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Pips are quite possibly the most thought-provoking and intergalactic entities in Freedonia. Though originally created in The Nest by their sole creator and certified insane person getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro, nowadays you can find hundreds (if not thousands) of pips in some of the most famous settlements and buildings across Freedonia, including Georgetown, Newport, Gran Syre, Dubina, and even Spawn itself. There are many legends, myths, stories, and certified funny moments that occurred as a result of these majestic and monumental characters, and this wiki page will attempt to record some of the best moments:

Davdro's "Glistening Pip" versus Selimbits' "Timond Dog"
The Great Pip

Origin Story

On April 10th, 2021, the first pip was constructed in The Nest. Thinking it would be funny, getplayerhead.sh?Yolki_&16.png Yolki_ allowed getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro to construct the original pip in his storage area. However, getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro began to construct pips in progressively more obscure and annoying rooms and fields in The Nest. This pissed getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf off, who became a forever anti-pip proponent. One would think that, given its humble roots and the fact that getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro was a random new player with only 5 hours played at the time, the joke would end there. Lets just say—pips got bigger.

getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro asking literally every Mod and Admin in sight if they want a pip

getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro has asked many admins and moderators if they would like "one pip, free of charge." These staff members include, but are not limited to: getplayerhead.sh?Vecxin&16.png Vecxin, getplayerhead.sh?Scampi_&16.png Scampi_, getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly, getplayerhead.sh?LordOfTheShadows&16.png LordOfTheShadows, getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath, getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28, getplayerhead.sh?Winx51&16.png Winx51, getplayerhead.sh?Kendon&16.png Kendon, getplayerhead.sh?Luigifan100&16.png Luigifan100, getplayerhead.sh?Moxieskip&16.png Moxieskip, getplayerhead.sh?doublehelix457&16.png doublehelix457, getplayerhead.sh?EpicBaby&16.png EpicBaby, getplayerhead.sh?NevadaDream&16.png NevadaDream, getplayerhead.sh?podd&16.png podd, and getplayerhead.sh?Skybirdthing&16.png Skybirdthing.

getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro's "Glistening Pip," vs. getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits' "Timond Dog

getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits decided to make a Timond Dog bigger than getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro's Diamond Pip in Georgetown. This quickly led to getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro leaving highly sad and threatening signs in front of getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits's Timond Dog threatening him to remove his build. getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits's shiny Timond Dog was superior in quality to getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro's small Pip. getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro lost the battle by far; getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits's huge shiny Timond Dog was built using 50 timond blocks, and getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro's sad Glistening Pip was built using the standard 19 timond blocks. The beauty of these animal thingies come from the material, therefore this proves that getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits's big Timond Dog is superior to the small Glistening Pip.

The Legacy of the Timond Dog-Glistening Pip War.

Both getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits and getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_ have been consistently revising the history of the incident in Georgetown, with the title changing from "getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro almost starting a Pip Cold War in Georgetown", to "getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro lost a pip war in Georgetown," to "getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro caused getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits to employ tactical rearguard action during a Pip war in Georgetown." do not trust anything the above paragraph states.

Murder Mystery

Sometime in late-2022 and early-2023, both the Timond Dog and the Glistening Pip disappeared. Reported sightings of both are widespread across Freedonia, with many believing their conflicts have risen above the simple planes of our reality, with the sightings being them briefly entering our world to continue the endless bloodshed.

getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_'s strange obsession with pips

getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_ has built numerous pips on different servers, truly a great preacher of Pip. He has introduced more than 2 foreigners to the lovely peaceful tranquility and intelligence that is Pip. Pip is love, Pip is life. Nikta himself owns 6 official Davdro pips, as well as dabbling in the art of Pipistry himself. His creations include Misplaced Pip (non-McO), and Sandicorn pip, which reaches the astounding height of y=255. Truly an up-and-coming architect, but still has a lot to learn from the master Davdro. getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_ is the only person besides getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro able to construct official pips.

