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User RedTrexler
Gender Male, with a gas mask tho
Location Israel
Nationality Trexlergradian
DOB 23rd March, Older than the messiah
Occupation Smoking weed
In Freedonia
First joined January 12th 2020
First building Trexlergrad
Donor level * Donated
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"RedTrexler is the kind of guy I like to sit with at spawn ferns" - 1Catnip

General Info RedTrexler Is a Communistic dictator best known for building Trexlergrad

How it all began RedTrexler Started playing on MCO on January 12th, 2020, and was fascinated by all the towns and structures MCO has to offer. So RedTrexler thought to himself what a great idea to start a town of his own and so RedTrexler traveled to the world border and found a nice island he liked and started telling people in the game chat that he was building a town and asked who would've liked to help him build it and so Kwiruk, Hyperrblu, illuminati230, and Juice_Pedro came to help build the small town which was named Trexlergrad


Trexlergrad is a communistic town made by RedTrexler which has countless buildings of his and a lot of great staff members like Netrom5, _WizardDev_, Kwiruk and Snthetic. RedTrexler is really thankful for them and he says that "Trexlergrad wouldn't have survived without them."

Milestones & Events

SalC1_Invasion RedTrexler Participated in the great SalC1_Invasion. RedTrexler Was one of the great crusaders that stopped the new players in their tracks and didnt let them lag the server. RedTrexler Reaches 100 hours January 24th 00:00

(MCS) RedTrexler has played for over 100 hours!

(MCS) RedTrexler earned the right to build higher than 128!

< PizzaBoxer> Waht

< PizzaBoxer> gg

< tyhdefu> thats more than 0 hours

RedTrexlers ban

RedTrexler was banned on February 1st, 2020 by WaffleNomster after encouraging a noob to grief.

"F." -< Darkerfly2000> said after RedTrexler got ban.