Cascadia Wood Republic

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Organisations Cascadia Wood Republic
Leadership Ken_the_Husky Flamehaze97
Headquarters Dragon River Peak City
Founded December 2019
Public? Defunct

Cascadia Wood Republic was formed by Ken_The_Husky when Flame,Ken, and Snakyman were talking about organizations in chat. Later in Spring 2020, Cascadia Wood Republic became the State of Cascadia Wood and later was annexed by the United Bedrocco States. This organization became defunct when it became the State of Cascadia Wood. Please see United States of Freedonia and State of Cascadia Wood for more info.

Member Towns

New Wood
Dragon River Peak City- Sister Town
Cliff City and Eagle Outpost
SkyRunner's Private Base

Members Ken_the_Husky-Mayor of New Wood and Former Leader of CWR Flamehaze97-Mayor of Dragon River Peak City, Cliff City, and Eagle Outpost Leader of CWR SkyRunnerFR Leah_Starcraft Netrom5