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nexus_towns.png Maltapple

Render of Maltapple on September 29th 2022

Founder ScarClaw72 Fraccu
Contributors Fraccu HeyItzSaph DreamStans 1Catnip thebandit08 Freeman77 oopsJay ScarClaw72 Teaacup Azeur txkeykeeper RainBd AdoreKitten 1212ra Radis Zomon333 NevadaDream Luigifan100 Void42_ Anna_28 SenatorApple Krenath Link03 Beeraeka Daltalf RobotReaction abamacus Mango_podz GunCat2 lol1o1 ScenarioPlanet Chewy27_ JimyHendricks ibxtoydog NickolasDiamond BlueBlaziken SadieSadie COASTALWOLF Bunsenbaker AthenaDaMemelord Xanpi3000 MSWindows helpimdeadinside Number_79 HistoriaEloton Stromhurst jimmyd93 podd Moxieskip zackaree BoomerProHD kapepawa Flamehaze97 ahri_29 ClonLP NedHuman Ren Filip0706
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-4201
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

About Maltapple

Maltapple was founded by Fraccu on June 9th, 2021. It is an archipelago located in the Northwest Region of the map close to the town of Socorro. The archipelago is made up of over 20 islands. The name Maltapple is derived from the country of Malta, and the MCO administrator SenatorApple. This is also the derivation of the flag, which is the Maltese flag with an apple on it. Maltapple received a Nexus Link from LewisD95 on its 1 year anniversary (June 9th 2022). You can visit it by going to Pink 2 and entering the Maltapple Portal.

On January 29th 2023, Fraccu announced he will be taking an indefinite leaving from MCO and giving ownership of Maltapple to the UTC. ScarClaw72 was chosen to be the towns new Mayor, and the official leader of the town.

Sovereign Status

Due to its isolation and being so highly developed compared to its surrounding lands, Maltapple is considered to be its own sovereign nation on MCO. Fraccu first declared Maltapple to be a country on July 20th 2022, after the completed construction of the new and more advanced transportation methods within the town. As such, the town has a set of laws which must be followed by all residents, or they could be banned from being a member of Maltapple. The archipelago is taking similar steps to Verico in how it will be ran by a community-based government, consisting of Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Trusted Residents. Maltapple is also currently partnered with the United Texas Coalition, and one of the larger members of the League of Peaceful Towns and Settlements.

Overseas Territories

Miscellaneous Information

Town Builds

  • Maltapple Cave System
  • The Cobbler Bridge
  • Saph House
  • DS Underwater Base
  • Maltapple Coastal Farm
  • Broncoskip Fishing Hut of Sand Island
  • The Frac Hut (2012 Themed)
  • Abandoned Bass Pro Shop
  • Cobbland Island Toolshed
  • Steamroller Bridge
  • Teaacup's Peace Cabin
  • Observatory Deck (No longer exists)
  • Mayor House
  • Saph Lagoon
  • Fraccu Statue
  • Maltapple 1 Year Anniversary Apple
  • Bunsenbaker's Breaking Bad RV
  • Holy Anna Tree
  • lol1o1's Island
  • Void42's Island
  • Jay's Toad Hut
  • SS Edmund Fitzgerald
  • Waffle House Fight Club
  • ZZ Top Tower
  • Xanpi's Towers
  • Christmas Island (First build of 2023!)
  • And many more! Come visit Maltapple yourself to see them :)

Players Banned from Maltapple SadieSadie snakyman NedHuman Radis bucketsofwasps fucker3 (he has a bad username so obviously it cannot be allowed near this beautiful town)

Maltapple Photo Gallery

Maltapple in the Media ScarClaw72 explored the town in his 92nd episode of Exploring Freedonia, as part of the fourth season. This was the first ever video taken in Maltapple, and remains one of the oldest documentations of the town prior to its blossoming in June-August of 2022.

Public Farms

Maltapple is home to 2 public farms for all players to use. Both are able to be found by following the wooden buttons from the nexus portal. A sugar cane farm is available for all to use, working as one of the most efficient ones on the server. The other farm is a steak farm, which houses over a half a stack of cow spawners! Chests fill up with not only steak, but leather too! Special thanks to AdoreKitten and 1Catnip for making the farms possible :)