Port Beerian

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green_towns.png Port Beerian

Port Beerian (August 2022)

Founder getplayerhead.sh?Cosmic_potato_04&16.png Cosmic_potato_04
getplayerhead.sh?podd&16.png podd
getplayerhead.sh?JCobbler2012&16.png JCobbler2012
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?JimyHendricks&16.png JimyHendricks
getplayerhead.sh?ProGamerNoob89&16.png ProGamerNoob89
getplayerhead.sh?ahri_29&16.png ahri_29
getplayerhead.sh?MSWindows&16.png MSWindows
getplayerhead.sh?NedHuman&16.png NedHuman
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-14993
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Port Beerian is a settlement located near Lake Callian and Burgeon City. It was founded by getplayerhead.sh?podd&16.png podd, getplayerhead.sh?JCobbler2012&16.png JCobbler2012, getplayerhead.sh?Cosmic_potato_04&16.png Cosmic_potato_04 and to some degree getplayerhead.sh?JimyHendricks&16.png JimyHendricks.

The name of the settlement is based on one of the islands claimed by a player from The Republic of Verico, known as "The Beerian Island"

Getting There

Currently the fastest way to reach the city is by using it's very own Nexus! Northwest 1 Port Beerian/Iron Mall.


getplayerhead.sh?JCobbler2012&16.png JCobbler2012 initially had an idea to build a settlement up north of Lake Callian for some time since Janurary, 2022. It wasn't until March that he would begin planning out the base. Cobbler asked several players if they were interested in building in that area until it was suggested to getplayerhead.sh?Cosmic_potato_04&16.png Cosmic_potato_04, who accepted the offer.

getplayerhead.sh?podd&16.png podd meanwhile planned to build a mini version of Chicago, and ultimately accepted building it to where Port Beerian is located. Constriction began in late March of that year. The Iron Mall, which has he appearance of the Willis Tower, was completed in April and even has its own Nexus.


The first building created there was getplayerhead.sh?Cosmic_potato_04&16.png Cosmic_potato_04's "Corkscrew Tower". Another early structure built there was the pier constructed by getplayerhead.sh?JimyHendricks&16.png JimyHendricks.

Port Beerian is also the home of the Iron Mall, which was made by getplayerhead.sh?podd&16.png podd and getplayerhead.sh?JCobbler2012&16.png JCobbler2012, in response of new malls being built all over MCO.

Port Beerian is the home of Skyline Towers, which was made by getplayerhead.sh?MSWindows&16.png MSWindows after a visionary of an area with Skyscrapers and finding Port Beerian to be a suitable place to build in. It is based on One World Trade Center.


Port Beerian is loosely organized into districts based on Cardinal directions.

Central Beerian

This is area is loosely defined as the area in-between the bridge into the city from Lake Callian, the pathway into the East End and the Beginning Path into the North and West End's respectively. It is home to getplayerhead.sh?Cosmic_potato_04&16.png Cosmic_potato_04's "Corkscrew Tower". It also hosts a few buildings small buildings composed of Spruce, Oak Wood, and Sandstone.

North Beerian

This area is under construction and only has a few buildings. It is modeled after a typical American city's downtown with buildings that are small and close together.

South Beerian

The smallest of all districts by far based purely on size, the South End is home to "The Pier" created by getplayerhead.sh?JimyHendricks&16.png JimyHendricks, and the "Spooky Lighthouse". Currently this is the biggest build within the South End as the rest of the area is occupied by Water.

East Beerian

The East End is home to the Iron Mall which is the seat of the town's nexus. It also hosts the towns mob grinder.

West Beerian

While it is one of the bigger areas in Port Beerian it is the emptiest by far. There are currently no buildings within the district.