lole Station might be one of the biggest FRS station buildings in all of Freedonia, with many shops and room for many more of said shops. Though this station isn't operational just yet.
  • Takadokia could be interpreted as a bridge across the giant lake, and its Ice Road helps people to travel very fast across the lake. It currently stretches from all the way from East Midlake Island to the district of Hafkletta.