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User Shobble

The Unknown

In Freedonia
First joined 19 December 2010
Staff member Admin
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A Mysterious Stranger.

Well, Mysterious.

...Definitely Strange.

No one is sure if he really exists or not. fmxstick- "I saw him lurking around 3/11/2011" (he was not familiar with some of the recent commands) The_Jackal_249- "i also saw him lurking on 3/11/2011" NEVER FORGET

Nobody currently active on the server is aware of the pivotal role Shobble played in the formation of MCO in it's earliest days. Without his invaluable contributions, MCO would be an entirely different, lesser place.

It's difficult to enumerate the myriad ways that Shobble has improved MCO. Instead, here are a few quotes from notable admins: SlowRiot- "incredible. It's" Krenath- "obviously" shypixel- "Nice." chivalrousWeasel- "" lacrosse1991- "lol =]" AgentMuu- "Hey,"

Clearly, the respect these admins have for Shobble is self evident.