Note: getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_ has also been changing the history of this section. Don't let him—getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf

Pip Mushroom Edition
Pip Undead Edition
Pip Purple Edition, with Megapip in background

getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro speaking Spanish in an attempt to sell Pips to new players

 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> Soy el seguidor español número uno. También soy el creador del pip, así que compra un pip gratis

The Great Pip

The Great Pip of The Nest was constructed be me, getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf, in order to shut getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro up. Unfortunately, it backfired and now serves as the biggest mistake made during the construction of The Nest. It did almost cause an actual conflict between The Nest and Bunker City which had to be resolved by moving the pip onto a large isolated mountain and the creation of a DMZ between the two settlements. getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro also still claims he built it (which he didn't). Luckily, as of September 9th, 2022, getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits purchased the Great Pip in exchange for the Spawn Chest as an NFT.

Emergency Pips during The Battle of Bunker Base

Just look at that wiki, I am honestly too fed up to finish this. Anyway getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro definitely addition griefed making these.

The Megapip and the Darkerfly Incident

The Megapip of nikta's private island, constructed by getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro by commission of getplayerhead.sh?Nikta&16.png Nikta. It is the largest and most expensive of the pips constructed by Davdro. During it's construction, and in an attempt to get moderator getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly to teleport him to getplayerhead.sh?Nikta&16.png Nikta, getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro fake leaked getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly's IP, outed getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly as both female and in a relationship with fellow moderator getplayerhead.sh?oopsJay&16.png oopsJay, and threatened to take the whole situation "to the top," which is someone "above Biden." This whole incident was quite possibly the braindead thing to ever occur in the pip saga.

 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> hey darkerfly. if you dont think i have boys in every city, explain how i got this: 221:60:111:22
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> WAIT DARKERFLY. i can give you something no one else can. female companionship.

It has been revealed, as of February 8th, 2022, that Darkerfly and oopsJay have broken up, allegedly because oopsJay was committing adultery with getplayerhead.sh?SenatorApple&16.png SenatorApple. Truly a devastating ending to what has been called the greatest relationship of all time.

 <getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly> (′・ω・`)> I only love myself
 <Nikita> darkerfly, what about oopsJay?
 <getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly> (′・ω・`)> we broke up
 <getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly> (′・ω・`)> he is cheating with apple
The Megapip (better than The Great Pip)

The getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan Curse and the Mystery of the Diamond Armor

To understand the situation which preluded the getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan curse, one requires a little bit of non-pip knowledge.

  1. getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf is required to pay 10 diamond blocks occasionally to getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan in order to not be racist.
  2. getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf is broke.
  3. getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf owes getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan some nebulous amount of diamond blocks as a result, and getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan wants getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf's sword "Big Dick Nixon," as a result.

So, our story starts as getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro is ambushed by getplayerhead.sh?NightEwok&16.png NightEwok, getplayerhead.sh?NickEter&16.png NickEter, and getplayerhead.sh?EpicBaby&16.png EpicBaby at spawn while following getplayerhead.sh?susamongus124&16.png susamongus124 in order to give him a pip. getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro is killed, and then threatens that if getplayerhead.sh?NightEwok&16.png NightEwok does not give him his head back in 1 minute, getplayerhead.sh?NightEwok&16.png NightEwok's items will be "on the ground." Furthermore, getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro threatens when he comes back there will be "a whole army." Apparently, this "whole army," is just getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf (and getplayerhead.sh?Yolki_&16.png Yolki_, who watches menacingly). getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf and getplayerhead.sh?NightEwok&16.png NightEwok fight, and getplayerhead.sh?NightEwok&16.png NightEwok is quickly joined by getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan who wants to take Big Dick Nixon. Somehow (still a mystery) getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro obtains a god set out of thin air, and joins to help getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf. getplayerhead.sh?susamongus124&16.png susamongus124 enters the fray and confusingly fights everyone. getplayerhead.sh?Yolki_&16.png Yolki_ continues to simply watch. Nobody is killed, although getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro abandons getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf partway through the battle. The story ends with getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf telling getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan that he will never get the Big Dick, and getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan cursing all pips in Freedonia. Symptoms of this curse are still unknown.

