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User JimyHendricks

(Skin Cache is Outdated)

Known as "Jimy", "Jim", "Jimmy", "JIMMEH O:"
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB -08-12
Occupation Leader of The PDRL
In Freedonia
First joined June 22, 2021
First building House in Cat Town
Donor level *** Donor III
Kit level **** Gold
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Basic History on MCO JimyHendricks is a registered player on Minecraft Online. He was first seen online on June 6, 2021. The first base he was a part of was Cat Town. He was a part of Cat Town for a very short period of time due to the simple nature of the town. Jimy would frequently ask players in chat if he could join their base. One day a player named runarlogi invited him to Pallet Town (Most likely out of pity). Jimy would base here for about 2 weeks until he would leave so he could start his own base, The PDRL. After the base became inactive Jimy would found a failed base called "Dirch oak Megabase". He would leave only three weeks after founding the base. He would take a break from the server in January 2022 up until late march of 2022. After this he would help build at Burgeon City. He would create the Downtown District in Burgeon City and would contribute to other infrastructure projects. He would help create Port Beerian along with JCobbler2012, cosmic_potato_04, and podd. Around this time started a new base called Sergei Fortress near Port Beerian. His followers are podd, Sollywolly09, Bustus2110, and Chromaticals. He currently is basing in Dubina after a quick stint in Hastings. He has made one video on his channel detailing the server's history in 2010.

Major Projects and Towns


He started the PDRL in early July of 2021. Since then the Town has greatly expanded and has gained multiple new members. Jimy is quite nostalgic for this base and can sometimes be found wandering the grounds of the base late at night.

Castle Agua

Castle Agua was started on November 12, 2021 by JimyHendricks. He started the base after becoming bored with Latvia. The base would hardly be worked on and would eventually be abandoned about 2 weeks after construction began.

Burgeon and Sergei Fortress

Burgeon City and Sergei Fortress are both bases apart of the greater Lake Callian area. Burgeon City was already mostly finished when Jimy joined but he created the downtown area and created more roads throughout the city. Sergei Fortress was created solely by Jimy and is currently just a solo base.

Hastings JimyHendricks joined the town after being invited by Ken_the_Fox. He is one of the oldest members of the town Hastings (The 4th or 5th member). At the time of writing he has constructed four houses in the town, and is mainly responsible for the town's roads.


Jimy's first build in Dubina was an Embassy, but he would become the sole developer of the Newbury District

New Dorset

Jimy started New Dorset in mid October due to his desire to build another medieval town.

Group Affiliations

On October 30, 2021 Jimy created The Latvian Alliance mainly as a joke. This group has gained traction over time. As of November 15, 2021 there are 7 members in this Group. He is also a part the League of Peaceful Towns and Settlements. He is most active in the United Texas Coalition.

Friends podd - My oldest friend on the server. First member of my first town. cosmic_potato_04 - One of my oldest friends. One of the best builders I know. _TheCrimsonKing_ - Another really old friend who built a lot of stuff in The Peoples Democratic Republic of Latvia (PDRL). UncleHunter15 - One of my best friends in real life. EpicBaby - Did some trolling at spawn with him and attempted to kill a few of the server's resident douchebags. Bucketsofwasps - Funny guy that thinks of the most random stuff ever. JCobbler2012 - "JIMMEH O:" Fraccu - Really fun to hang out and VC with. GunCat2 - Nice guy who makes a lot of potions. EastDakota - Absolutely hilarious guy. Very fun to play Gartic Phone and Jackbox with. Azeur - Incredible builder also a fellow ginger. ScarClaw72 - Hands down the best builder I know. Absolute God at Halo Infinite, and very fun to watch the Ghost Stories English Dub with. mango_podz - Amazing mapartist. Txkeykeeper - Incredibly nice guy with some of the best town management I have ever seen. Bustus2110 - Nice Polish guy who makes incredible builds. Freeman77 - Nice Russian guy who likes to explore old builds. HistoriaEloton - Nice guy with a cool town in the United Texas Coalition. Link03 - Nice guy who is the Leader of the League of Peaceful Towns and Settlements Feb1980 - True nomad gamerTM1234 - Self proclaimed "tower woman"


Juddhism is a religion accidently created by Jimy in April 2022. He is Juddha himself a prophet who proclaims the word of god.

Likes and Dislikes


- Good Torch Placement

- Medieval Towns and Builds

- The Peoples Democratic Republic of Latvia (PDRL)

- Iron Reef

- The United Texas Coalition

- Exploring old areas and builds

- Exploring the server's history via the MCO Wiki

- All of his friends on the server :D


- Jamie_202 and other unfunny trolls

- People who don't read the damn rules

- Thieves

- Random cobble huts in a perfect spot for a town

- People who scream random gibberish in the MCO Discord VCs

- "Republic" of Verico