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nexus_towns.png Emberrest
Emberrest flag.png

Flag of Emberrest

Founder getplayerhead.sh?Link03&16.png Link03
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Hirudo6&16.png Hirudo6 getplayerhead.sh?ChivalricCode&16.png ChivalricCode getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? not everywhere
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-4758
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Emberrest is a town founded by getplayerhead.sh?Link03&16.png Link03. It is located in South-Western Freedonia.


Emberrest was founded on December 29th, 2020. Its first resident, excluding getplayerhead.sh?Link03&16.png Link03, was getplayerhead.sh?Itsjustcactus&16.png Itsjustcactus. Other old members of the town include getplayerhead.sh?StormTrackerDude&16.png StormTrackerDude, getplayerhead.sh?BlueBlaziken&16.png BlueBlaziken, and getplayerhead.sh?SlaggyP&16.png SlaggyP. The town received a Nexus link on February 5th, 2021, with a ceremony to commemorate. On February 11th, a flag design was officially chosen for the town.

The town is still under construction and is inviting more and more members over the coming days. Once the town has a lot of residents the town aims to work on big projects. Here is a video detailing the history of Emberrest: https://youtu.be/c5MLInwk52s


Emberrest has 4 transportation routes, those being the nexus link, boat canal, nether link and road. The fastest way to get to Emberrest is via the nexus link. If you want to come with the nexus link you need to follow the following path:

Nexus Light Blue -> Light Blue 2 -> Emberrest pad


Emberrest has, at the time of writing, 3 districts. The districts are as follows:

Town Center

This is the oldest district, and is the original core of the town. getplayerhead.sh?Link03&16.png Link03 (the founder and owner) has his house in this district. This district also houses the town hall and a nether portal for people to reach the town. The town center also houses a tree farm and two vaults. The perm board, appeal board and rules board are also located here.

Medieval District

This is the second district ever built. It is near the Emberrest nexus link. Many impressive builds reside in this district and it's the only district (as of writing) that has a specific theme which builders must build their homes with. Some notable builds of this district are the cobblestone farm and the Ceremony Hall (used for special occasions).

Woodlands District (temporary name)

This district is still fully worked on, and is not complete yet. Some people have already settled here but the town intends to develop the area further. Some notable places include the mob farm and the Emberrest road connection.

Rank System

Every resident in Emberrest has a rank. Basically, these ranks tell what a resident can do or what they are specialized in. All roles lie with the owner, getplayerhead.sh?Link03&16.png Link03, and any ideas for the town must be discussed with him. As of writing, there are 3 ranks: Owner, Head of Project Management and Resident. Read below for an explanation on what each role means.

Owner (getplayerhead.sh?Link03&16.png Link03)
The owner holds all perms for the town and decides all changes. He also invites new residents and gives them a plot.
Head of Project Management (getplayerhead.sh?ChivalricCode&16.png ChivalricCode, getplayerhead.sh?Hirudo6&16.png Hirudo6, getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72 getplayerhead.sh?r9q&16.png r9q, getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly, getplayerhead.sh?BlueBlaziken&16.png BlueBlaziken) They are the boss of all heads. They can give status updates to link03 if that head leader is not online. They are also the senior advisor of link03. They can work on all projects.
They are people who can live in the town and also help the town. They don't have the same privileges as head of projects.

NOTE: These are all things that can change in the future. Once Emberrest expands there will most likely come more ranks.

Resident list (51 int total)

getplayerhead.sh?Link03&16.png Link03

getplayerhead.sh?StormTrackerDude&16.png StormTrackerDude

getplayerhead.sh?SkyJackie&16.png SkyJackie

getplayerhead.sh?SlaggyP&16.png SlaggyP

getplayerhead.sh?Bumblebot245&16.png Bumblebot245

getplayerhead.sh?Itsjustcactus&16.png Itsjustcactus

getplayerhead.sh?Jriver_15&16.png Jriver_15

getplayerhead.sh?BlueBlaziken&16.png BlueBlaziken

getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72

getplayerhead.sh?KingAurora_&16.png KingAurora_

getplayerhead.sh?ChivalricCode&16.png ChivalricCode

getplayerhead.sh?runarlogi&16.png runarlogi

getplayerhead.sh?reis2977&16.png reis2977

getplayerhead.sh?ruwharigepanda&16.png ruwharigepanda

getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249

getplayerhead.sh?Darkerfly&16.png Darkerfly (Not resident, only builder)

getplayerhead.sh?quickarm&16.png quickarm

getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246

getplayerhead.sh?skybirdthing&16.png skybirdthing

getplayerhead.sh?BlakeM27&16.png BlakeM27

getplayerhead.sh?Hirudo6&16.png Hirudo6

getplayerhead.sh?Ulyssa&16.png Ulyssa

getplayerhead.sh?Selimbits&16.png Selimbits

getplayerhead.sh?melonheadkid&16.png melonheadkid

getplayerhead.sh?br0c&16.png br0c

getplayerhead.sh?bucketsofwasps&16.png bucketsofwasps

getplayerhead.sh?galaxyparrot&16.png galaxyparrot

getplayerhead.sh?freskooo&16.png freskooo

getplayerhead.sh?lukasjensen6&16.png lukasjensen6

getplayerhead.sh?Spektra_&16.png Spektra_

getplayerhead.sh?saddle&16.png saddle

getplayerhead.sh?timdoeswhatever&16.png timdoeswhatever

getplayerhead.sh?Ertum_&16.png Ertum_

getplayerhead.sh?VlaGom&16.png VlaGom

getplayerhead.sh?feb1980&16.png feb1980

getplayerhead.sh?mtrani&16.png mtrani

getplayerhead.sh?plexaryked&16.png plexaryked

getplayerhead.sh?Naaaaaaaaaaaaate&16.png Naaaaaaaaaaaaate

getplayerhead.sh?Aziroeth&16.png Aziroeth

getplayerhead.sh?Eclypto18&16.png Eclypto18

getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzzler&16.png thesprazzzler

getplayerhead.sh?Labis&16.png Labis

getplayerhead.sh?cmb1100&16.png cmb1100

getplayerhead.sh?nikta_&16.png nikta_

getplayerhead.sh?RobotReaction&16.png RobotReaction

getplayerhead.sh?purplestar2038&16.png purplestar2038

getplayerhead.sh?ipodagent&16.png ipodagent

getplayerhead.sh?matunuckbeach&16.png matunuckbeach

getplayerhead.sh?hunterforsberg&16.png hunterforsberg

getplayerhead.sh?keybix&16.png keybix

getplayerhead.sh?netrom5&16.png netrom5


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