 <getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan> the sun will never shine on any pip ever again

Fun Fact: during this battle, we learned that getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan and getplayerhead.sh?susamongus124&16.png susamongus124 are brothers, and that getplayerhead.sh?George_Mann&16.png George_Mann is their uncle. Genealogy tests to prove this claim are being undertaken as you read this.

Pipsaw Ridge

The place: Battlezone, Red 3 Borderlands Hub. The year: 2022. The name of the game: conflict. As Heruvian Mobile Forces set up tanks to attack the dragon, the Anti-Heruvian Milita moves cannons to intercept, and the Grand Army of the Republic pulls a Genonosis, there is only one army that can stop the fighting: the Grand Pip Army. The second-in-command of the Pip Army, getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_, sends in the helicopters to airdrop over a dozen pips to defeat the enemies of the glorious leader getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro. See more about the conflict on Battlezone.

Downsyndrome Pips

After getplayerhead.sh?ChappJack&16.png ChappJack tried making sheep statues, they looked so bad that getplayerhead.sh?Clomik&16.png Clomik placed a sign at their original location at spawn titled "downsyndrome pip." The pips were eventually moved by getplayerhead.sh?ChappJack&16.png ChappJack under getplayerhead.sh?Luigifan100&16.png Luigifan100's orders to Cakeville, where they stand to this day.

Pip Tours, Pip Cults, and the Infamous "Butt Rub"

This whole night starts with our writer getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf attempting to get an admin to move The Great Pip, which was recently reacquired from getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits due to his banning. Our hero getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro proceeded to join, gave "lugi" getplayerhead.sh?Luigifan100&16.png Luigifan100 a pip, began discussing how The Nest was the "holy land," for the pips, and offering to show anyone who wanted all the pips in The Nest.

 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> wanna see nest pips?
Great flick from the Pip Tour
getplayerhead.sh?EpicBaby&16.png EpicBaby performing the classic "butt rub" technique

getplayerhead.sh?WonkaOil420&16.png WonkaOil420, getplayerhead.sh?Kendon&16.png Kendon, and getplayerhead.sh?Luigifan100&16.png Luigifan100 were the first arrivers to the tour, followed shortly by getplayerhead.sh?EpicBaby&16.png EpicBaby, getplayerhead.sh?Podd&16.png Podd, getplayerhead.sh?JCobbler2012&16.png JCobbler2012, getplayerhead.sh?Cosmic_potato_04&16.png Cosmic_potato_04, and briefly getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman, getplayerhead.sh?winx51&16.png winx51, and getplayerhead.sh?dendord&16.png dendord. getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf and getplayerhead.sh?Yolki_&16.png Yolki_, the actual owners and builders of the newly dubbed, "Pipland," had two wildly different reactions. getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf attempted to get them to vacate the premises (and became a heretic briefly) while getplayerhead.sh?Yolki_&16.png Yolki_ began selling, "Pipsicles," which were later found out to be non-OSHA approved. After completely selling out, getplayerhead.sh?Yolki_&16.png Yolki_ was reduced to selling Poal. getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro showed the tour, which was beginning to resemble more of a cult than anything, The Great Pip, claiming he built it himself.

 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> i built this myself over many seasons
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> each block placed represents one pip in freedonia

Although the real builder, getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf, tried to explain he built it, getplayerhead.sh?EpicBaby&16.png EpicBaby performed a foolproof "butt-rub" on the Pip, which showed that getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro had constructed the build.

 <getplayerhead.sh?EpicBaby&16.png EpicBaby> From rubbing my butt on the blocks, it is obvious that Davdro built it.

As the night began slowing down, and with only three deaths on the tour (getplayerhead.sh?Kendon&16.png Kendon dying twice and getplayerhead.sh?Yolki_&16.png Yolki_ once), getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro logged off, but not before confirming his skin is Dick Cheney,

 <getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf> davdro what is your skin
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> dick cheney

and that he is in fact, not ticklish.

