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My drawing of a pink tiulip! :D

Rain Rain went away, maybe she'll come back one DAY? :> (Rain has not been seen online since the 20th of August, 2022)

User RainBd


Known as RainBd, Rain, ,,Frog,,
Gender Fluffy furry that gives hugs :3
Location Snuggling with her cat
Nationality Polish
DOB 2009 :D-05-29 :]
Occupation Giver of da best memories and Fuuun! :D
In Freedonia
First joined 18 May 2021
First building A sandcastle :D
Donor level ** Donor II
Kit level ***** Diamond
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Welcome to this Wiki-miki of FUN! Am RainBd. Or as Raflarafarm likes to call me ,,Frog,, :D

I like playing on mco, but you know what i also like? Fwuit! fwuit vewi good :3

I also like Plushies, animals, or animal plushies I also draw!

    ♪      ♪            ♪                                                                       ♪            ♪  ♪

Ur da best :D

My pets on MCO are: ♡ ♡ ♡

-Cats ( Aksel, Empi, Garfield, Twinkles )

-Doggos :DDD ( steve, spot... Just a lotta puppies hehe)

- Birbooos :o ( Candy, Blueberry, Ashley, Diamond, Kiwi, Apple, RainDrop,Mo and more! )

-Guardian ( Bloopie ❁ )

-Gobu (magma cube)

-Mooshroom moo :] ( Betty )

-Sunshine, Banana, Buttercup ( dessert chubbie bunnie :D )

-Black bunnies of fuuuunnnn! :D

-A lil cinnamon furballs (bunnies! :])

My Bud's on MCO are: ickyacky Icky with yacky ❁ Erttum ERTTTT! Da bum da tum bum tum :3 Nofleet Nooofleeeeeet :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Ren REEeeeeNNN :D Raflamar A walking-talking whiteboard! ^v^ Lost_boyq A boi who is Lost! ( Itz a joke dont be mad at me lost-) SenatorApple Appppple :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Chewy27 Chewy chiwi with a kiwi! Jibletz An amazing castle builder! :o 1Catnip Why just one Catnip ): 2Catnip we have two catnips :D TheDemetri A bit silly, but very cool! :D RobotReaction Reacting Robot :] Beep Boop NickolasDiamond Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick when you wont be ded ]; i miss u Jaysax_ JayyYYY With no saxophone! :D Darkerfly Flying darkness of FUUUUUuuun :3 rhyzofan an amazing bud that likes a fluff fox called ,eevee, :P Microcosms A micro Cosmos :D Daltalf Daaaaatlalflaltfaltafaltf! (dw this is readable) AdoreKitten A very AdorableKitten (awwwwwww :3 ♡) 4untochrist Christ 4 unto, and sunglasses are cool :D WonkaOil420 A very cool guy! :] And am always happy to help him! :D Glow90 aka the best person to play hide and seek with in mco. ♡ Like seriously, she is the best when it comes to hide and seek! LeBonPaxou Le Bonny Paxouuuuuuu! :D he cool! NickEter A green telethubie guy! :] Also very cool! Fraccu Cat! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD MasterFlippeh He may not talk much, but he is still an amazing person! :D i miss him tho...


Please dont be rude in the comments, any comments that will somewhat be rude will be booped outta existance! ♡

  < 1Catnip> I really appreciate your positivity! We could use a lot more of that in the server :)
  < Darkerfly> I would have cringed if it not from Rain
  < SenatorApple> I love your positivity as well, keep making MCO a wholesome place!
  < 4untochrist> A RainBd a day, keeps the greifers away!
  < Daltalf> Rain, Rain, don't go away! <3
  < Spektra02> I absolutely adore your positivity! You better not disappear from McO any time soon! :D
  < NickEter> 10/10 would recommend
  < NullMarigold268> You are a very nice guy when I talk with you in the chat! And I like that you are a positive guy! :)  
  < KajetaniFranek> You seem like one of the very kindest ppl on Mco! Also, thx for inviting me to your village! :D
  < Cinnamonci> Fun, kinda silly, skin looks like a frog xD Don't mess with her, she can be very scary. 11/10 would recommend
  < ScenarioPlanet> Happy Bd, Rain :D
  < Fraccu> Happy Bday Rain! You are the sweetest silliest amazingest person ever <3 we all love having you around so much you make our days amazingggggg :D

(1Catnip) Aww tysm! And no worries, i can bake us all warm cookies! 
(Darkerfly) Huzar! Da powah of Rainzard shines throught again >:3 
(Apple) I sure will! And i will make anyone who got da sad, i will make them da happa:]     
(4untochrist) And a hug a day, keeps da sadness away! soo imma hug! ♡ 
(Daltalf) I wont! I will be here for mah frends! ♡♡♡ 
(Spektra02) I wont! :D and imma gib u da flowahs! :D 
(NickEter) :D i would also reccomend u!
(NullMarigold) awhhh tysm! I bet you are an amazing person too! :D
(KajetaniFrankek) awhh tysm, and no worries! :D
(Cinnamonci) Ribbit ribbit RIBBIT! :>
(ScenarioPlanet) Dawhhh tysm! :D
(Fraccu) AWhhhhhh tysm! And u too! <3

Oki TYSM darker! :D

Just reply with another box. - Darkerfly





For those wo are here to actully want to know more about me:

  • RainBd got once translated to RainBird :P
  • Mah plans on mco: Gib cookies, sleep, dance with da birbz!
  • I luv to draw mah petz :D
  • Gib peeps who are sad a big smile of rainbows and FUuuUUUN :D


I also own a Pui Pui but i dont have a drivers lisence :]