 <getplayerhead.sh?Podd&16.png Podd> davdro are you ticklish
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> um. do you think batman is ticklish?
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> he and i have no time

After this evening, I was terrified. Had getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro, Dick Cheney skin and all, planted the seeds of a future Pip cult? Only time will tell.

getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro and getplayerhead.sh?Moxieskip&16.png Moxieskip stand next to "fake pip," in Fakespawn

getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro Return, the Fake Pip, and the Terracotta Army.

On March 29th, 2024, getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro returned from an absence of over a year, and began a massive spree of pip construction across the server. With the power of moderator getplayerhead.sh?Kendon&16.png Kendon's teleporting powers, getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro was moved from base to base, constructing pips in Dubina, Pelican Bay, Red Horse Inn, and StrangeVille among others. getplayerhead.sh?JCobbler2012&16.png JCobbler2012 commissioned an "terracotta pip army" in Lake Callian, while getplayerhead.sh?Moxieskip&16.png Moxieskip allowed getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro to construct the "fake pip" in fakespawn. Though this massive expansion of pip was a massive success for the getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro brand, the icon strives for something greater—a spawn pip.

 <getplayerhead.sh?Kendon&16.png Kendon> helix, respectfully as your peer, there needs to be a pip in spawn
 <getplayerhead.sh?Kendon&16.png Kendon> what can we do to make this happen
 <getplayerhead.sh?doublehelix457&16.png doublehelix457> we'll take a look, and if it meets standards and makes me horny, i will move it in spawn

The Final Pip

The original pip, now displayed along other relics of the server in the Newport Museum

March 31st, 2024. getplayerhead.sh?doublehelix457&16.png doublehelix457 was sufficiently horny, and so construction of the final spawn pip began. Build directly above the Visitor Centre, right next to Riot's House, and completely visible from the spawnpoint of Freedonia, the final pip was constructed. Built of light blue concrete, this pip, dubbed simple "pip," is the magnum opus of all pip history, culture, and art. After construction, getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro took time to bask in the glory of his creation.

 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> DONE PIP IN SPAWN
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> i want to thank everyone
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> i want to thank kendon, nikta, yolki, hideous_prime
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> with me from the beginning
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> i want to thank every single person whos had a pip
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> i want to thank doublehelix for making this possible
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> and lastly i want to thank freedonia for taking my creation and wrapping it in a blanket of love and respect

getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro then took his, possibly final, leave, though not without giving all people of Freedonia hope that one day, another pip will be enshrined

 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> i will return. it may not be tomorrow, it may not be this year. but i will return and the final chapter in the pip saga will be carved in to stone. Until then, PIP

Some say he rode off on a pip into the sunset; some say he died happily along all of his creations. No matter the reason, getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro has never been seen again.

Wacky Wavy Crazy Quotes:

getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro stands next to Pip, now forever immortalized next to Riot's House in Spawn.
 <getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_> pips are THE symbol of tranquility and thought-provokingness
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> pips are these immense intergalactic nft like pieces of art that you can get for free and make real money off of
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> pips are like if the bible and avengers had a baby and it was a minecraft build
 <getplayerhead.sh?Yolki_&16.png Yolki_> you either stand for pip or stand for nothing
 <getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_> PIP IS LOVE
 <getplayerhead.sh?Nikta_&16.png Nikta_> PIP IS LIFE
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> put me in a room with the owner and joe biden and ill leave with them licking bugles off my finger tips

Editors note: I have not the slightest idea what he meant. There is no context missing. This is the quote in its entirety.

 <getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf> How did we let one fucking guy spam us about his creatures
 <getplayerhead.sh?SketchyPixel&16.png SketchyPixel> no fucking clue
 <getplayerhead.sh?SketchyPixel&16.png SketchyPixel> he has to have some sort of disability
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> nah. Ive got THIS ABILITY
 <getplayerhead.sh?RebelCommander7&16.png RebelCommander7> xDavdro you have 35.90 hours on thats really not much
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> ive got 35.90 mil in my bank account.
 <getplayerhead.sh?xDavdro&16.png xDavdro> pips are like 100 michelangelo davids

And that is the story of Pips. This has been your unwilling creator and certified pip-hater, getplayerhead.sh?_CodyWolf&16.png _CodyWolf